dexway is the most effective method for the learning of languages, with loads of interactivity, the presence of a professor via virtual classes, continuous monitoring of student performance including evaluation of pronunciation ... making it the most technologically advanced and pedagogically perfect method for learning language online.

The language courses of the dexway method count on a structure studied and developed by language specialists which has been applied successfully for over two decades. They are especially developed for online learning and are designed to teach language in the same form that native language is learned, by means of association, repetition and contextualization.

 dexway program features :

  • Fully online format which requires no download
  • Interactivity - Dialogue with interactive videos of useful situations oriented to the practice and comprehension of the unit. Students learn by means of a variety of activities such as image relation, practice of pronunciation and the spelling of words.
  • Continuous assessment of pronunciation.
  • Multilingual aid and translation-  Students can receive help and assistance in their native tongue, whether it be Italian, Russian, English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese or Polish...                            
  • Interactive vocabulary during the course and throughout the development of the lessons.
  • Evaluation of skills: vocabulary, grammar, oral comprehension, reading, writing and pronunciation.
  • Concepts and cultural aspects of the places where the language being learned is spoken, extending comprehension far beyond the mere learning of the language.
  • Oriented to prepare students for official language examinations.
  • Comprehensive manuals for each unit with the complete grammar, idiomatic expressions, etc., for online consultation or printing.
  • Fulfilling all requirements of the CEFR and the TOEFL.
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