We have spent 25 years developing the techniques and methodology that can really make a difference to your sales strategy. We have delivered this coaching all over the world to some of the biggest companies in existence and have helped sales executives to make millions.

We wanted to create a way of providing the same coaching to companies of all sizes and budgets which lead us to the development of Virtual Coach.

Our aim at Virtual Coach is to provide a cost effective, end user driven coaching environment that is guaranteed to improve sales and drive your company forward.

Virtual Coach can be used as a stand alone training platform with live interactive webinars delivering training to anywhere in the world.

You can combine our fantastic open workshops covering all sales topics with Virtual Coach for a more hands on approach if prefered.  Our workshops are delivered by top trainers and expereinced sales professionals.

Off the Shelf Course Subjects:
Management and BusinessPersonal Development
Course List:

Introduction to Negotiation

Negotiation is a core part of business, yet it is rarely discussed in isolation and almost always confused with selling.

A solid negotiator will maximise opportunities for their company. As negotiation specialists we have personally arbitrated high stakes deals for the past 30 years. We break the fundamentals of negotiation down, and then work through the different elements – we can insure that whatever your starting point, we can take you to another level.

On this course:

  • An Introduction to Negotiation and what it is
  • Introduce and explain the 10 Rules of negotiation
  • Alternatives to negotiation
  • The Negotiation Mantras
  • The 5 Phases of Negotiation
  • A key understanding of the principles of negotiation
  • Negotiation Planning Implementation tools

Advanced Negotiation Techniques

In this course we look at the RDC 10 Point Plan and how it is used to assure a win-win outcome. The course will also look at the Jellyfish model and how this ensures that you maintain the value in your deal.

This course is specifically designed to embed learned skills and test them in an adversarial environment.

Larger deals beget more complex negotiations, most of the time involving a group meetings and reviews. These need to be managed, structured and controlled to ensure the desired outcome. Your own “home team” roles also have to be clearly defined and adhered to and any sales ego suppressed – this is not selling.

On this course you will:

  • Prepare for and plan a live negotiation
  • Accept the necessity of preparation & practise use of the RDC negotiation planner
  • Identify the relevant techniques available to you to create better agreements with fewer expensive concessions.
  • Ensure a win-win outcome for you and the client
  • Achieve all of this within a reproducible negotiation framework and language adhering to the RDC 10 Golden Rules

Sales Target Assurance Planning

STAP presents sales individuals, sales teams and line Directors with “one view of the truth” from planning and agreeing appropriate targets, disseminating the tasks and milestones in order to achieve them, and providing a framework within which to monitor progress.

The course provides 11 video tutorials and a follow along workbook which look at in detail:
 - Introduction to Sales Target Assurance Planning
 - The four areas of our Target Assurance Gird
 - Target Assurance Matrix: Live Example
 - Goal setting and prioritising
 - Objective Measurement of Goals
 - Key Strategies for Achieving the Objectives
 - GOSPA Review Timetable

Win more sales: Sales Qualification

The Qualification Techniques course is focused on developing successful qualification methods that will yield immediate results. With information and techniques that will be valuable to seasoned professionals as well as new sales recruits, this course will address components such as time efficiency, obstacles and personal development.

On this course:

  • An in depth look at the Win More Sales model
  • How to go through the purchasing plan
  • A review of the Decision Making Unit
  • Motives for buying
  • True competitor analysis
  • Creating a winning value proposition
  • Qualification Analysis  Implementation tool

Why take this course:

This course is ideal for anyone new to sales as it looks at the process of the sale, how the client buys and why they will buy. It also looks at how to gain the information you need from the client and use this to build a strong value proposition.

It is also useful for those salespeople who would like a refresher or a new approach to deal qualification as the course also looks at the 5 Step Challenge making the salesperson question the information they have and how it is best used.