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The core of what we do is about ‘Enabling Capability’ for people in the workplace so they can do the job that is in front of them when they need to do it. Of course improving capability is not limited to work as many of the things that help us be more capable at work flow across into our personal lives as well.

The focus of our Enabling Capability approach is mostly on managers because they are a very big leverage point for helping the world become a better place. The quality of management has a huge impact on the quality of the lives of those who are being managed, and those whom they serve. If you improve the way people are managed by even a small percentage, so many people win.

The 'Alchemy Assistant' is a comprehensive online performance support toolkit for managers and personal development: tools, tips methods, and practical information. Written by over 100 highly experienced and knowledgeable industry experts, this practical day-by-day support in an easy to use format is guaranteed to get results. The 'Alchemy Assistant' is an informal learning reference tool, available online and fully optimised for mobile learning from iPads and iPhones to Android smartphones and tablets to BlackBerry.

The 'Alchemy Pathway' SaaS platform is a simple but powerful way to accelerate the journey to proficiency. Adding your own custom pathway to the platform, or using one of the ‘ready to use’ pathways, it provides a structured approach to learning over a period of time. It focuses on the experiential and social aspects of learning; in effect, it ‘manages’ the 70 and 20 parts of the 70:20:10 learning model.


Aspiring Talent Pathways: delivered in the workflow to assess and develop an individual for potential promotion in the future. 

New Manager Pathway: Week by week 26 Steps to Management enables a new manager or supervisor to focus on those areas of their job that matter most. This is done under the guidance of a mentor, usually their line manager, and the whole process is managed using the Alchemy Pathway platform.

Middle Management Pathway: People promoted to a line management role will learn about the step change they must make in their approach to be effective at this new level of responsibility.