We employ evidence-based techniques of adult learning (nerd speak = andragogy) and pair it with the latest in training technologies. Learners absorb more in less time, improving retrieval during presentations and KOL interactions. This can transform relationships and build trust. Our team supports your team of subject matter experts.

Is team bandwidth a concern when you need to create training? We've won awards for teamwork...they're sitting on our shelves right now! Let us expand your bandwidth.

What is the business impact of pulling your best MSLs out of the field to build slide decks? It means less time spent building relationships and uncovering competitive intelligence. We used to be those MSLs! Now we are subject matter experts at taking information and making it teachable.

Is it challenging for your trainers to present scientific content to a field team of subject matter experts? We can prepare trainers to host and mediate outstanding and interactive team data discussions.

Does training take time away from team building and other MA priorities? We have created "on-demand" on-boarding programs for Medical Affairs teams for years!

The bottom line: You need someone you can trust who is qualified to keep your team in top shape; who will work with you to create business critical training. Your team is the scientific resource for KOLs and internal stakeholders, but who is your training subject matter expert?

Course List:

Introduction to Medical Affairs

Setting Up a Home Office

Emotional Intelligence for MSLs

Emotional Intelligence for Medical Affairs Managers

Difficult Conversations in the Field

Difficult Conversations with Your Manager

Difficult Conversations with Stakeholders

Effectively Manage Time in the Field

FDA Guidance - Sharing Journal Reprints

FDA Guidance - Sharing Health Economics Information with Payers and Stakeholders

FDA Guidance - Sharing Safety Information in the Medical Community

The Medical Science Liaison Role in Medical Affairs 

The Medical Communications Role in Medical Affairs

The Medical Information Role in Medical Affairs

The Medical Education Role in Medical Affairs

The Medical Director Role in Medical Affairs

Phase IV studies

Investigator Initiated Studies

Phases of Clinical Studies

FDA Regulation of Drugs

FDA Regulation of Biosimilars

FDA Regulation of Medical Devices