ALISON provides FREE online learning via interactive multimedia for basic and essential workplace and life skills. It has registered learners in virtually every country worldwide covering subjects such as IT Skills, Health and Safety, English Language, Psychometric tests, Financial Literacy, Financial and Health Literacy. Corporate, Human Resource, Operations, Project and Information Technology Management, Accounting, Psychology, Biology, Economics, Government Policy, English Grammar, English Literature, English Writing, General Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Human Health, Mathematics, Law, Outdoor Education, Coaching, Training Theory, Adventure, Visual Communication and Design. ALISON also provides free learner group management for trainers, teachers, tutors and HR Manager's in schools, colleges and universities. ALISON is a privately-owned social enterprise headquartered in Galway, Ireland and promoted with the assistance of over 3,000 volunteers worldwide. The mission of ALISON is to enable, anyone, anywhere, to educate themselves for free via interactive multimedia on any subject online.

ALISON stands for Advance Learning Interactive Systems Online.

Course List:

 Microsoft Digital Literacy (Full 5 Modules - English Version)

Digital Enterprise

How to use Gmail

Identity Theft

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Training

Microsoft Office Access 2003 Training

Microsoft Office Excel 2003 Training

Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 Training

Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Training

Microsoft Office Word 2003 Training

Unit E - BCS Using IT Module

Microsoft Office 2003 Training

(MSDLC Arabic Version

Introduction to Information Technology

AJAX Basics

Project Management

Introduction to Corporate Management

Introduction to Human Resources

Introduction to Operations Management
Financial Accounting

Introduction to Economics

Financial Literacy

Introduction to Accounting

Introduction to Government Economic Policy

Managing Safety and Health in Schools

Workstation Ergonomics

Back Safety


Drug-Free Workplace

Safety and Health in Construction (Third Level Students of Construction and Related Disciplines)

Safety and Health in the Science Laboratory for Teachers

Safety and Health in the Technology Classroom for Teachers

An Introduction to Managing Safety and Health in Schools

Get Safe - Work Safe: Safety and Health for Senior Cycle Students

Human Health 2: Health and Human Development


Human Health 1: Diet and Nutrition

Human Health 3: Global Health Issues

Writing in English

British Council Online English Suite - Pre-Intermediate 1

British Council Online English Suite - Pre-Intermediate 2

British Council Online English Suite - Intermediate 1

British Council Online English Suite - Intermediate 2

British Council Online English Suite - Upper-Intermediate 1

British Council Online English Suite - Upper-Intermediate 2

British Council Online English Suite - FCE Exam Skills

Business English Test (LT-E)

English Grammar

Introduction to English Literature

Using English Effectively

Shakespeare - His Life and Work

Touch Typing Skills

Psychometric Tests

Basic Study Skills - A Short Guide

U.S. Citizenship Test Preparation

Introduction to Psychology 1: Biology & Behaviour

Introduction to Psychology 2: Memory & Cognition

Introduction to Psychology 3: Research Methods

Core Mathematics Upper-Secondary 1

Basic Chemistry


Biology Upper-Secondary 1

Biology Upper-Secondary 2

Introduction to General Science


Chance and Data

Mathematics - Fractions