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MDA Training is a provider of tailored training solutions, simulations, media, e-learning and training venues, which specializes in training executive and management level professionals within financial institutions, insurance companies, corporate and commercial banks, and investment banking industries.

For over 20 years MDA Training has worked with a range of world-class companies to design and deliver fresh and innovative learning solutions, embedding our clients’ unique values, culture and commercial context into our training events.

MDA Training offers world-class courses for leadership development and assessment courses to commercial and financial risk awareness lessons. Our experienced instructors and course development experts work together to author customized courses within our four core areas:

1) Business, commercial and leadership skills
2) Corporate, commercial and business banking training
3) Insurance industry training
4) Investment banking and fund management training

Off the Shelf Course Subjects:
Financial ServicesManagement and Business
Course List:

Fundamentals of Financial Modeling:

  • Auditing a Financial Model in Excel
  • Excel Modelling Tips and Tricks
  • Catering for Uncertainty in Excel
  • Better formulas in Excel

Building a Financial Model (4 parts)

  • Building a financial model part 1
  • Building a financial model part 2
  • Building a financial model part 3
  • Building a financial model part 4

Financial Mathematics:

  • Financial Maths
  • Advanced Financial Maths
  • Intermediate Economics

Graduate Programmes:

  • Graduate training
  • Graduate induction programs
  • Leadership development and assessment
  • Driving commercial and financial awareness
  • Business, commercial and leadership skills
  • CPD - market professionals
  • CPD - business professionals
  • Building high-performing teams

Insurance Banking Training:

  • Introduction to the insurance industry
  • Selling effectively in the insurance sector
  • Insurance accounting updates

Credit and Financial Risk:

  • Credit and financial risk training
  • Credit derivative
  • Economic and regulatory risk training
  • Industry, business and management risk training


  • Equity derivatives
  • Introduction to derivatives


  • Understanding fixed income
  • Intern training
  • Improving bank and individual effectiveness