Video games for communication, policy awareness & corporate training

Gamelearn offers the most innovative serious games on the market, adapted to any need within an organization: From communication tools to training courses, implementing cultural changes or reinforcing ideas. 90% of students on the platform complete the games due to the unique format which provides gamification elements, an advanced simulator and the possibility of customizing the content.

With more than 10 years of experience in game-based learning, numerous success stories, and international awards, Gamelearn has made its mark on the world of gamification and video games for corporate training. During this period of time, more than 2000 organizations in more than 50 countries have learned with Gamelearn. 

Off the Shelf Course Subjects:
Management and BusinessPersonal Development
Course List:

PACIFIC, Serious Game on Leadership and Team Management: The game's survival adventure settting challenges players to learn and apply strategies, techniques and tools to develop and improve their leadership and team management skills.

2100, Serious Game on Customer Service: It is a futuristic adventure that recreates up to 27 realistic situtations to work on a total of 17 skills related to the customer services activity.

MERCHANTS, Serious Game on Negotation and Conflict Resolution: It is a unique learning experience set in 15th century Venice and based on a simulator that recreates six real cases of negotiation in which players apply their skills to communicate and negotiate a proposal effectively and resolve conflicts.

TRISKELION, Serious Game on Time Management and Personal Productivity, is based on a simulator that recreates real situations, so that players can learn how to develop their own personal productivity and time management systems. In the meantime,  they will help the main character, a university professor, to find the secret of the Order of Wisdom, whose members created teh most comprehensive time management system ever.