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Few things feel better than helping clients like you give their message a voice. A voice that connects with your people. A voice that engages your audience to act. A voice that brings your words, and all of your countless hours of creative production, home.

Ever since I pressed ‘Record' on my Fisher-Price recorder back in 1984, I’ve been bringing worlds to life with words. 

Over the years, my passion for communication inspired me to read, write, speak, perform on-stage and on-camera, but when I stepped into the vocal booth to cut my first voiceover job in Seoul, Korea back in 2006, all those many pieces just clicked into place. 

Voice acting is what I was made to do.

Over the last eleven years working as a professional voiceover actor, I’ve had the great fortune to collaborate with some of the brightest and best organizations in the world. I don’t know if Malcolm Gladwell was right when he said that ten-thousand hours will make you world-class at something, but I do know that I stopped counting after I surpassed that milestone in 2016.

Companies like Apple, Honda, IBM, Verizon, Hyundai, Chase, IKEA, Toyota, Samsung, Comcast, Adobe and Coca-Cola have all entrusted me to tell their story or educate their learners, so the odds are pretty good that you could too.

If you’re looking for a creative partner who can help you create something truly special and unique with your project, I’m your guy. 

Let’s bring a world to life with your words.

Services Offered:
Voice and Audio Services