The Quick Source Learning Series is a comprehensive e-Learning solution offering the very latest in interactive, user-friendly software training material.

The unique 3-Step learning experience allows users to practice the lesson, actually try it out, and then take a test to evaluate what they learned. Each full course averages about 4 hours in length and can be catered to the employee’s individual needs, allowing them to take the lessons in any order they prefer or skip to those they would find most beneficial.

Our solutions include training delevered through our website, as well as content for your Learning Management System, fileserver, or webserver. Unlike our competitors, we will not ask you to sign a contract locking you in for years to come. We believe that if you use our products you will come back year after year because you will love them! We offer our courses in a variety of formats to suit your needs.

Off the Shelf Course Subjects:
Software DevelopmentUsing IT
Course List:

Access 2013 Basic

Excel 2013 Advanced

Excel 2013 Basic

Outlook 2013 Advanced

Outlook 2013 Basic

PowerPoint 2013 Advanced

PowerPoint 2013 Basic

Word 2013 Advanced

Word 2013 Basic

Access 2010 Advanced

Access 2010 Basic

Excel 2010 Advanced

Excel 2010 Basic

Outlook 2010 Advanced

Outlook 2010 Basic

PowerPoint 2010 Advanced

PowerPoint 2010 Basic

Project 2010 Advanced

Project 2010 Basic

Publisher 2010 Basic

SharePoint 2010 Basic

Visio 2010 Advanced

Visio 2010 Basic

Word 2010 Advanced

Word 2010 Basic

Acrobat XI

Acrobat 7 Advanced

Acrobat 7 Basic

Acrobat 8 Advanced

Acrobat 8 Basic

Acrobat 9 Basic

Dreamweaver CS3 Basic

InDesign CS2 Basic

Photoshop CS2 Basic

Photoshop CS3 Advanced

Photoshop CS3 Basic

Access 2007 Advanced

Access 2007 Basic

Excel 2007 Advanced

Excel 2007 Basic

Outlook 2007 Advanced

Outlook 2007 Basic

Outlook Web Access 2007 Basic

PowerPoint 2007 Advanced

PowerPoint 2007 Basic

Project 2007 Advanced

Project 2007 Basic

Publisher 2007 Advanced

Publisher 2007 Basic

Visio 2007 Advanced

Visio 2007 Basic

Word 2007 Advanced

Word 2007 Basic

Domino Web Access 6.5 Basic

Domino Web Access 7 Basic

Domino Web Access 8 Basic

Lotus Notes 6.5 Advanced

Lotus Notes 6.5 Basic

Lotus Notes 7 Advanced

Lotus Notes 7 Basic

Lotus Notes 8 Advanced

Lotus Notes 8 Basic

Lotus Notes 8.5 Advanced

Lotus Notes 8.5 Basic

Access 2003 Basic

Excel 2003 Advanced

Excel 2003 Basic

Outlook 2003 Advanced

Outlook 2003 Basic

Outlook Web Access 2003 Basic

PowerPoint 2003 Advanced

PowerPoint 2003 Basic

Project 2003 Advanced

Project 2003 Basic

Publisher 2003 Advanced

Publisher 2003 Basic

Visio 2003 Advanced

Visio 2003 Basic

Word 2003 Advanced

Word 2003 Basic

SharePoint Server 2007 Basic

SharePoint Services 3.0 Basic

SharePoint 2010 Basic

SharePoint 2013 Basic

Windows 8.1 Basic

Windows 7 Advanced

Windows 7 Basic

Windows Vista Advanced

Windows Vista Basic

Windows XP Basic