Frisk Online was launched in 2008 to deliver fraud and risk management training to firms in the payments sector. Our solutions include: face-to-face workshops, consultancy and e-courses. In particular, specialist training is provided for remote gaming operators, Payment Service Providers (PSPs) and e-commerce merchants.

The director of Frisk Online is Seona Devaney, a qualified MLRO and expert in the field of e-crime. Seona Devaney has over fifteen years Risk Management experience within telecommunications, remote gaming and electronic money issuing firms.

Off the Shelf Course Subjects:
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Course List:

An exampe of an off the shelf e-course  is detailed below. We also have a range of interactive 'case study' led modules covering: Anti Money Laundering, Data Protection and Fraud Awareness for charities, payment firms and general business.


Fraud Awareness iGaming edition* Duration: 7-10 hours

*Note courseware can be adapted to fit the needs of any industry sector. Basic courseware is suited for ALL firms with an interest in CNP fraud and Business Continuity Planning.

  1. Fraud matters (Credits 1.5) Basic Level. In this module, you will identify the key stakeholders unified in the global fight against fraud. You will learn more about the impact fraud has on the UK economy and how fraud risk is mitigated.
  2. Fraud types (Credits 1.5) Basic Level. In this module, you will learn how the iGaming industry experience different types of fraud.
  3. Identity management (Credits 2) Advanced Level. In this module, you will learn more about identity fraud prevention concepts. You will complete an ‘identity exercise’ to explore techniques that prevent specific fraud types.
  4. Scenarios (Credits 2) Intermediate Level. In this module, you will work through several ‘fraud case’ scenarios. You will gain insight into each case and recommend actions to resolve the problem. Case studies are ‘sanitised’ and based on real life situations.
  5. Communication (Credits 1) Basic Level In this module, you will overview the elements of a ‘fraud reporting’ strategy. You will learn which information must be included in a fraud report. This module helps you communicate effectively as a team.

Note: We offer various 'flexi' purchase options e.g. 1 login = £35.00 (Excluding VAT).