As an e-Learning developer, many of your days must be taxing! In a more relaxed world, you probably would want to get perfect scripts from the client which are easily storyboarded, give the copy to an experienced voice talent, receive wonderfully edited and clean audio back… and do this in a timely manner that has your clients coming back. However, with the proliferation of home studios, many voice talent just don’t have experience specifically voicing e-Learning modules. Then there’s “Pay-to-Play” sites which clients can use to bypass an e-Learning firm and go directly to the voice talent. What’s more, the final audio sometimes sounds read-y – the talent is not speaking your client’s lingo. This can make for a “breathe in calm, breath out anxiety” day!

My name is Steven Gonzales and I want to be a resource for you.

With an extensive background in such diverse areas as information technology, music, and math, I specialize in e-Learning and documentary projects.  Having many years’ vocal and audio engineering experience, I turn out pristine, edited files in a timely fashion. One thing I love about being a voice talent is helping in the creative process since each project has its own life. What’s more, I view meetings with new people as opportunities for new relationships. Clients have said working with me is fun, easy, and a pleasure.

My website contains the demos and contact info.  I'd love to sit and continue this conversation over a virtual coffee!

Services Offered:
Voice and Audio Services