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TrackBuilder is an authoring platform / LCMS that allows anyone to create Adobe Flash dynamic flow Experiential / Immersive Simulations without technical assistance. TrackBuilder is licensed by e-learning developers, training publishers and consultants to service client needs for critical judgment and soft skill development.

Some of the clients serviced by TrackBuilder Partners: Astra Zeneca, Barnes & Noble, Disney, Dow, Dow Corning, Eli Lilly, FNV Bondsgenoten, Korean Ministry of Agriculture, KPMG, Lundbeck, Merck, Millenium Funding, Natwest RBS, Novartis, Samsung, Schering Plough, Takeda, University of Penn, University of London, Xerox, ...

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TrackBuilder and the network of certified development partners provide a number of customisable off-the-shelf products. Subject matters include leadership, teambuilding, technical project management, project risk management, alliance management, healthcare management, conflict resolution, financial acumen assessment and management, ecologically aware project management, retail management, army pre-deployment negotiation skills, cultural awareness. Pleaes contact us for details.