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SilkWeb is one of the top 10 e-learning companies in the US. SilkWeb’s instructional design services and consulting include custom e-learning course development, LMS course development and programming, and online corporate training solutions. SilkWeb’s free online corporate training library contains over 150 high need courses including compliance, safety, and manager training. SilkWeb’s e-learning developers represent some of the top experts in the e-learning industry, providing cutting edge custom e-learning solutions and consulting including microlearning, video learning, adaptive learning, and social learning.

SilkWeb’s e-learning services include HTML5 development simulations, mobile learning applications, LMS course development services for any LMS including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, Google Classroom, custom LMS development and migrations, platform management, and quality assurance testing. Instructional design services include syllabus, lesson plan, and instructor guide writing, quiz, worksheets, and rubric development, and course mapping. SilkWeb employs top recognized LMS experts in Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, and Google Classroom. SilkWeb can handle all LMS needs including course builds, migrations, administration, and content integration. Our instructional design approach is personalized to your needs. Our team is 100 percent US-based eliminating communication, quality, and time zone issues, while our instructional design services are competitive with off-shore solutions. 

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Accident Investigation
Asbestos Awareness
Basic Credit
Bloodborne Pathogens
Business Writing
Change Leadership
Change Management
CMV Drivers: Drug and Alcohol Training
CMV Driver Essentials: Qualifications, Wellness, and Whistleblower Protection
CMV Driver: Inspections, Repairs, and Maintenance
CMV Driver: Parts & Accessories
CMV Driver: U.S. Road Signs English & Spanish Versions
CMV Driver: Rules of the Road
CMV Driver: Share the Road Safely
CMV Driver: Speed and Space Management
CMV Driver: What to Do if You Get Pulled Over!
CMV Driver: Hours of Service Training
Coaching & Mentoring Concepts
Coaching Skills: Effective Skills for Developing Your Employees
Communication in the Workplace: Adapting Your Message to Your Audience
Communication for Managers: Improving Your Communication Skills
Communication Today
Competencies: The Power Inside Organizations
COVID-19: The Coronavirus and You!
Creative Problem Solving: Achieving Real Solutions
Customer Care for Call Centers
Customer Driven Organization: The Art of Putting the Customer First
Customer Relationship Management (CRM): How To Successfully Introduce Customer Relationship Management Programs
Customer Service
Decisions in the Workplace: Manager’s Edition
Diversity in the Workplace: Fostering a Diverse Workforce
Drug-Free Workplace: Employee Training
Effective Complaint Handling: Discovering Opportunities
Effective Meetings: Why, Where, When & How
Effective Presentation Skills
Effective Teamwork: Maximizing Teams
Email Etiquette: Constructing Professional Messages
Emergency Planning
Emotional Intelligence Understanding E.Q.
Employee Absenteeism: Maximizing Resources
Employee Motivation: How to Motivate Your Employees
Enterprise Dynamics: Knowing What Drives Business
Ethics & Values: A 21st Century Perspective
Facilitation Skills: How To Maximize Your Facilitation Skills
Health and Safety: Industrial Fire Prevention
FMLA Basics
Forklift Safety Training: Forklifts & Power Industrial Trucks
Foundations of Management
Generations in the Workplace: Managing an Intergenerational Workforce
Group Dynamics: Together We Are Stronger
Harassment-Free Workplace
H1N1 Flu
HazMat Training: Anti-Terrorism & Security Precautions
HazMat General Awareness
HazMat Training: Highway Carrier Requirements
HazMat Training: The Hazardous Materials Table
HazMat Training: Marking and Labeling
HazMat Training: Packaging
HazMat Training: Placarding
HazMat Training Shipping Papers
HIPAA for Health Care Providers
HRM – Recruitment & Selection: Introducing An Effective Organizational Recruitment Process
Human Resource Management: Maximizing Your Best Resources
Industrial Ergonomics: Avoiding Workplace Injuries
Intellectual Property
Innovation: Product, Process, Positioning & Paradigm
Interpersonal Skills: The Skills of Change
Interviewing Skills
Job Analysis: Human Resource Management
Job Design: Human Resource Management
Leadership: An Introduction to Leadership
Leadership & Delegation Skills: How To Successfully Delegate To Others
Leadership & Influence: How to Influence Others
Managing Groups & Teams: Increasing Team Effectiveness
Marketing Essentials Research, & Trends
Microsoft® Office Word Training: Basics
Microsoft® Office Access 2007 Training: Basics
Microsoft® Office Excel® Training
Microsoft® Office Outlook® Training
Microsoft® Office PowerPoint® Training
Microsoft® Office Training Keyboard Shortcuts
Microsoft® Office Word Training: Basics
Money Management
Motivation in the Workplace
Negotiation Skills: Successful Negotiations Made Easy
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Issues: The Issues That Drive Your Organization
Personal Productivity: Organizing Yourself
PPE Training: Occupational Health & Safety
Preventing Sexual Harassment AB 1825 Compliant
Sexual harassment is unlawful behavior. This course was developed to build awareness and provide steps for identifying, reporting and preventing the problem.
Principles of Finance: An Introduction for Employees
Project Management
Public Speaking: Communicating to Large Groups
Quality Management: How to Introduce Quality Systems
Resilience in Action 
Sarbanes Oxley: Section 404
Selling Professional Services: How Sales Is Everyone’s Responsibility
Social Networking for the Professional: Driving Traffic to Your Web Sites!
SEO Basics
Serving Our Customers: Understanding Business
Slips, Trips, and Falls Prevention: Workplace Safety
Strategic Decision Making: Making Successful Decisions
Strategic Management: Introduction to Strategy
Strategic Measurement & Management
Strategy Development
Strategy, Culture & Leadership: How to Transform Your Organization
Stress Management: Managing Stress in The Workplace
Substance Abuse Awareness
Team Dynamics: Group Development
Technical Report Writing
Telephone Sales Techniques: The Art Of Selling Over The Phone
The Excellent Organization: Achieving Excellence
The New Manager: How To Be A Successful Manager
The Work Organization: Understanding Where We Work
Time Management: How to Manage Your Time Effectively
Training Needs Analysis
Virtual Teams: Working Without Borders
Workplace Violence: Safety in the Workplace
Writing Business Reports