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Based in London and Gloucester, Learning Nexus is a customer-focused organisation who use emerging eLearning technology and design to help learners reach their potential. We pride ourselves on our design expertise and innovation to create award-winning learning solutions that truly engage your employees. 

With a passion for dynamic learning, Learning Nexus is best placed to offer you a wide range of quality, cost-effective eLearning tools and services with measurable results, ensuring that we have everything you’ll need to satisfy your eLearning requirements. These include award-winning bespoke, 200+ off the shelf courses, Annimations, Video, audio, VR along with our Totara Learn LMS, LMSx and authoring tools.

Learning Nexus own courses are recognised and accreditated by orgainations such as IOSH, RoSPA and SCIE to name a few - our content is always on a continue improvement prgramme ensuring that we are delivering up to date, relevent content follwoing best practice guidlines and is relevent to the market trends.

We produce LMS and eLearning for clients from scratch, or we can work with your teams to support them in creating their own courses - it maybe that you just want us to review or 'pimp' up a course you have - our own courses can be edited by our custmores to allow you to add policies or change the tone of the content to fit with your organisation . . .tell us what you need!



Access our 200+ title of eLearning, fact sheets, course notes and other conten, The library is constantly updated and runs across a number of ranges including management and leadership, wellbeing, Legislation, business skills, and Health and Safety (see the following section for full details). The majority of titles utilise audio and video , these titles are supplemented by non-audio versions to ensure full accessibility.
All legislative courses in the Diversity range are reviewed annually by DAC Beachcroft , all Health and Safety courses cover UK legislation and are approved by ROSPA or IOSH

200+ course in topic areas of:
- Legislation and Ethics
- Improving Work Performance
- Working with Others
- Management Videos
- Personal Wellbeing
- Health & Social Care
- Safety Essentials
- Staying Safe with Transport
- Staying Safety with Food
- Managing Safety