Famous for intelligent, entertaining and straight-talking training, the Video Arts range of solutions covers off-the-shelf video, e-learning and mobile-learning courses designed to reach more learners in more places via laptops, tablets and smartphones. Designed by leading experts, like Dr Peter Honey, written by comic greats like Hugh Laurie and Armando Iannucci, and starring famous faces like John Cleese and Dawn French their must-have resources cover key training points for any successful soft-skills training programme.

Course List:
  1. 30 Ways to make more time
  2. Absence minded
  3. Assert yourself
  4. Behavioural interviewing
  5. Can you spare a moment?
  6. Complaints: Five tactics for handling complaints effectively
  7. Demanding customers
  8. Essentials of interviewing
  9. Essentials of managing performance
  10. First among equals
  11. FISH!
  12. Going to a meeting: Parts 1 & 2
  13. How am I doing?
  14. I wasn't prepared for that
  15. Ideas into action
  16. If looks could kill
  17. Inside information
  18. Jamie's kitchen: Fifteen lessons on leadership
  19. Jamie's kitchen: Fifteen lessons on teamwork
  20. Jamie's school dinners: living with change
  21. Jamie's school dinners: managing change
  22. Making time
  23. Managing performance every day
  24. Meetings, bloody meetings
  25. More bloody meetings
  26. Negotiating: tying the knot
  27. Pass it on
  28. Performance matter: the importance of praise
  29. Performance matters: the need for constructive criticism
  30. Performance review: every managers nightmare
  31. Presentation is everything
  32. Project management
  33. Put it in writing
  34. Report writing
  35. Sell it to me
  36. Telephone behaviour
  37. The art of selling
  38. The balance sheet barrier
  39. The helping hand
  40. The ultimate stress show
  41. The unorganised manager: part 1
  42. The unorganised manager: part 2
  43. The unorganised manager: part 3
  44. The Yes! Project
  45. Valuing diversity
  46. Who sold you this then?
  47. You'll soon get the hang of it