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DuPont™ eLearning Suite

By combining customisable, engaging content and scalable applications, the eLearning Suite enables organisations of all sizes and in all industries to standardise training across multiple locations and job titles and measure results.

The DuPont™ eLearning Suite, which includes the Learning Management System (LMS), Interactive Courseware and the Authoring Tool, simplifies and accelerates the delivery and management of online and classroom learning.
 It provides role-based access, a multi-language interface, customisable reporting and many other features that allow training at the local level with tracking and reporting that spans the enterprise. Training administration is centralised and provides global reporting from any browser at any location.

The Interactive Courseware offers more than 1,400 timely and in-demand courses that incorporate compelling content and sound instructional design delivered with the highest production values. Courses are available in 20 languages and can be customised to include organisation-specific video, graphics and training points to increase relevance to audiences. Also, training can be sequenced with prerequisites to assure progressive employee development. The suite standardises training with forced mastery through testing.

With the Authoring Tool, learning and development professionals can create their own online courses using a variety of storyboard templates. The system requires no programming skills and is intuitive and easy to use. More importantly, interactive features make it easy to build self-checks and post-tests for assessing an employee's competency on the subject matter.


Our library of over 1400 interactive, customisable courseware addresses the latest issues in occupational safety, industrial skills, and ethics and compliance.

When you facilitate learning with our easy-to-use courseware, you enrich your organisation with well-informed workers. It’s a proven way to help improve behaviours, attitudes and skills to create a more productive workforce.

Courses available in 20+ languages