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Enterprise Study (ES) is an innovative developer of a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS). This comprises a powerful suite of learning, compliance and appraisal management tools, designed to support diverse organisations in their development and growth. 

We've been developing hosted technology for 12 years. The company is UK-based and the software is written and supported in the UK, by a team of learning industry experts. 

From day one, the software has been hosted with Rackspace (one of the world’s leading datacentre providers) and was designed to be easily accessible. The security and resilience of our hosted environment allows us to provide the highest levels of system availability and data security, which gives great comfort to our existing and new customers.

We are supporting both large organisations (Capita, Scottish Power, Everything Everywhere, United Biscuits, CGI, Southern Health NHS Trust, etc.) and smaller independent training providers (Happy computers, Mentor, Q.Learning).