As a 100% Australian owned eLearning solutions company and Registered Training Organisation (Code: 91343), we empower our clients and individuals with technology, knowledge and skills to make their online learning brilliant!

We offer a comprehensive suite of eLearning solutions and training to suit organisations of all sizes. We are the Exclusive Articulate Certified Training Provider in Australia & New Zealand.

We believe a learning solution’s performance can be compromised if your team is not trained appropriately to utilise its features and understand its functionality. We believe the power and passion of eLearning is infectious, but only when it is mastered by developers and designers to engage the learner and ensure important learning objectives are met.

Whether you are seeking to develop your eLearning strategy, gain an understanding of eLearning, deliver service excellence, ensure compliance or improve operational efficiencies, B Online Learning offers you and your team the opportunity to learn, discover and develop best practice eLearning.

Course List:

raud Awareness
Record Keeping
Workplace Bullying and Harrassment
Conduct and Ethics
Security Awareness
Work Safety
Equal Employment Opportunity
Manage Workplace Health and Safety
Provide Coaching and Motivation
Customer Service Strategies
Effective Workplace Relationships
Professional Development
Conflict Management
Diversity in the Workplace
Being Coached or Mentored
Give and Receive Feedback
Effective Communication
Workplace Learning
Continuous Improvement
Show Leadership
Delivering Successful Presentations
Project Management
Promote Team Effectiveness
Operational Plans
Work Priorities
Create and Use Databases with Microsoft Access
Design and Produce Text Documents with Microsoft Word
Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel
Communicate Electronically wiyth Microsoft Outlook
Create Electronic Presentations with Microsoft Powerpoint
Design and Develop Complex Microsoft Word Documents
Create and Use Spreadsheets with Microsoft Excel