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At Totem we’re passionate about driving higher engagementdeeper learning and better retention through digital solutions, whether they are serious games, gamification solutions, simulations or mobile VR and AR applications. We develop premium, transformational digital experiences that are rooted in a deep understanding of learning psychology combined with great game design and game thinking. Our team of designers, artists and developers love what they do, whether it's creating our own off-the-shelf products or bespoke solutions for clients. 

Are You Ready For Six Sigma

Are You Ready For Six Sigma (opens in new browser) Description: Our serious game delivers lasting learning by immersing the learner in a problem scenario, in which they must use six sigma training and techniques to reduce wastage.

Business Enterprise Game

Business Enterprise Game (opens in new browser) Description: The Definitive Simulation Supporting Young People into Business An exciting, engaging business sim/ role-play game designed specifically for in-class use. Supporting Enterprise Ed and GCSE business.


Unlock: Leadership: Players must collaborate to solve puzzles and achieve their goal. Players can be in the same room or opposite sides of the world and their only means of communication is via instant messaging - providing valuable information for review and reflection. Each puzzle is designed to focus on specific leadership skills such as coaching, negotiation, self management, strategic thinking and communication. // Language: British English + translation to any other language

Unlock: Project Management Unlock: Project Management immerses players in a realistic project scenario to develop the skill to think like Project Managers. Covering project management tasks including dealing with stakeholders, defining the project scope, planning, issue management, risk management, progress management, reporting and balancing conflicting needs Unlock: Project Management provides a realistic project management experience that will build skills quickly. // Language: British English + translation to any other language

Unlock: employability: Unlock: Employability is a serious game for the education sector (aka game-based learning). It enables soft skills development for students through immersive, challenging, game play and team work. Set on a mysterious tropical island, learners must work together to solve puzzles and be selected for their dream job.

Unlock: Critical Skills: 

Unlock: Critical Skills is a 5-part series of mini games (2D scenes with 3D objects and characters), linked by an overarching narrative and theme of running a social enterprise, playable online. Each of the mini-games revolves around one core competency and supports one in-classroom lesson.

The game’s narrative centers on a fictional social enterprise that has hired the learner as the Project Manager for a water company called UVWater. The organisation takes off-the-shelf parts to create water purification equipment and then organises, constructs and manages facilities in disaster zones with the cooperation of relief organisations to offer both short and long-term water provision.

The Finance Game: Places learners in a virtual manufacturing business focusing on finance-related decisions and performances.  Audience: adult learners // Language: British English + translation to any other language

The Enterprise Game: Using business concepts learners can build business awareness and enhance business acumen.  Audience: adult learners // Language: British English + translation to any other language

The Business Game: Enhancing awareness and knowledge of business concepts to apply to GCSE Business Studies and Enterprise education.  Audience: Teenage school students // Language: British English

Microlaunch Online: Designed for those starting out in the industry, this interactive training game challenges a user's ability to apply market research essentials.

Microlaunch online leverages the application of qualitative and quantitative insights for the design, development and successful launch of a new brand. It delivers great e-learning outcomes with fun for Business Schools & management trainees.

This challenging simulation features the unique ‘insight generator’. Participants construct a sequence of 6 research projects generating insights to build a new brand from concept to launch while keeping within $$$ budget, avoiding errors and beating the clock.