LearningPlanet has created a training resource library of over 200 microlearning business videos – it’s a revolution in online learning for individuals and businesses in the areas of Sales, Service and Leadership.  Microlearning is the new training and we have designed our video library to suit just that need; short, specific, targetted video content that you can use over and over again from any device. 

With over 25 years in the corporate learning and development market and experience across four countries we have built LearningPlanet to meet the needs of the training and coaching market and fill the gaps we identified when owning and running classroom training and consulting businesses.

We constantly strive to ensure that LearningPlanet is removing the barriers for you to train and support yourself and your staff, so if you have ideas for improvements either on how LearningPlanet works or on content being offered, drop us a line and tell us!

Course List:

10 Minute Videos Available:

Abusive customers
Advanced customer service
Advanced difficult customers
An introduction to contact centres
Answering the telephone
Award winning emails
Award winning social media interactions
Award winning telephone techniques Part 1
Award winning telephone techniques Part 2
Being a new leader
Being assertive
Being part of a team
Being productive
Being resilient
Closing the sale
Coaching for change Part 1
Coaching for change Part 2
Communication skills
Cultural awareness
Customer service excellence
Dealing with change
Dealing with other departments
Difficult conversations
Difficult customer types
Door to door Sales
Emotional clients & colleagues
Emotional intelligence
Fix the customer first
Giving & receiving feedback
Giving instructions
Handling conflict
Handling difficult customers
Health and safety basics
Health and wellness
High performing teams
Influencing skills
Introduction to selling
Keeping your customers informed
Know your business
Learning & delivery styles
Listening skills
Managing customer needs
Managing difficult trainees
Managing social media
Managing stress
Negotiation skills
Outbound calling
Personal grooming
Positive first impressions
Problem solving
Questioning skills
Retail sales
Service requests
Sexual harassment at work
Showing empathy
Taking Initiative
Telephone call control
Thinking on your feet
Time management
Working with other departments
Your personal brand

1 Minute Videos:

4 team stages
A positive response to customers
Abusive customers
Accepting Praise
Acknowledge customer contact
Active listening
Adding value
Amygdala hijack
Apologising for delays
Assertive behaviour
Attention in meetings
Avoiding escalations
Asking for the business
Baby boomers
Bad news, Good news
Being assertive
Being likeable through empathy
Being polite
Being present
Being Resilient
Boosting confidence
Building rapport
Business cases & ROI
Calming anxiety in the moment
Calming upset customers (sorry, Glad, Sure)
Choose your attitude
Coaching the individual
Collecting debt
Courageous conversations
Customer effort
Customer service recovery
Daily team huddle
Dealing with a silent colleague or customer
Dealing with aggressive staff members
Dealing with anxiety and stress
Dealing with bad attitudes
Dealing with change
Dealing with criticism
Dealing with know-it-all customers
Dealing with non-stop talking customers
Dealing with rude people
Decision making
Defusing angry customers
Diffusing anger
Do it right the first time
Dove personality type
Eagle personality type
Emailing different age groups
Emotional intelligence
Employee engagement
Effective training rooms
Effective training programmes
Email tips
ESOL - English as a 2nd language
Features & benefits
Fish! Philosophy
Fist to Five consensus technique
Forming teams
Formula for change
Four ‘P’s of the voice
Generation X
Generation Y
Generation Z
Giving Activity Instructions
Giving feedback (DESCCO)
Giving positive feedback (SBI)
Goal setting (SMART)
Great customer service tips
Great meetings
GROW model for coaching
Handling difficult customers (LAST)
Handling Objections (feel, felt, found)
Having fun
Health & safety – employee responsibility
How to say no nicely
How to say no nicely to a customer
How to say sorry
Influencing others
Internal Customer Service
Leading in a VUCA world
Listening skills
Live Chat Tips – Webchat
Make their day
Managing conflict
Managing information
Managing interruptions
Managing persistent lateness
Managing Stress
Managing your boss
Managing your response
Moments of truth
Motivation by appreciation
Negotiation skills
No Blame Apology
No Excuses Leadership
Norming teams
Objection handling tips
Offering a solution
Open & closed questions
Outbound calling
Overcoming Procrastination
Overcoming sales objections
Overcoming Umms and Uhhs
Owl personality type
Ownership & accountability
Peacock personality type
Performing teams
Permission to ask questions
Personality Types
Pomodoro Technique
Positive affirmation
Positive first impressions
Problem solving
Professional Emails
Professional telephone greeting
Project management
Questioning skills
Reducing stress
Remembering more
Responding to negativity
Sales Objections Handling
Service based selling
Showing empathy
Slowing down your speech
Social media management
Storming teams
Stress response (Fight, Flight, Freeze)
Taking ownership
Team productivity
Telephone hold techniques
Telephone transfers
Thinking on your feet
Tone of voice
Understanding conflict
Value led sales conversations
Verbal holding
Vision, mission and values
Voice intonation
Vulnerable customers
Walking meetings
Workplace bullying