Bigger Brains is:

  • Your outsourced training partner
  • A uniquely effective library of training courses
  • A mobile-friendly online learning platform
  • A team of professional educators, trainers, storytellers, comedians, and more
  • Eager to help you and your team be more productive!

In 2009, Bigger-Brains founder Chip Reaves was tasked with creating an online training platform for Computer Troubleshooters, a global franchise network. As is the case with most companies, some of the training content was unique to their business, but others (Quickbooks, Online Marketing, Microsoft Office, etc) could be used by many companies.

Frustrated with the poor quality, high prices, and lack of selection in the eLearning marketplace, Chip brought together a team to research the characteristics of effective training. The result is Bigger Brains’ “Uniquely Engaging” teacher/learner format, which replicates the dialogue, interaction, humor, and personal connection of traditional classroom training with the “always available” convenience and searchability of eLearning.

Today Bigger-Brains continues to create the “Absolute Best Online Training” from our studios in Anderson, South Carolina, and is honored to have been named "Best IT Skills Training" by eLearning magazine for 2016 and 2017. 

Course List:

Blind Spots

Business Accounting 101

Entrepreneuring: Keys To Business Success

Increase Your Listening Power (Effective Communication)

Motivational Ethics

Persuasion: The Art of Communication

Power-Up PowerPoint (Presentation Skills)

Secrets Of The Web

Secrets Of The Web v2

Storytelling in Business

Time Management Basics

Intro to HIPAA for BAs

Intro to HIPAA for CEs

Intro to HIPAA for MSPs

Generic Wordpress

Managing Email

Managing To Do Lists

Sharing Calendars

Sharing Files and Folders

Online Marketing 101

The Top 5 Marketing Mistakes

Brain Bites - Email Management

Brain Bites - Organizing Your Files

Brain Bites - Staying Safe Online

Brain Bites - Time Management (v2)

Brain Bites - Using Windows 10

Brain Bites - Time Management (obsolete)

The Keys To Excellence

Mastering Microsoft Project Part 1 - Creating a Project

Mastering Microsoft Project Part 2 - Managing a Project

Project Management Fundamentals

Workplace Safety: Active Shooter (Safe Secure Survive)

Workplace Safety: Ergonomic Risks

Sales 101: Appointment Making

Adobe Acrobat DC Essentials

Advanced QuickBooks (2016)

Excel: Data Analysis with Pivot Tables

Micosoft Forms Essentials

Mastering Microsoft Teams

Excel: Using PowerPivot

Excel: Creating Dashboards

Gmail Essentials (2015)

Google Calendar Essentials

G-Suite Essentials (2017)

Intro to Gmail (obsolete)

Intro to SharePoint

Mastering Access 2013 (MOS)

Mastering Access 2016 - BASICS

Mastering Access 2016 - INTERMEDIATE

Mastering Access 2016 - ADVANCED

Mastering Excel 2010 (MOS)

Mastering Excel 2013

Mastering Excel 2013, Advanced

Mastering Excel 2013, Basics

Mastering Excel 2013, Intermediate

Mastering Excel 2016 (MOS)

Mastering Excel 2016, Advanced (MOS & LO)

Mastering Excel 2016, Basics (MOS & LO)

Mastering Excel 2016, Intermediate (MOS & LO)

Mastering Office 365 (2016) (obsolete)

Mastering Office 365 (2017)

Mastering OneNote 2013 (MOS)

Mastering OneNote 2016

Mastering Outlook 2013 & 2010

Mastering Outlook 2013 (MOS)

Mastering Outlook 2013, Advanced

Mastering Outlook 2013, Basics

Mastering Outlook 2016 (full course)

Mastering Outlook 2016 (full course,MOS)

Mastering Outlook 2016 Advanced

Mastering Outlook 2016 Advanced (MOS)

Mastering Outlook 2016 Basics (MOS)

Mastering Outlook 2016 Basics

Mastering PowerPoint 2010 (MOS)

Mastering PowerPoint 2013 (MOS)

Mastering PowerPoint 2016 (full course)

Mastering PowerPoint 2016, Advanced

Mastering PowerPoint 2016, Basics

Mastering QuickBooks Online

Mastering QuickBooks Online (2018)

Mastering Skype for Business

Mastering Word 2010 (MOS)

Mastering Word 2013 (MOS)

Mastering Word 2013, Advanced

Mastering Word 2013, Basics

Mastering Word 2013, Intermediate

Mastering Word 2016 (full course)

Mastering Word 2016, Advanced (MOS & LO)

Mastering Word 2016, Basics (MOS & LO)

Mastering Word 2016, Intermediate (MOS & LO)

Microsoft Lync Essentials

Microsoft Sway Essentials

Migrating from Office 2003 to Office 2013

Office 365 Essentials (2016) (obsolete)

Office 365 Essentials (2017)

Office 365 Essentials (obsolete)

Office 365 Groups Essentials

Office 365 Planner Essentials

OneDrive Essentials (2016)

Outlook Online (OWA) Essentials (2016) (obsolete)

Outlook Online (OWA) Essentials (2017)

Mastering QuickBooks Desktop 2018

QuickBooks Essentials 2013

Secrets of the Office Guru

Skype for Business Essentials

What's New in Adobe CC 2015 - Multimedia

What's New in Excel 2013?

What's New in Office 2016?

What's New in PowerPoint 2013?

What's New in QuickBooks 2014?

What's New in Word 2013?

Windows 10 Essentials

Windows 8 Essentials

Windows 8.1 Essentials

Networking Essentials: CompTIA Network Plus N10-006 Exam Prep