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At Totem Learning we bring learning to life. Meaning your people learn more quickly, create a deeper understanding and ultimately perform better. 

We work with your subject matter experts to create engaging digital learning content grounded in psychology and game design to make the learning process more effective, engaging and memorable. 

Our work is personalised to your people, their needs and the needs of your business. 

So how do we do it? Game quality visuals, storytelling, game design, engaging characters, illustration and animation. 

But our work goes way beyond the visuals, we don’t just make learning look better, we make it work better. Through understanding how we learn and how we play we blend content with game experiences seamlessly so people don’t even know they’re learning! 

We understand how learning works. We understand games, and technology. You understand your people, your subject and your business. 

Together we can create

  • Stunning elearning
  • Immersive virtual reality
  • Engaging gamification,
  • Informative Augmented Reality

If you want to drive better Learning and Development in your organisation let’s explore how we can bring your learning to life. 

Off the Shelf Course Subjects:
Management and Business
White Papers:
The Effectiveness of Serious Games

Content Samples:

Are You Ready For Six Sigma

Are You Ready For Six Sigma (opens in new browser) Our serious game delivers lasting learning by immersing the learner in a problem scenario, in which they must use six sigma training and techniques to reduce wastage.

Business Enterprise Game

Business Enterprise Game (opens in new browser) The Definitive Simulation Supporting Young People into Business An exciting, engaging business sim/ role-play game designed specifically for in-class use. Supporting Enterprise Ed and GCSE business.

Course List:

Unlock: Project Management: Immersing players in a realistic project scenario to develop the skill to think like Project Managers. Covering project management tasks including dealing with stakeholders, defining the project scope, planning, issue management, risk management, progress management, reporting and balancing conflicting needs Unlock: Project Management provides a realistic project management experience that will build skills quickly.  Language: British English + translation to any other language

Smart Up: Whether you’re a student, an entrepreneur or someone within a larger organisation, the SMARTUP Business Game allows learners to run a business from day 1 over a period of time and put into practice their understanding of how business variables work together during different periods of business growth. There are literally millions of scenario combinations so players are encouraged to replay and try different strategies to maximise their profitability.

Microlaunch Online: Designed for those starting out in the industry, this interactive training game challenges a user's ability to apply market research essentials. Microlaunch online leverages the application of qualitative and quantitative insights for the design, development and successful launch of a new brand. It delivers great e-learning outcomes with fun for Business Schools & management trainees.

This challenging simulation features the unique ‘insight generator’. Participants construct a sequence of 6 research projects generating insights to build a new brand from concept to launch while keeping within $$$ budget, avoiding errors and beating the clock.