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Traineasy is an established provider of fabulous bespoke content, offering a variety of production levels to suit all budgets, subjects and audiences. Two off-the-shelf course libraries are also available, one specifically for customers regulated by the financial conduct authroty (FCA), and one featuring a range of eBytes for quick and easy consumption; both libaries are continually updated with new courses in response to customer demand. 

We are resellers of Articulate 360 and of the ELB Authroing Suites, Silver, Gold and Platinum, which include Lectora and the 3D digital course builder tool, Cenario VR, and we regularly run training courses to teach people how to use these to create their own e-learning.  

We are the creators of LMS-X, a new-generation SCORM-compliant LMS with LXP features including a video gallery, dashboards, alalytics reporting and more.

Our customers include Virgin Australia, Altrad, the Environment Agency, the NHS, National Pawnbrokers Association, the Manufacturing Technology Centre, and many more. Visit our website or contact us directly for more information!


Course List:


Age Discrimination

An Introduction to Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying

Direct and Indirect Discrimination

Disability Discrimination

Diversity and Equality

Ensuring Equality in Applications and Interviews

Ensuring Equality when Advertising a Job

Equality when Recruiting

Flexible Working

Gender Reassignment Discrimination

Harassment, Victimisation and Bullying in Action Activity

Maternity Leave

Parental Bereavement Leave and Pay

Paternity and Adoption Leave

Race Discrimination

Reasonable Adjustments

Religion, Belief and Non-Belief at Work

Religion, Belief and Non-Belief Discrimination

Sex Discrimination

Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Unpaid and Shared Parental Leave

What is Disability?

What is Religion, Belief and Non-Belief


5 Tips for Successfully Managing Remote and Home Workers

An Introduction to Healthy Home Working

An Introduction to Resilience when Remote or Home Working

Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls whilst Working from Home

Avoiding the Risk of Fire when Working from Home

Ensuring Good Mental Health when Remote or Home Working

Ensuring Healthy Temperature, Lighting and Ventilation when Working from Home

Establishing an Effective Work Life Ballance when Remote or Home Working

How to Communicate When Working Remotely

Leading Effective Remote Meetings

Managing and Maintaining an Organisational Culture with Remote and Home Workers

Managing your Own Personal Development when Remote or Home Working

Protecting your Privacy when Remote or Home Working

Remote Recruitment for Managers

Security Essentials when Remote or Home Working

Setting up a Safe Workspace while Working from Home

Staying Safe when Working from Home

Staying Safe with Electricity whilst Working from Home


Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing Awareness

Anti-Money Laundering Awareness for Money Service Businesses

Anti-Money Laundering Awareness for Payment Services

Appointed Representatives' Responsibilities

Assisting Customers With Claims

Banking Conduct of Busness

Basic Insurance Principles

Complaints Handling

Conduct of Business

Conflicts of Interest

Consumer Duty


Dealing and Managing

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

FCA Competence Supervision

FCA Regulatory Environment

Financial Promotions for Investment Firms

Financial Promotions Relating to Insurance

Fraud Awareness

Health & Safety for Office Workers

Introduction to and complying with GDPR

Insurance Conduct of Business Sourcebook (ICOBS)

Introduction to Electronic Money Regulations 2011


An Introduction to Alcohol Licensing

An Introduction to Freedom of Information (FOI)

Bribery Act

Cyber Security

Data Protection 2018 & GDPR

Dealing with Requests for FOI

Exemptions for Freedom of Information

Information Security

Information Sharing with the Police

Introduction to Information Governance

Modern Slavery

Money laundering

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)

Protecting Confidential Information

Record Management and Data Quality

Right to Work

Right to Work – Game

The Caldicott Principles




Cover All Bases – How you can ensure your passwords are protected

End of The Line – How DoS attacks can disrupt networks and how social engineering targets individuals

Gone Phishin’ – Arms you with the necessary weapons to fight back against phishing attacks

In Safe Hands – Introduces you to the Security League and the superpowers they possess

In the Nick of Time – Introduces cyber attackers crime gang and the methods they use to commit their crimes

On Guard! – Introduces you to the murky world of system attaches, including a look at the dangers, methods of attach and how you can minimise the risks

Safety in Numbers – How to create strong passwords to prevent attackers from stealing your data

Think Before You Click – How to avoid getting speared into providing personal and sensitive information


An Introduction to Meetings

An Introduction to Negotiation

An Introduction to Time Management

An Overview of Performance Appraisal

Attracting Candidates and Producing Job Advertisements

Creating SMARTER Objectives


Delivering Presentations

Job Analysis, Job Descriptions and Person Specifications

Introduction to Negotiation

Negotiation Tactics

Objectives for Managers

Ongoing Appraisal

Organising and Running Effective Meetings

Preparing for Presentations

Preparing for the Appraisal

Shortlisting Candidates and Selection Techniques

The Appraisal Discussion

The Importance of Setting Goals in Time Management

The Recruitment Process - An Overview

The Role of the Coach

Time Management: Deciding Your Priorities

Time Management: Managing Disruption and Keeping Focused

Time Management: Planning and Scheduling

Understanding and Handling Meeting Behaviour


Delivery from the Past – How to plan effectively to meet your objectives

Do Not Disturb – How to get some peace by minimising interruptions

Dr Fluffy’s Plan – How to see the bigger picture and consider implications of the decisions you make

Great Monster Cake Off – How performance can be measured and what you can to do deliver

Own Your Email – How to minimise the distraction of emails by taking control of them

Project Pie-orities – How to cook up a winning formula for setting priorities when managing projects

Smallblot’s Big Adventure – How to develop yourself and encourage others in the pursuit of learning

To-Do or Not To-Do – Understand the importance of ensuring tasks on your to-do list are relevant


Handling Stress at Work – A Guide for Managers (RoSPA Assured)

Handling Violence and Aggression at Work

Introduction to Violence and Aggression at Work

Dealing with Violence and Aggression at Work

Dealing with Violent Behaviour

Handling Workplace Stress (RoSPA Assured)

Lone Worker Types and Typical Risks

Lone Working - Hazards and Risks

Personal Safety in Other People’s Homes and Premises

Preventing Bullying in the Workplace (RoSPA Assured)


Five Steps to Mental Wellbeing – Explains what mental wellbeing is and five steps to improve it

Keeping an Eye on Mental Health – Explains how Managers can spot the signs of mental ill health

Let’s Talk about Mental Health – Enables you to talk about mental health

Mindful Minutes – Explains what mindfulness is

Mindfulness at Work – Explains the benefits of practicing mindfulness in the workplace

Rage Gauge – Explains what aggression is and lists some of its causes and consequences

What is Depression? – Explains what depression is and the symptoms of it

What is Mental Health? – Explains what mental health is


Corporate Complaints

Corporate Parenting for Local Authorities

Customer Service Skills for Local Authorities


What is Mental Health?

Supporting Good Mental Health

Mental Health Disorders, Symptoms and Treatments

Mental Health vs Stigmas



Basic Life Support (SCIE)

Child Neglect and its Causes (SCIE)

Child Sexual Exploitation (SCIE)

Childhood Bereavement – An Introduction (created in partnership with Winston’s Wish)

Domestic Abuse Awareness

Duty of Care (SCIE)

Effective Communication in Health and Social Care (SCIE)

Equality and Diversity in Health and Social Care (SCIE)

Fluids, Nutrition and Food Safety (SCIE)

Handling Information in Health and Social Care (SCIE)

Harmful Sexual Behaviour – Children and Young People

Health and Safety in Health & Social Care (SCIE)

Infection Prevention and Control (SCIE)

Mental Health, Dementia and Learning Disability (SCIE)

Personal Development for Workers in Health & Social Care (SCIE)

Person-Centred Practice (SCIE)

Privacy and Dignity in Health and Social Care (SCIE)

Safeguarding Adults in Health and Social Care (SCIE)

Safeguarding Children in Health and Social Care (SCIE)

Understanding Your Role in Health and Social Care (SCIE)

What Can You Do to Help Childhood Bereavement? (created in partnership with Winston’s Wish)

The Care Act: Introduction and Overview

The Care Act: Information and Advice

The Care Act: First Contact and Identifying Needs

The Care Act: Charging and Financial Assessment

The Care Act: Person-Centred Care and Support

The Care Act: Transition to Adulthood

The Care Act: Integration, Cooperation and Partnerships

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Menopause at Work


A Background to Body Language

Barriers to Listening

Becoming a Better Listener

Body Language for Sales

Body Language in Interviews and Meetings

Listening Skills

Nonverbal Communication

Probing Questions

Returning to Work During Exceptional Times

Understanding Body Language

Unproductive Questions

Using Open and Closed Questions

Why Questions are Important

Working from Home in Extraordinary Circumstances


At Your Service – Shows examples of excellent customer service and its benefits

Easy Street – The easy way to manage difficult people

Get the Picture – How to inspire creativity within your team

Get to the Point – How to avoid the frustration of yes/no answers by asking open questions

It’s Not a Knockout – How to identify conflicts within your team, and find ways to resolve them

Listen Up – How to open your ears and listen effectively

On the Face of It – Explains body language

The Good, the Bad and the Angry – This explains how to deal with difficult customers

Tough Love – How to spot poor performance, manage it and live happily ever after


An Introduction to legionella and its Control (RoSPA Assured)

An Introduction to Risk Assessment (RoSPA Assured)

An Introduction to Working at Heights (RoSPA Assured)

Asbestos Awareness (RoSPA Assured)

Asbestos Basics (RoSPA Assured)

CDM Regulations 2015 (Updated 2016)

COSHH Awareness (RoSPA Assured)

Ionising Radiations - A Background (RoSPA Assured)

Ionising Radiations - Risk Control (RoSPA Assured)

Managing Electrical Safety - Controlling Electrical Hazards (RoSPA Assured)

Managing Electrical Safety - Identifying High Risk Electrical Hazards (RoSPA Assured)

Managing Electrical Safety - Inspection, Test and Maintenance (RoSPA Assured)

Managing Electrical Safety - Principles of Electricity and Its Effects (RoSPA Assured)

Managing Electrical Safety - Live Overhead or Buried Power Lines (RoSPA Assured)

Non-Ionising Radiations (RoSPA Assured)

Protecting the Environment at Work and Home (RoSPA Assured)

Risk Assessment for Managers (RoSPA Assured)

Staying Safe in Confined Spaces (RoSPA Assured)

Staying Safe with Electricity (RoSPA Assured)

Staying Safe with Hazardous Substances (RoSPA Assured)

Staying Safe with Noise (RoSPA Assured)

Working at Height - Scaffold and Scaffold Towers (RoSPA Assured)

Working at Height with Access Equipment, Ladders and Stepladders (RoSPA Assured)

Working at Heights – Roofs and Fragile Surfaces (RoSPA Assured)


An Introduction to Basic First Aid (RoSPA Assured)

An Introduction to Health & Safety at Work (RoSPA Assured)

An Introduction to Managing Health & Safety at Work (RoSPA Assured)

Avoiding Slips, Trips and Falls (RoSPA Assured)

Fire Safety and Evacuation (RoSPA Assured)

Fire Safety and Evacuation Refresher

Hand Hygiene - A Video Guide to Effective Hand Washing

Hand Hygiene – A Guide to Effective Hand Washing

Health and Safety Induction

Introduction to Health & Safety International (Available in English, French, Polish & Spanish)

Manual Handling (RoSPA Assured)

RSI - Repetitive Strain Injury (RoSPA Assured)

Safe Manual Handling Refresher

Slips, Trips and Falls Refresher

Staying Safe with DSE – An Overview (RoSPA Assured)

Staying Safe with DSE – Fixed DSE (RoSPA Assured)

Staying Safe with DSE – Fixed Workstations (RoSPA Assured)

Staying Safe with DSE – Mobile DSE (RoSPA Assured)

Using Fire Extinguishers Safely (RoSPA Assured)

Level 1 Health & Safety in Construction


All By Myself – Introduces you to a lone worker and explains what lone working is

Deciding if a Load is Safe to Handle – Explains how to decide if a load is safe to handle

Fire Evacuation – How to evacuate from a fire as safely as possible

Reducing the Risk of Fire – How to reduce the risk of fire in the workplace

Sharing Isn’t Always Caring – Explains how infections can spread

Still All By Myself – Explains who is responsible for health & safety of lone workers

The Cause of Slips, Trips and Falls – Outlines the causes of slips, trips, and falls

The Safe Lifting Process – Explains the safe lifting process

Under Control – How to keep infection under control

Who’s Responsible for Fire Safety – Explains who’s responsible for fire safety in the workplace


Driver Safety Awareness

Managing Workplace Transport Health and Safety Risks (RoSPA Assured)

Safe Working with Workplace Transport (RoSPA Assured)


Allergic and Food Intolerant Customers (RoSPA Assured)

Food Safety Essentials (RoSPA Assured)

Food Safety in Catering

VIDEO LIBRARY - Over 50 videos organised into the following topics:

People Skills

Meeting Management

Performance Management

Managing Teams

New Management Issues & Skills

How do I Build Trust?

Time Management