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J.B. Hinely and Company

We help busy executives with training and development programs their employees and customers will love, so that they can experience higher productivity, lower turnover, and a sustainable competitive advantage.


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J1 Learning Solutions

Hire a specialist from J1 Learning Solutions to create your online courses! We have the talent and skills to transform your learning content into attractive and effective eLearning modules for your employees or students.


JA Voiceworks

eLearning is my "bread and butter" and I love working with developers in an effort to create memorable programs. You can count on me to be a fully invested team member, bringing you very high quality audio in a timely and cost effective manner.


Jack de Golia

If you need on-time, on-budget professional e-learning narration, look no further.  A veteran voice actor, and a native American English speaker, I have proven experience with e-learning projects for companies large and small.  I record in my own professional studio.  For projects running less than 2 hours, I can return mastered, finished audio in the format you require in under 24 hours.

In addition to having a "neutral" American accent, I perform English-speaking characters with Russian, Indian, Spanish, British, German, Irish, and many other accents--hence my moniker, "The Voice of Character."  This is more than a slogan: it reflects both the array of accents and voices I can do along with my skill in acting that gives my performances convincing and believable depth.

I also narrate audiobooks, and voice video games, commercials, and explainer videos for clients worldwide from my studio located in Las Vegas, in the U.S. Pacific Time Zone (GMT -7 March to November; GMT -8 November to March)

Visit my website to hear samples of my work.   Contact me for more information.


Jessicat LLC

Jessica is an international professional voice actor she was born in Washington state, she is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who moved back to Michoacán, Mexico by the time she was just three years old. After returning to the United States at the age of thirteen, she lived in Los Angeles. Jessica is well traveled, and has brought with her a very diverse, culture-rich background to Iowa since the time she was eighteen.

Over the years, she has matured into a professional voiceover actor that has voiced hundreds of hours or e-learning projects both in English and Spanish and has voiced  for household names such as McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Johnson and Johnson, in conjunction with many other national and local brands.



Jim Cooper VO

Global eLearning voice professional, with a proven track record of satisfied eLearning clients. Let me help your eLearning projects really shine!



I am an award-winning full-time professional voice actor with a world-class professional studio. E-Learning narration is one of my specialities, with hundreds of happy clients to offer as references. I also specialize in extensive long-form narration, maintaining a team of editors on staff in order to achieve next day turnaround on orders as large as 50,000 words/5 hours of finished content.


John N Gully

For 25 years, I have provided VO for eLearning platforms in various industries to include Health Care, Tech, Life Sciences, Military and Corporate training environments. I operate from my own studio, however I have traveled in the Southern California region to other studios if you have a particular preference.


JoJo Jensen -- Voice Talent

Conversational voice talent with more than 15 years experience.  Specialize in eLearning with a penchant for technical and medical terminology subject matter.  My studio has Source Connect and phone patch if you would like to direct the recording sessions.


JollyDeck Ltd

JollyDeck is an e-learning and performance management platform. We build software that allows companies to create and deliver great and innovative e-learning experiences. 

JollyDeck’s LMS reduces the complexity of your learning operations by automating day-to-day routines, providing real-time analytics and allowing smooth integration with a host of external systems.

We know that learning is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With JollyDeck you can tailor the learning to the individual. This allows you to combine optional and required learning into a personalised learning pathway.

JollyDeck provides you with a comprehensive analytical and reporting toolset. By tracking and labeling every interaction your learners have with the platform, you can see detailed reports and analysis into your learners progress, and the efficiency of your training. Real-time data can be exported in a click of a button.

Rather than having a standalone performance management solution, JollyDeck also brings key performance capabilities into your LMS. Managers have an in-depth overview of their team's performance at their fingertips. Meaning they can identify learners who are struggling, or recognise those who are excelling. 


Jonathan Sleep Voiceover

I provide high-quality, dynamic, believable voiceover that just might be perfect for your next Commercial, eLearning, Interactive, Animation or Narration project. Something else in mind that requires voiceover? Let's talk about it! 

If you're looking for thoughtful voiceover that hits the mark, let's discuss how I can help bring your next project to life.


Jones Software Corp

Our Vision: Jones Software Corporation (JSC) is in the business of inspiring

scholars K-12 to maximize their full potential inside and outside of the

classroom.  The iLikeMath-Cares Program is an adaptive learning math software tool that

enhances procedural math instruction for scholars performing at or below grade

level. Designed as a support curriculum “iLikeMath” is a Multi-Tier Support

System which helps students build efficacy in math foundations.

Scholars earn points from our meritocracy program through their exercise and

assessment scores from the iLikeMath-Cares Curriculum. These points are used

for scholars to earn rewards focused on exposure and learning lifelong skills

such as college and career readiness, mentor-protégé relationships and personal

development. Scholars who obtain direct coaching, mentoring and transferrable

skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, conflict resolution and good

citizenship are able to compete in a S.T.E.M. environment.




The Company focused on Courseware Software Development and Support for many years. All this years we have been examining the needs of teachers and students. Belitsoft have implemented learning solutions for over 1000 Clients all over the world. Experience and valuable feedback of our Clients brought the result - fully functional SCORM compliant e-Learning system featuring all the most useful learning tools.

Learning Management System

JoomlaLMS is based on prevailing CMS- Joomla.

Embedded Rapid Authoring software and Joomla modules will let build your quizzes, tests, reports directly in JoomlaLMS rather than import similar modules from third-part apps. Your custom solution will be done fast and there will be no need to wait. Joomla LMS customization is available.

eLearning Development and Customization Services

We offer not only Joomla LMS customization, feel free to contact us if you need to configure or customize your eLearning management system, integrate it with another system or even develop your own eLearning application, surely there can be different solutions.

We developed JoomlaLMS to give our Clients possibility to start quickly. Understanding principals of learning, attracting students' attention to studying process and developing unique solution take time. Here is short list of services our Clients usually request from us:

• e-Learning expert consulting;
• Professional bespoke eLearning software development;
• LMS integration and/or customization (including custom modules and templates development);
• Third Party tools integration to extend LMS possibilities;
• LMS courses import and conversion;
• Courses and courseware development;
• Any kind of support services.

The most successful Clients:

Schools and Colleges
• Interactive Design Institute (UK)
• Eirias High School (UK)
• National Contractors Pre-Licensing Services, Inc. (US)
• Advanced Brain Technologies (US)
• Nordic Master's Degree in Dance studies (NO)
• Research Commercialization Online Distance Learning Center (US)
• Face 2 Face UMAT Preparation Centre (AU)
• Lexicom Learning (AU)
• Ticken typecursus (NL)
• TRUEMAX Academy, School of CGI and animation (DK)
• ITIL Training Zone LTD (UK)
• Daadbook (EG)
• City Seminary of Sacramento (US)
• Cornerstone Christian School (US)
• The Harvey Grammar School (UK)
• St Mary's College, Crosby (UK)
• Brownhills Community Technology College (UK)
• Life Academy (AU)

• University of Colorado - The Mountain and Plains Education and Research Center (US)
• 1st Free University (US)
• The Scandinavian University (NO)
• Iowa State University (US)
• Universidad Vasconcelos (MX)
• International Industry Institute (MX)
• The Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (TH)
• Escola Superior i Universitaria Formatic Barna (ES)

Non Profit Organizations
• Kolbe Film School (US)
• eLearn2Earn (US)
• United Christian Leaders Alliance (US)
• Bill of Rights Institute (US)
• ViSTA Training and Development (UK)
• Adoption Training Online (US)

Air industry
• Qantas Airlines (AU)
• Inflight Service Europe AB (SE)
• CenterAir Flight Academy (DK)

Health Care
• Nurse Oncology Education Program (US)
• Cardiovascular Research Foundation (US)
• MGI Systems, Healthcare Facility Management Education (US)
• The Dental Channel Ltd (UK)
• Real Balance GWS (US)
• CareStar Learning, LLC (US)
• Par Pharmaceutical Companies, Inc. (US)
• The Medical Group at Diversified Business Communication Canada (DBCC) (CA)
• East West School of Herbology (US)

• Risk Consultants Australia Pty (AU)
• Hanabi (BE)
• International Institute of Public Safety (US)
• South West Workforce Development Partnership (UK)
• YoungWilliams Child Support Services (US)
• Oilennium (UK)
• Orgwide Serivces, LLC (US)

High Tech Industries, Internet
• MarketMotive (US)
• Global Partners Online Communication Services Trust reg. (LI)
• Fluidmesh Network, Inc (US)
• Altec Integration Services (GR)
• Kiezel Communicatie (NL)

Food and Lodging
• Rezidor Hotel Group AB (SE)
• Bruster's Scoops School (US)
• Online Video Cooking School (CA)

We are in touch with our Clients to produce efficient, reliable and affordable eLearning solutions and reach their goals together.


Jud Niven Voice Overs

Jud Niven is a verteran Voice Talent with a professional Home Studio.  He specializes in delivering High Quality, finished e-learning audio.  Quick turnaround time and very resasonable rates.



Julie Williams has voiced thousands of eLearning jobs for top worldwide companies such as Google, Kraft, and Adobe. While she has the gift of being able to "tell your story" in an intruguing way (not just "announce" the words)  she is also great at complex medical and technical eLearning projects.

In fact, not only has Julie been chosen to teach eLearning at the top voice-over conferences in the world, she is also the "go to" girl to whom other VO coaches send their students to study eLearning!

Julie Williams is a very busy voice-over talent, but also casts eLearning jobs seeking male talents and multi-lingual talents.



A digital design agency from Glasgow, with over ten years as pioneers of creating completly bespoke e-learning solutions.  We have worked with clients in both the public and private sectors and pride ourselves on our tailor-made approach.  We are members of the e-learning alliance and certified Microsoft partners.



JWHvoice is a voice over service provider of high-quality reading, speech, and post-production voice narration to contribute to instructional design and eLearning content.  I am professionally trained in delivering narration and engaging scenarios to engage the emotions of the learner.  I understand I need to keep the learner engaged from start to finish so they can complete the modules successfully and retain the knowledge for future application.

Having been involved in multiple stages of education development (Developing content for others to deliver, delivering content to groups large and small and also being a voice over artist behind the microphone),  I am skilled at finding the intersection of the content objectives and delivering a message that lands with the learners in a way that engages them to “sit beside me” in the course.


JZero Solutions

JZero Solutions are an online solutions and development company that specialises in eLearning and Training Events Management.

Our mission has always been to be highly flexible, highly adaptable and to deliver solutions at an unbeatable price to provide our clients with exactly the solution that they want - not make our clients adapt to our system. This approach has allowed us to consistently provide products and services that already meet your requirements out-of-the-box.

JZero has a suite of elearning products to satisfy the needs of the most demanding learning strategy. The JZero LMS is the ultimate in market driven development. It contains the training system requirements of numerous fortune 500 companies built in as standard. It's features and flexibility are unmatched in the market place. Its depth of functionality is only matched by its ease of use.