Innova Learning is an established corporate education provider specializing in high level online courses created to engage employees in their learning requirements. Innova uses state-of-the art creative processes to produce learning that is not boring and dull while providing necessary training on topics ranging from regulatory/compliance to safety to diversity/harassment to company imaging to virtually any topic that a firm needs for their employees.  Innova was founded in December 2010 following its purchase of Inmarkets, Inc., the U.S. arm of Inmarkets International, LTD.  Inmarkets International created its U.S. company in 2006 under the leadership of Michael Farmer.  

Course List:

Anti-Money Laundering (AML)


OFAC Sanctions

REgulation BI

Standards of Conduct


Information Classification

Client Information

Need to Know Principle

Safeguarding Projects and Documents

Breaching Confieentality

Electronic Communications

Conflicts of Interest

Priority of Transactions

Gifts and Entertainment

Personal Account Trding

Inside Information

Information Barriers

Human Trafficking

Sexual Harassment