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ComOps bridges the gap between HR and IT, providing quality products and services to the HR and L&D communities and beyond.

ComOps offers a combination of services and eContent development. The ComOps Content Solutions team specialise in the provision of engaging eLearning Services, focusing on both the content and the delivery to ensure the greatest success.

We have years of experience selecting, implementing, configuring, customerising, hosting and supporting the major Learning, Talent and Performance Management Solutions as well as developing eLearning, mLearning and communication content pieces.

Our services are used because we are experts in both HR and IT and so can bridge the gap between these disciplines for our clients. We can recommend, customise, implement, host and manage HR solutions so our clients can perform their jobs more efficiently and effectively. We also build instructionally sound custom eContent so that our customers can reduce training costs and increase Learning and Development compliance and reporting.

The ComOps services are used by industries including government, mining, manufacturing, healthcare/medical, transport and logistics, financial, and hospitality/tourism.