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Valuepoint Knowledgeworks Pvt. Ltd.

Valuepoint Knowledgeworks is a professional services provider in the localization, multimedi(audio & video), elearning content development, technical writing & digital marketing space. 

We have been delivering quality for more than a decade, with our 

  • 15+ years rich experience in the industry
  • domain expert native resource
  • strong project and quality management processes; &

We have an exclusive team of experts, inhouse for elearning content development & localization, Animation development, voiceover, audio video sync, to handle the most critical requirements from the industry.



Venture Simulations Ltd

Venture Simulations Ltd (VSL) supplies digital business and entrepreneurship learning solutions in 40+ countries to universities, colleges, schools as well as the clients within the corporate training sector.

SimVenture Evolution is an on-line business simulation that allows individuals and teams to create, manage, grow and scale a virtual company. Users learn about all aspects of business in an experiential and authentic manner. Tutors and trainers can manage and monitor user progress in class or via the platform administrator functionality.

SimVenture Validate is an on-line idea development platform that allows individuals and teams to transform entrepreneurial ideas into thought-through plans that anyone can understand and assess quickly. Users learn about all aspects of the ideation process and through guided questions and supporting case studies ultimately complete their own Business Model Canvas. Tutors and trainers can manage and monitor user progress in class or via the platform administrator functionality.

SimVenture Classic is our multi-award winning off-line business simulation allowing individuals to start and run their own micro business and learn how all aspects of business (research, marketing, sales, finance, operations, people management, production processes etc.) connect and ultimately what it takes for a new venture to succeed.


Versant Learning Solutions

We employ evidence-based techniques of adult learning (nerd speak = andragogy) and pair it with the latest in training technologies. Learners absorb more in less time, improving retrieval during presentations and KOL interactions. This can transform relationships and build trust. Our team supports your team of subject matter experts.

Is team bandwidth a concern when you need to create training? We've won awards for teamwork...they're sitting on our shelves right now! Let us expand your bandwidth.

What is the business impact of pulling your best MSLs out of the field to build slide decks? It means less time spent building relationships and uncovering competitive intelligence. We used to be those MSLs! Now we are subject matter experts at taking information and making it teachable.

Is it challenging for your trainers to present scientific content to a field team of subject matter experts? We can prepare trainers to host and mediate outstanding and interactive team data discussions.

Does training take time away from team building and other MA priorities? We have created "on-demand" on-boarding programs for Medical Affairs teams for years!

The bottom line: You need someone you can trust who is qualified to keep your team in top shape; who will work with you to create business critical training. Your team is the scientific resource for KOLs and internal stakeholders, but who is your training subject matter expert?


Video Arts

Famous for intelligent, entertaining and straight-talking training, the Video Arts range of solutions covers off-the-shelf video, e-learning and mobile-learning courses designed to reach more learners in more places via laptops, tablets and smartphones. Designed by leading experts, like Dr Peter Honey, written by comic greats like Hugh Laurie and Armando Iannucci, and starring famous faces like John Cleese and Dawn French their must-have resources cover key training points for any successful soft-skills training programme.



VIDIZMO.com is an interactive Web based technology to produce, broadcast, evaluate, and monetize live and on-demand trainings, courses, and presentations. VIDIZMO offers complete solution for distance learning, corporate communication, organizational development, and on-site classroom capture or lecture recording. With its Web based authoring tool, organizations can quickly set-up training schedules or classroom calendar, synchronize videos, sound, images, interactive flash animations, slides, branching quizzes, survey forms, and hyperlinks, distribute them to their global audience (private/public), and track users with minute monitoring via detailed analytics.

The unprecedented VIDIZMO player supports live transmission of classroom lecture to students or viewers anywhere, anytime with just a Web browser. The presenter or instructor can record lectures or meetings while simultaneously broadcasting them to the target audience. Further, they can monitor viewing and performance of individual users, VIDIZMO analytics provide detailed tracking from classroom enrollment to level of completion, quiz scores, and number of attempts, etc.

Beside these interactive authoring and playback features, VIDIZMO offers centralized management of resources, presentations, content, and users. With unprecedented support for various media formats including WMV, FLASH, AVI, HD, etc., VIDIZMO provide Web based portal to manage and optimize usage of content. The built-in granular search based on keywords, content description and Meta data and usage provide on-the-fly content search not only for the content but also within the text in documents, slides, and excel sheets.

To take rich media communication ahead and provide our customers with a profitable solution, VIDIZMO also encompasses rich media monetization facility. The online Marketplace allows quick advertising of online trainings, presentations, live Webcasts, and Webinars, etc. The presenter or organization can publish instant previews of their tailored content and Marketplace audience can quickly acquire required trainings, presentations, or Webcasts with just few clicks and payments conducted through secure PayPal network.
VIDIZMO is available in three industry-leading models:

1. VIDIZMO Channel – Create on-cloud infrastructure for your training, learning and communication needs

  • All on cloud, across browser and platform
  • No need to install any hardware or software, no maintenance
  • Business resilient, pay as you use or as your demand grows
  • High scalability on demand
  • Reliable and secure with built-in DRM
  • Complete Web based authoring, publishing, distribution, reports, certification, and monetization, etc.

2. VIDIZMO Appliance – A turnkey solution for all for organization-wide quick deployments

  • Custom configured device
  • Deployed within your premises
  • Capture, and distribution complementing your existing infrastructure
  • Just one key plug and play
  • Scalable
  • Built on branded hardware

3. VIDIZMO Enterprise – Optimized for large businesses looking to establish and own their corporate video infrastructure

  • Highly secure behind your corporate firewall
  • Content distributed through your own CDN or third party provider, whatever preferred
  • One time deployment
  • One time cost, no recurring payments
  • Full featured customization based on your specific requirements
  • Optimized learning and training across internet, intranet, or extranet

In addition, friendly VIDIZMO sales team provide on-site or business recommendations, and organizations can also avail HYBRID MODELS, mixing n’ matching the best aspects of all three models to deploy an ideal solution customized and tailored exactly for your need – Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

VIDIZMO is also known for its out-of-the-box integration with various industry-leading applications such as:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Live Meeting
  • Learning Management Systems – Blackboard and Moodle, etc.
  • Live@Edu
  • Microsoft Windows and Mac PCs

Some unique features of VIDIZMO include:

  • Offline Playing and on CD as well as online distribution
  • SCORM Compatible
  • 508 c Compliance – closed captioning, tab navigation, and screen reader
  • Search within videos
  • Minute Tracking of users
  • Integration with your active user database providing single sign-on and secure role based administration
  • Simultaneous playback of various content files on a single page

Violet InfoSystems Pvt. Ltd.

Violet InfoSystems Pvt. Ltd., develops customised software to streamline and facilitate data intensive processes like learning, assessment, training, support and sales through our robust yet versatile innovative software application. 

Our client-first approach allows us to consult and deliver solutions to companies ranging from Pharma, Publishing, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Automobiles, Logistics, Media and Telecom industries. Our diverse services allows assistance in planning, designing and setting up efficient applications through its flexible framework. 

Our framework facilitates cross-platform modifications allowing its applications to cross barriers across desktops, tablets and mobiles. Our goal is to develop applications which are not restricted by changes in accessibility, latest technologies and can be customized to sustain the current and future needs of the clients. 

VioletLMS is the Learning Platform developed by Violet InfoSytems.
This platform is designed specifically for training departments with an objective to improve administration, automation, communication and centralization of information and data related to training.
It is a scalable, robust, and flexible platform for instructor-led and e-learning activities, resources, curricula and courseware catalogues across enterprises.
It is an end-to-end, fully integrated learning solution that can be individualized . so that each user can access courses that have been assigned specifically to him/her.

Enterprise Model:
This model offers one time deployment on the client server with no user license cost. This is ideal when the client has 5000 users or above. This model is also adapted when the organization needs a custom build LMS addressing to their specific needs.
Since this is developed from scratch, the enterprise model can be customized based on the clients requirement to the extent that the LMS could be working as a complete HRMIS system.

SaaS model:
The software vendor hosts and supports the software. The client subscribes to the software rather than licensing and running it on their own server.
There are several client benefits to the SaaS LMS model:
ELower initial costs and reduced in-house support
EFaster deployment
EAbility to focus on the organizationfs core business, instead of spending resources to support yet another system

Some of the products Violet provides on an Enterprise or a SaaS model are as follows:

  • Learning Management System
  • Content Management System
  • Assessment Management System
  • Knowledge Management System
  • Training Management System
  • Idea Management System
  • Office Management System (Productivity & Effort Mapping Tool)
  • Survey Management System
  • Gaming Portal (Next Generation LMS)
  • Incident Management System
  • Sales App 

Mobile Application Development

  • We develop mobile apps that solve business problems.
  • Mobile applications are indispensable for business to connect with their customers in an utmost personalised way.
  • We offer complete mobile app development solutions (for iPhone and Android) that brings in robustness and innovation from development till post-deployment analysis. It also supports critical aspects like Quality, Responsiveness, Consistency, Speed and Scalability.
  • At Violet, our developers have expertise in development of enterprise, e-commerce, educational and utility mobile apps with experience of developing critical, data and performance intensive apps using cloud web service.

Custom Application Development

We provide customised applications to our clients by mapping their exact needs. These applications help our customers bring an increased agility and flexibility in their businesses.

The applications come bundled with a wide variety of features to allow for effective management of businesses from different sectors like Pharma, Publishing, Banking, Insurance, Finance Services, Manufacturing, Automobiles, Logistics, Media and Telecom.

Our diverse services allow assistance in planning, designing and setting up efficient application through flexible framework.

‘Violet InfoSystems' framework provides cross-platform modifications allowing it to cross barriers across desktops, tablets and mobiles.


Virasat Solutions

Virasat Solutions is a technology company, with expertise in developing custom web & mobile applications for businesses of all sizes and industries. We are passionate about solving real life business problems by developing creative solutions within deadline.

Quick Highlights:

  • 25+ strong technology team experienced in building web and mobile applications.
  • Designed and developed over 400 web and mobile apps across multiple industry segments.
  • Expert Moodle team with 6+ years of experience into deliver fully functional elearning solution and eCommerce integration for course enrollment.
  • Quality is main concern followed by us during development process

Our Services and Technology: 

1. Elearning Solution: We're very into elearning services and here are some tools used by us to develop an elearning web application

  • Moodle
  • Moodle Integration
  • Totara
  • Learndash
  • Joomoodle
  • Opigno LMS

2. Ecommerce Solution: As everyone knows online shopping is very popular among us to increase your business productivity. We provide B2B and B2C solution to meet your requirements and objective. Here are some tools we used to develop an ecommerce solution:

  • Big Commerce
  • Magento
  • OsCommerce
  • Prestashop
  • Shopify
  • Ubercart
  • WpCommerce

3. CMS Sites: We have developed multiple websites with different objective including ecommerce, education, classified, directory, etc. We’ve provided a list of CMS we used to develop a website but not limited to:

  • Drupal
  • Expression Engine
  • Joomla
  • WordPress
  • Magento

4. Framework Sites: Apart from CMS we also used some framework tool to develop any kind of site. Please check used by us:

  • CakePHP Development
  • CodeIgniter Development
  • YII development
  • Zend Framework Development
  • Laravel Framework

Virtual Coach Ltd

We have spent 25 years developing the techniques and methodology that can really make a difference to your sales strategy. We have delivered this coaching all over the world to some of the biggest companies in existence and have helped sales executives to make millions.

We wanted to create a way of providing the same coaching to companies of all sizes and budgets which lead us to the development of Virtual Coach.

Our aim at Virtual Coach is to provide a cost effective, end user driven coaching environment that is guaranteed to improve sales and drive your company forward.

Virtual Coach can be used as a stand alone training platform with live interactive webinars delivering training to anywhere in the world.

You can combine our fantastic open workshops covering all sales topics with Virtual Coach for a more hands on approach if prefered.  Our workshops are delivered by top trainers and expereinced sales professionals.


Virtual College Ltd

Virtual College has a number of e-academies aimed at providing cost effective solutions for organisations with the same training needs. These offer a mixture of face to face workshops, consultancy and projects

  • Safeguarding e-Academy - Children and Adult Social Care workforce e-learning - multi- agency
  • Schools e-Academy - software, courses and tools for schools
  • Healthcare e-Academy - online courses for Healthcare workers
  • Lean Healthcare Academy - eliminating waste from the Health Sector
  • Yorkshire Productivity - Lean manufacturing
  • Trades e-Academy - online courses for trades NICEIC, Plumbing, Welding, Engineering etc.
  • Housing e-Academy - online courses for the Housing sector
  • Food Drink and Hospitality e-Academy


We are eLearning designers, developers and video specialists focused on providing new, fun and exciting ways to improve human performance. Whether you need a team of one or many, we combine a wealth of talent, skills and passion to come up with design and development solutions. 

We are more than eLearning developers. We are problem solvers. No matter the state of your project, whether a rough idea or a clearly laid out storyboard, we can pick up wherever you’re at. We know the full scope of eLearning design. Yes, we're a bit like a Swiss Army Knife. 

Just a few of the services we provide include:

  • Instructional Design (Needs Assessment, Design Document, Storyboard)
  • Articulate Storyline Development
  • Adobe Captivate Development
  • Graphics and Animation Creation with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Full Video Production Services (Writing, Filming, Editing)
  • Learning Management System Consultation

Visual Purple, LLC

Visual Purple's technologically advanced simulations take place in virtual world spaces. With over ten years of experience in converting and translating client educational materials and cultures into moving, story-rich interactive experiences, Visual Purple has sought and embraced the superior training opportunities offered by the advent of virtual worlds. Virtual worlds offer the foremost in freedom, interactivity and adaptability. The specially tailored environments ensure realistic interaction and imagery to promote full emotional and intellectual engagement in any scenario.

Visual Purple simulations are carefully crafted within the virtual world using Adult Learning Techniques and educational theory. Trainees follow realistic scenarios through environments of high-fidelity graphics while developing the knowledge base and critical thinking skills necessary to make decisions and take action. The trainees then meet the consequences of their choices, positive or negative. Meanwhile, a combination of proprietary technology (I2, DIVAS) allows supervisors to monitor proficiency, test for aptitude, and model complex business processes. Virtual worlds provide intuitive, persistent environments in which any approved trainee can, at any time or location, access the simulation and find it evolving. Alternately, virtual worlds may be configured to save and restore to a specific state so that training may be on demand. Collaboration or the ability to interact with other trainees is supported but more attractive to most clients are single player virtual world trainings enabled in a private, secure world replete with behaviorally intelligent non-player characters or NPCs.


VIXIO GamblingCompliance

Increasing regulations and a complex operating environment mean that organisations need to find better ways of ensuring that employees understand and comply with key laws, regulations and internal policies.

eLearning provides a cost-effective method of communicating compliance requirements in a consistent manner, while testing practical application and identifying those who may pose a risk to the organisation due to lack of knowledge or understanding. A programme of eLearning can also help to establish a culture of compliance and integrity within an organisation, while also meeting external licensing requirements.

We offer practical, up-to-date, interactive and engaging eLearning courses, designed to drive behavioural change and mitigate risk.


  • All staff trained in the fundamentals.
  • Ability to promote best practice.
  • A cost effective training solution.
  • Quick and easy implementation.

VK Creative Learning
  1. K-12 elearning solution
  2. custom elearning solution
  3. VR/AR learning
  4. Rapid Authoring Solutions
  5. Corporate elearning
  6. content conversion and localization
  7. corporate LMS
  8. ILT
  9. Social learning
  10. Microlearning
  11. Custom App Development
  12. Gamification Design
  13. Simulations
  14. Leaderboard Design
  15. training needs Analysis


Voffla is an entertainment dubbing and production company that can make its expertise available for localizing e-learning.

Get in touch if you need French, US English or Latin Spanish:

Translation, adaptation, casting and recording, untimed, timed, vo UN style or lip-synch; with or without mix.


Voice and Script International

We are experts in dubbing, voice-over, subtitling and translation, offering best-in-class services, at a reasonable cost. Our extensive e-learning experiences covers, software tutorials, smartphone applications, public section eduction, distance learning, health and safety, corporate training and much more. Your content will always be treated with the strictest confidence and delivered on budget and on time.

VSI's language services are accredited - we were awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certificate for the rigorous technical and creative standards that we uphold to our customers.


Established in 1989.

VSI is a privately owned, family-run company, founded in London in 1989 by Norman Dawood. From humble beginnings with a staff of three working from a small office, the VSI Group today employs more than 250 people across over 20 facilities in the world's most vibrant media hubs. Our global organisation boasts cultural and linguistic diversity, with our innovative and passionate employees hailing from more than 50 countries.


Voice Over Vinclaire

You need a voice over that will engage your listeners, kind, professional, warm and trustworthy. Businesses globally are turning to content producers to spread the word, and a voice of reassurance goes a long way in the online world.

I am a full time voice over artist, working as an asset to my clients from my professional grade home studio, with UK and international clients to bring online content to life. Amazon, River Island, and Heathrow Airport are just some of my happy clients to date. I have a naturally warm voice with crystal clear diction, and a lifetime of training behind me. I pride myself on strong working relationships with my clients, 24 hour turnarounds and a creative approach to each production.

Please get in touch today discuss your requirements. 


Why Work With Me?

Speedy Turnaround - 24 hour and same day delivery is an option, subject to availability. You can even book me for a priority recording, where I get your audio to you in just 4 hours!

Cost Effective Services - My studio costs are included with my quotes. No more booking studios, and you can patch in to direct me live, from anywhere in the world.

Satisfied Clients - Many of my clients work with me on numerous productions, impressed with my stress-free service, speedy delivery, and creative approach to any script.

Broadcast Quality Audio - On any production, within your desired time-frame. Recording in my professional grade studio, you'll get the finest quality audio, every time.


Voice Talent Online

Voice Talent Online provides end-to-end quality assured audio localization in over 75 languages. Served by a network of 2,000+ native professional translators and a hand-picked roster of over 1,000 female and male voice talents, outsourcing your e-learning project to Voice Talent Online is simple.



VoiceArchive is a global media company specialising in voice-over production in over 120 languages. With 15 years in the industry, we produce award-winning native-only voice-overs for e-Learning, Marketing, Advertising, TV & Radio.

At VoiceArchive, we specialise in the production of voice-overs for e-Learning for all industries. This is why our global clients trust us:

  1. We are fast: 24h- 72h delivery
  2. Over 120 languages narrated by a handpicked native voice over talent pool (providing FREE full demos for each new client)
  3. Global pandemic-proof, uninterrupted voice-over production via a global industry-leading team
  4. The industry’s most competitive voice-over rates: we will price-match your existing supplier and exceed your expectations
  5. We are an extension to each client’s team: by assigning an entire project management team for each client, we manage all aspects of their production needs including assets, stakeholders & deadlines.
  6. We automatically keep our clients’ e-learning material in a secure content library at no extra charge, enabling them to save costs by never needing to re-record existing material when it comes to content updates.
  7. We help our new clients achieve 30% costs savings on average thanks to a focused team that is continuously learning & improving to optimise their business.

We take the risk out of e-Learning content production by fully coordinating our clients’ projects, allowing them to focus on their ongoing business with total peace of mind.



I perform explainer video and other E-learning voice over services, including proofing and creating copy, editing and mastering audio files. 



Emmy Award winning and Voice Arts Award nominated Cam Cornelius voices a variety of e-learning and training content. As a former MCSE, broadcast engineer, & news and investigative producer, Cam is familiar with a wide variety of terminology.


Voiceovers - Tony Collins Fogarty

Professional British Voiceover artist for E-Learning content.

Native British (English) accent, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

I work with clients internationally around the world.

Own studio.  Ready to use E-Learning voice files delivered to your Instructional designers.

Please ask for free demo sample of your text.



VoiceTex.de Christina Bergmann

With more than 10 years of experience, I work regularly with small and medium-sized companies and production companies from all around the world.
Their projects are just as unique as the companies:
- elearning projects (eg. tutorials for new telephone system or software, safety training, etc.)
- explainer videos, product videos, imagevideos, how-to videos
- IVR, caller greetings, on-hold messages
- translation of technical documentation, marketing-related texts, product descriptions, specs, etc.

They benefit by providing e-learning content in a form that enables employees and clients to learn whenever they have the time and the mindset for it.
They also save travel time and costs related to attending live seminars.
The last great advantage of #video-based e-learning is the consistency of the information conveyed, while live seminars can be more easily tailored towards individual questions, content provided may vary in depth and topics depending on the time available. Properly planned video-based eLearning can be a huge time-saver and have higher retention rates.

Explainer, product and image videos are an entertaining, engaging and easy way of conveying even highly technical information and growing their audience.
And the voice-over in a video is a great way to improve SEO thanks to the subtitles.

When they use the advantages of a telephone system and caller greetings, they can use them to relay standard information.
Every caller is greeted in a friendly, professional way, while the system frees up employee time for more individual caller requests and other tasks.

They also benefit from having excellent German texts that are tailored to their target group, so that they can make great first impression on their German audience.

What I love most about my work is the versatility of the projects brought to me. Even though it’s the same tasks, every project is unique.
Would you like to know more? Feel free to ask for a quote.


Vowel Learning Solutions

Vowel LMS is a flexible learning management tool that allows you the freedom to manage every form of learning within your organization – be it online, or in the classroom. Easily assign courses, track learner progress and view customized reports. Chart every user’s learning journey based on individual learning curves. Do so much more than you ever imagined!

Vowel LMS is not only about training management - it opens up a whole new world for all your training needs! Upload any form of content, and Vowel LMS tracks it. Create courses using the easy to use course builder. Integrate social tools to provide holistic learning...

Vowel LMS does much more than provide a learning platform - it facilitates pronounced learning.