Flexudy is a simple tool that assists you in the rapid creation of quizzes, corporate-training bites, courses and summaries.

Hello, world 😃. I think it's hard to understand the true meaning of product iteration until you've built a product for today's market. Flexudy initially started as an offline mobile app that automatically generated quizzes to help us (the co-founders) better prepare for our exams in college.

The reason we developed this app was simple. Creating flashcards took a lot of time. Over the years, more and more companies became interested in our solution for creating questions and summaries. We then decided to develop a REST API that would allow any platform or app to easily integrate this service.

As we talked to various learners, teachers, and instructors about their experiences with existing e-learning tools, we realized that they needed a solution that was simple, flexible, and fun. Our next steps were therefore obvious. We had to build a microlearning web app around our AI engine. A better version of what we developed three years ago. With our new web app, we want to make the life of any trainer, coach, student or teacher as easy as possible.

With just a few clicks, anyone can create and share didactically relevant quizzes and summaries. With our built-in AI assistant, you will never ever ever ever have to start creating content from scratch anymore.

We hope our solution will be useful for the world 🙏