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Academic Vocabulary
Addressing Problem Behavior in Schools: 1. Problem Behavior
Addressing Problem Behavior in Schools: 2. Conducting a Functional Assessment
Addressing Problem Behavior in Schools: 3. Creating a Positive Support Plan
Advanced PRT: Improving Play Skills and Social Interactions among Children with Autism and their Peers through Pivotal Response Treatment
Aging and Long-Term Care
Alzheimer's: Understanding Alzheimer's Disease
Assisting with Medications for Support Staff
Autism for Direct Support Staff
Autism for Family Members
Autism in the Classroom
Behavior Assessment Report and Intervention Plan
Business Ethics and Philosophy
Clients Rights and Informed Consent
Competency Based Training
Cultural Competency: An Introduction
Data Collection for Support Staff
Dementia: Understanding Dementia
Developmental Disabilities for Support Staff
Dual Diagnosis - Developmental Disability and Mental Illness
e-class Electonic Curriculum for Autism Specific Strategies
Emergency Preparedness and Response
English for Business
English for Health
Establishing yourself as an Effective Interventionist
Functional Communication and Visual Supports
General English - High Advanced
General English - High Beginner
General English - High Intermediate
General English - Low Advanced
General English - Low Beginner
General English - Low Intermediate
Getting it Right: Principles of Effective Support
Harassment in the Workplace
Hazardous Materials
Health Care Decisions for Support Staff
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) (United States only)
Healthcare Management
IELTS Test Preparation
Incident Reporting
Infection Transmission and Control
Introduction to PRT: Using Pivotal Response Treatment to teach Social-Communication skills in children with autism
Law and Ethics
Mental Health Recovery Model
Models for Behavior Support Planning
Overview of Positive Behavioral Supports
Patient Transfers
Person Centered Planning
Philosophy and Values
Positive Behavioral Supports
Preventing High-Risk Sexual Behavior in Healthcare Settings
Recognizing and Reporting Abuse
Social Role Valorization
Suicide Prevention through Intervention
Supervision for Excellent Practice
Supporting Aging People with Intellectual Disabilities
Supporting People with Challenging Behaviors
Understanding Autism
Understanding Prader-Willi Syndrome
Writing Goals and Measurable Objectives