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Dan Hurst Voiceovers

An experienced voice talent operating out of his own professional studio in fluent and unaccented American English or Latin American Spanish. Dan offers quick turnaround and exceptional quality at fair rates. And if you need to customize a project for various clients, he is able to match his original delivery, saving you time and money. From conversational to authoritative, Dan can deliver the voiceover style you need.

The Training Room Online logo

The Training Room Online

TTRO is an organisation of passionate and talented individuals who offers its learning experiences across four pillars; L&D Advisory Services, Learning Content Development, Learning Technologies and Learning as a Service.

Our learning approach aim is to help governments, academia, business and industry with learning transformation, with a lens on human capability and capacity development and talent empowerment to help meet today’s challenges and prepare them for the future.

With expertise in cutting-edge authoring tools educational technologies and learning methodologies, TTRO develops world class end to end learning experiences that are in-tune with the needs of the modern learner. We believe in driving impact through a partnership of collaboration and co-creation with our clients. We are also part of the Moodle Global Partner Network.

GoLocalise | Top Translations and Voice Overs for your Courses logo

GoLocalise | Top Translations and Voice Overs for your Courses

GoLocalise is a one-stop shop for all your translation and voice over requirements.


GoLocalise provides your company with e-learning translation, localisation and voice over services, leaving you with a ready-to-host product.

We only employ highly-skilled linguists who have extensive experience in e-learning and a sound understanding of the particular industry sector they are dealing with. And in order to ensure audio quality, we only record in our two state-of-the-art studios in London. Thus we are able to guarantee the same audio quality for the entire course and in multiple languages.

Our service includes the management of the whole process and delivery of content adapted to foreign markets.

The steps and services involved in any end-to-end e-learning project are:

  1. Translation of the course and on-screen text
  2. Localisation of the course graphics
  3. Voice over recording of the course with your preferred voice over talent/s in each language
  4. in-house Quality control/assurance process the localised course files are individually reviewed, edited and individually labelled.

Get in touch tom receive more information on our processes and how we can help you make your e-learning courses stand out from the crowd.

Adam Lofbomm Voice logo

Adam Lofbomm Voice

Few things feel better than helping clients like you give their message a voice. A voice that connects with your people. A voice that engages your audience to act. A voice that brings your words, and all of your countless hours of creative production, home.

Ever since I pressed ‘Record' on my Fisher-Price recorder back in 1984, I’ve been bringing worlds to life with words. 

Over the years, my passion for communication inspired me to read, write, speak, perform on-stage and on-camera, but when I stepped into the vocal booth to cut my first voiceover job in Seoul, Korea back in 2006, all those many pieces just clicked into place. 

Voice acting is what I was made to do.

Over the last eleven years working as a professional voiceover actor, I’ve had the great fortune to collaborate with some of the brightest and best organizations in the world. I don’t know if Malcolm Gladwell was right when he said that ten-thousand hours will make you world-class at something, but I do know that I stopped counting after I surpassed that milestone in 2016.

Companies like Apple, Honda, IBM, Verizon, Hyundai, Chase, IKEA, Toyota, Samsung, Comcast, Adobe and Coca-Cola have all entrusted me to tell their story or educate their learners, so the odds are pretty good that you could too.

If you’re looking for a creative partner who can help you create something truly special and unique with your project, I’m your guy. 

Let’s bring a world to life with your words.

B Online Learning

As a 100% Australian owned eLearning solutions company and Registered Training Organisation (Code: 91343), we empower our clients and individuals with technology, knowledge and skills to make their online learning brilliant!

We offer a comprehensive suite of eLearning solutions and training to suit organisations of all sizes. We are the Exclusive Articulate Certified Training Provider in Australia & New Zealand.

We believe a learning solution’s performance can be compromised if your team is not trained appropriately to utilise its features and understand its functionality. We believe the power and passion of eLearning is infectious, but only when it is mastered by developers and designers to engage the learner and ensure important learning objectives are met.

Whether you are seeking to develop your eLearning strategy, gain an understanding of eLearning, deliver service excellence, ensure compliance or improve operational efficiencies, B Online Learning offers you and your team the opportunity to learn, discover and develop best practice eLearning.

Amador Bilingual Voiceovers logo

Amador Bilingual Voiceovers

Amador Bilingual Voiceovers is a family business comprised of seasoned educational narrators Rosi and Brian Amador and our young adult daughter, Alisa Amador. Our success is built upon our ability to provide engaging educational narration and character voices in flawless native English and Spanish or English with a Hispanic accent. 

For more than a decade, we’ve been delivering top-quality eLearning projects in English, Spanish, and Hispanic accented English on a wide variety of topics for audiences from Pre-K to senior. 

Whether your project requires a voice that’s authoritative, friendly, energetic or calming, we can give you a read tailored to the subject matter and the audience, in adult female, adult male and young adult/teen female voices. We can even do a variety of character voices if needed, and we’re always happy to take direction. We’ll work with you to ensure that your project connects with your audience.

In our well equipped professional studio in Boston we produce the pristine, broadcast-quality recordings our eLearning clients have come to expect from us year after year, in the audio formats they desire. You can give us feedback or even record us directly during the recording session by PhonePatch or remote audio technologies including ISDN, Source Connect, ipDTL, Source Connect Now or Skype.

Let us help you with your next eLearning narration project. We’ve recorded hundreds of eLearning modules for:

  • Spanish Language Instruction
  • Hispanic/Multi-Cultural Studies
  • Reading & Comprehension
  • STEM (Pre-K to Adult)
  • Product/Service Training
  • Diversity Training
  • Medical/Health & Wellness
  • Industrial Training
  • Institutional Orientation

Check out our eLearning demos, or feel free to request a custom demo or a quote for services through our website.

Rosi Amador is a proud recipient of the Society of Voice Arts & Sciences' Voice Arts Award Winner 2018. 

MyVoiceWorks Management, LLC

Saundi Harrison-Cooksey is a seasoned Voiceover actor with a real, relatable voice that connects with listeners.

With her distinct, expressive and versatile voice, she can deliver the sweet girl/woman next door, the rich smooth woman in charge, or the engaging gravitas of an expert.

Saundi specializes in taking complex "dry" projects and make them conversational, because she LOVES Learning!   

Throughout her years as a voiceover acting talent she has used her voice to persuade, sell, and educate. Her portfolio includes corporate narrations, documentaries, elearning and commercials.

In addition to her Voiceover career, her fifteen-year career as a professional project manager in the world of Information Technology, Digital Research, Analytics and Education, has also positioned her to understand how to use media to reach customers and to deliver projects on time and within budget. 

Saundi is passionate about using her voice to serve. 

She has served as a  volunteer with the Center for the Visually Impaired and has been a Volunteer reader for the Georgia Radio Reading Service for the morning edition of the Atlanta Journal Constitution local paper every week for the last 7 years. 

Saundi lives in Atlanta, GA  and has a professional home recording studio with quality recording and software editing equipment for a quick and efficient turnaround , typically within 24 hours. 

Whether you have an elearning, promotional or sales project, Saundi is READY TO RECORD.

Corporate Training Partnerships

CTP is a key provider of e-learning to the Financial Services industry. With combined financial services experience of more years that we would like to calculate, CTP are leading the way for the industry in dynamic, must have e-learning solutions.
Through our range of "off the shelf" and bespoke programmes, CTP helps it's clients facilitate learning in a practical, interactive and exciting way. Something that is not always easy to achieve with topics such as compliance and risk!

CTP offer a secure hosted LMS service on our 'CTP Learning Portal' where clients can opt for a self administered client area to manage their face-to-face training and deliver e-Learning or utilise the managed CTP Learning Portal to deliver their organisational e-Learning.

CTP's values sum up how the CTP team and it's products and services differ from other providers in the Financial Services Markets.


  • We only work when and where we add real value
  • We are obsessed with quality
  • We are different and daring. We challenge the status quo
  • We are passionate. We believe in what we do. We care
  • We act with integrity in whatever we do
  • We believe in action – time is money

Using these values, together with our unrivalled knowledge and experience within the industry, CTP don't just deliver e-learning modules, we deliver a learning experience each time an individual opens one of our modules.

Integra Software Services logo

Integra Software Services

Integra is a leading Digital Content Services company, providing content enrichment and transformation services to publishers and educational institutions worldwide. Integra also provides bespoke workplace learning and development services for global enterprises.

Kallidus Ltd

Kallidus is an award-winning supplier of learning and talent management solutions.

Kallidus provides learning, talent and performance management systems, e-learning and consultancy services to help organisations ensure they have the right people in the right roles with the right skills, knowledge and competence. Our mission is to maximise talent through empowering individuals and organisations to develop continually, learn effectively and improve performance.

Kallidus prides itself in its commitment to outstanding customer service. Customers include Boots, the NHS, McLaren, O2, Transport for London and Eurostar.

MDA Training logo

MDA Training

MDA Training is a provider of tailored training solutions, simulations, media, e-learning and training venues, which specializes in training executive and management level professionals within financial institutions, insurance companies, corporate and commercial banks, and investment banking industries.

For over 20 years MDA Training has worked with a range of world-class companies to design and deliver fresh and innovative learning solutions, embedding our clients’ unique values, culture and commercial context into our training events.

MDA Training offers world-class courses for leadership development and assessment courses to commercial and financial risk awareness lessons. Our experienced instructors and course development experts work together to author customized courses within our four core areas:

1) Business, commercial and leadership skills
2) Corporate, commercial and business banking training
3) Insurance industry training
4) Investment banking and fund management training

Lingel Learning logo

Lingel Learning

Lingel Learning is dedicated to developing creative, end-to-end, eLearning solutions for every client. We use cutting edge technology to provide web-based training, mobile learning, as well as implementation and hosting for Moodle Learning Management systems.

Lingel Learning provides Moodl hosting for all organisations, no matter how large, we have plans ranging from 50 users to 10,000+. All our LMS Hosting Plans include 24×7 Technical Support, Uptime Guarantee, Custom Theme Design and Nightly Backups.

Our experienced team can tailor a solution to fit your requirements and seamlessly integrate our LMS with your internal systems. We have experience in connecting software applications, user authentication and support systems.

Course Development

  • We create digital experiences that learners will not easily forget.

Moodle Learning Management System

  • Moodle Hosting
  • Moodle Support 
  • Moodle Development
  • Moodle Integrations
  • Certified Moodle Partner

Instructor-led Training Online or Onsite

  • Articulate 360 Training
  • Articulate Storyline Training
  • Moodle Course Creator Training
  • Moodle Administrator Training

Virtual Slate

  • Virtual Slate extends the framework of the world’s most popular LMS, Moodle.


  • Sell Moodle classroom courses with sessions and Moodle online courses as well as physical goods.

Off-the-shelf Course

  • Multi-device training SCORM courses in various format with content and ongoing updates.

Purple Media Ltd

Purple Media are expert creators of bespoke training and communications solutions using digital media.

Our in house team of instructional designers and digital creatives work with our clients (the likes of Vodafone, O2, Jo Malone and Levi Strauss) to produce innovative, engaging and educational material – for their internal and external audiences.

We use the latest technologies to ensure that our clients’ messages are heard and remembered: whether that’s with the use of film, augmented reality, 3D world technologies, or gaming; waking up audiences to want to listen and learn.

We can enhance your internal capabilities (producing high-quality assets for ‘rapid learning’ platforms, for example), or develop bespoke material from concept to delivery, working with you in whichever way you prefer and being as hands-on as you like.

Services: Instructional Design, Consultancy, Bespoke Course Development, Voice & Audio Services, 3D Modelling and Animation, Graphic Design, Visual Effects, Mobile Learning, Virtual Worlds & Simulations, and Video Technology.

Traineasy logo


Traineasy is an established provider of fabulous bespoke content, offering a variety of production levels to suit all budgets, subjects and audiences. Two off-the-shelf course libraries are also available, one specifically for customers regulated by the financial conduct authroty (FCA), and one featuring a range of eBytes for quick and easy consumption; both libaries are continually updated with new courses in response to customer demand. 

We are resellers of Articulate 360 and of the ELB Authroing Suites, Silver, Gold and Platinum, which include Lectora and the 3D digital course builder tool, Cenario VR, and we regularly run training courses to teach people how to use these to create their own e-learning.  

We are the creators of LMS-X, a new-generation SCORM-compliant LMS with LXP features including a video gallery, dashboards, alalytics reporting and more.

Our customers include Virgin Australia, Altrad, the Environment Agency, the NHS, National Pawnbrokers Association, the Manufacturing Technology Centre, and many more. Visit our website or contact us directly for more information!


OnTrack International logo

OnTrack International

OnTrack International is the leading learning, development and performance consultancy. We are dedicated to optimising the effectiveness of people and businesses. We specialise in designing and running in-company training and development programmes, which radically transform the performance of individuals, teams and organisations. Our blended approach combines customised workshops and training programmes, coaching, mentoring, 2-hour PowerLearning Sessions, e-learning, m-learning and indoor and outdoor experiential learning.

Our experienced team offers a perfect blend of traditional content and delivery with the latest software and hardware technologies. We view blended learning as a way of using new technology to support the needs of clients and aid the progression of learning. It enables us to embrace the future and become innovative with delivery. This enables a reduction in client costs and expenses and more importantly, combines online learning with more traditional approaches, giving an enhanced educational experience. By offering blended learning, it has given our trainers opportunity to capture their delegates training styles through different mediums and enable clients to reflect on these both through pre and post training.

The ultimate value in blended learning is when we blend in the business.

Cobblestone Learning logo

Cobblestone Learning

At Cobblestone Learning we design beautiful and engaging learning programs.

We make new or existing training and learning programs more relevant, timely and interesting. This allows for more flexible learning by implementing solutions for consuming and sharing content, anytime, anywhere. We want to ensure the most effective learning for your investment by utilizing multiple learning methods based on the scenario at hand. It is important that learning experiences motivate and inspire participants to utilise, share and discuss their experience

We use a mix of creative instructional design, graphic/video design and learning technologies in providing training/learning programs.

We love to discuss learning, so please contact us with details of your next project.

Excel-Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Excelsoft is a provider of innovative technology-based solutions in the education and training space. We architect, design and develop large technology solutions and digital content for some of the best known corporations, Higher Education & Schools worldwide.

SARAS – the flagship product offers e-learning solutions framework and the product suite has successfully penetrated the international & Indian markets in corporations, universities and schools, publishers, e-learning portals and governments. SARAS enables transformation of businesses/Institutes into learning organizations, enhances the effectiveness of teaching-learning-assessment processes in educational institutions and provides newer revenue streams for publishers.

Excels School solution built on the idea of providing “Freedom to teachers” & performance monitoring tools has been franchised to various schools in India & abroad.

Having worked with reputed customers and partners over the decade, we have gathered a significant amount of experience and best practices – we know what works, what doesn’t. This distilled knowledge enables us to create powerful solutions to our customers that deliver great results.


Sybil Johnson - Voice Talent

Friendly, clear and honest American voice for narrator and character roles in eLearning courses. Sunny personality. True blue standards. A breeze to work with. Voice Arts Award nominee with 14 years experience. Versatile, reliable and fast. Based in Florida, USA, I’m ready and able to record sessions remotely for clients anywhere in the world. The Bright Voice to help you shine.


Dean T Moody - Voiceover Services

I provide the best in Elearning and Online Training voiceover services. I have been doing Voiceovers professionally for five years, and would like to be a resource for you in any upcoming elearning and online training projects. I have a professional-grade home studio, with a Sennheiser MK416 shotgun microphone, a Presonus Studio 26c interface, and I use Audacity and Studio One for my DAWs. I am set up with Source Connect Standard for any directed sessions. How can I help you?



Shezar Web technologies is a  Technology Solutions Organization delivering Enterprise Mobility and Web Solutions , Learning and Web Analytics solutions  for Business Corporations across the world . Our clients include listed enterprise corporations across continents in the US, Middle East, Indian sub-continent and South east Asia.

Shezartech’s products Brainmint and Nucleus currently have more than 1,00,000 users and is used by Leading BFSI, FMCG companies have adopted these highly productive tools for their businesses. 


Terri Nicole Productions Inc

In the voiceover arena, Terri Nicole is clear on her mission: Bring a highly nuanced and impactful vocal delivery to the eLearning industry and teach others the craft of voicing eLearning to help learners change and grow and companies to meet their training goals increase their profitability.

Through her unique background and robust experiences as an educator in inclusion classrooms, corporate trainer, senior education specialist,  and trained voice actor, Terri has mastered the art of turning every eLearning module she voices into a dialogue with the learner.

A true specialist in eLearning voiceovers, who gets that CARE for the learner and their experience is at the heart of narrating courses, Terri works with companies such as Intuit, Lakewood University, US Navy, Ernst & Young, Merrill Lynch, and more,  to expertly voice hundreds of training modules each year, taking their expertly designed training modules to new heights and across the finish line to help create memorable, meaningful and motivating listening experience for each learner.


Versant Learning Solutions

We employ evidence-based techniques of adult learning (nerd speak = andragogy) and pair it with the latest in training technologies. Learners absorb more in less time, improving retrieval during presentations and KOL interactions. This can transform relationships and build trust. Our team supports your team of subject matter experts.

Is team bandwidth a concern when you need to create training? We've won awards for teamwork...they're sitting on our shelves right now! Let us expand your bandwidth.

What is the business impact of pulling your best MSLs out of the field to build slide decks? It means less time spent building relationships and uncovering competitive intelligence. We used to be those MSLs! Now we are subject matter experts at taking information and making it teachable.

Is it challenging for your trainers to present scientific content to a field team of subject matter experts? We can prepare trainers to host and mediate outstanding and interactive team data discussions.

Does training take time away from team building and other MA priorities? We have created "on-demand" on-boarding programs for Medical Affairs teams for years!

The bottom line: You need someone you can trust who is qualified to keep your team in top shape; who will work with you to create business critical training. Your team is the scientific resource for KOLs and internal stakeholders, but who is your training subject matter expert?


The Captains Voice

5-Star Rated Professional Narration for all e-Learning topics and methods!  Low-pitched, richly-smooth voice with professionalism and authority... along with the friendliness to make any subject fascinating!

Pamela Almand is a former international 747 pilot for Northwest Airlines and full-time voiceover talent. Her professional recording studio is state-of-the-art and the combined career experiences assure her clients of top-quality work, reliability and integrity, and of course... on-time performance and quick turnarounds in any time-zone... without the jetlag! 

Pamela's clients include Disney, Dell, Johnson & Johnson, Compliance Online Training, CMR, Hewlett-Packard, The American Red Cross, Zurich International, Marathon Petroleum, US Veteran's Administration, Canadian Realtors Association, Cephalon Pharmaceuticals, and many others across the globe. She offers complete copy editing , sound editing, mastering, file separation, and delivery in any format and can also "Americanize"  translated scripts if desired.    


Passaro Voice

Full-time voice actor specializing in eLearning and narration with a younger sound. With over 10 years of experience in education, I know how to communicate effectively and engage your audience. Customer service is my priority, and clear communication is key to any successful relationship.


Arlene Tannis Voice and Production Services

Arlene is a full-time, non-union voice talent with a professional studio located in Michigan.

She has over 8 years of voice over experience, in addition to over 25 years in audio production.

She provides project-ready (edited) voice over with high quality sound for e-learning producers/developers, explainer video producers, commercials, business narration and more.  

A good reputation and nice voice range that sounds friendly and smart.
Professional rates that fit into most budgets.

E-learning subjects she has done in the past include: Medical, gardening & plants, optical, shoring, pets and pet care, medical equipment, insurance, education


Blend Interactive Content

Blend is a cutting-edge eLearning content studio delivering bespoke training to the world's leading brands. We combine gamification & visual design to create engaging training with impact.

We're a studio specialised in helping businesses engage their audience with quality interactive E-Learning content.

Blend was founded by Tom Payani and Brendan Cox through their shared passion for learning.

With more than 15 years of experience in both the Education and Design sectors, Blend’s mission is to create the best interactive content for e-learning/training by combining learning theory with design thinking.

Specialising in curriculum design, Tom has implemented blended and digital learning systems in educational institutions globally. He has also delivered corporate and educational training.

Brendan specialises in digital content, creating graphic design and animation for global organisations like the BBC. He also runs Design Thinking workshops.

Together Blend combines the best of both worlds to build content that makes your audience passionate about learning.

Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to discuss how interactive content can help your business grow.


Voice Talent Online

Voice Talent Online provides end-to-end quality assured audio localization in over 75 languages. Served by a network of 2,000+ native professional translators and a hand-picked roster of over 1,000 female and male voice talents, outsourcing your e-learning project to Voice Talent Online is simple.



Ripe is a multimedia company specializing in the development of online training and tools. We have 15+ years experience creating training solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Ripe excels in finding the perfect balance between custom and modular courseware. We are committed to high-quality and believe the best solutions are produced efficiently. Give Ripe a call today!


IKM Digital Solutions

IKM Digital Solutions are an experienced team of award-winning E-Learning, Animation and Video production professionals.  We've worked in technical and high hazard industries for over a decade and excel and developing technical training content.

Whether the material to be developed is complex or straightforward, our imaginations never let us down in producing engaging and highly interactive content that focuses on the user experience and information retention.


Chris Kendall Voice Overs

Hi there!

I’m Chris Kendall. I am an internationally represented and award winning professional British voice over actor with my most recent award being “Most Innovative Voiceover Specialist 2020: Chris Kendall” from the UK Enterprise Awards (SME News) and “British Voice Actor of the Year 2020” - Business Excellence Awards (Acquisition International Magazine)

With over 12+ years’ experience and recognition in the voice over industry garnering a professional membership to the World Voices Industry Association. From my broadcast quality personal studio, I am capable of supplying completely self-directed or direction assisted recordings for your project.

Some of my past clients include: Google, YouTube, Amazon Alexa, Ministry of Defence, BMW, Hyundai, Nissan, OSRAM, S.A.M.U and more!

My voice has been described as: Clear, Confident, Energetic, Guy next door with a slight Sarcastic twist.

My main areas of expertise are in:
• Commercials
• Radio Imaging
• IVR/On-hold and telephone system trees
• Explainer Videos
• English Language Training

I am more than happy to discuss your project with you so, If this is what you are looking for then roll up and Lets make some magic!


Jessicat LLC

Jessica is an international professional voice actor she was born in Washington state, she is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who moved back to Michoacán, Mexico by the time she was just three years old. After returning to the United States at the age of thirteen, she lived in Los Angeles. Jessica is well traveled, and has brought with her a very diverse, culture-rich background to Iowa since the time she was eighteen.

Over the years, she has matured into a professional voiceover actor that has voiced hundreds of hours or e-learning projects both in English and Spanish and has voiced  for household names such as McDonalds, Wells Fargo, Johnson and Johnson, in conjunction with many other national and local brands.



Collabor8 Learning, LLC

We are degreed, US based instructional designers working to solve our clients performance challenges. 


Trainer Bubble

Do you want to provide exceptional e-learning courses within your organisation, but don't want to pay huge development fees? 

Our off-the-shelf e-learning content allows you to deliver quality learning to your employees, without breaking the bank. Need to adapt it to suit your specific business or want to add your own images or logos? No sweat, we can alter and adapt our content at pace, so that you get the product you want, at a price you can afford.

Can't find what you need in our huge range of business skills, compliance and health & safety products? We can develop a solution that's created just for you. With our in-house design and development experts, you can create something unique, while knowing you're in safe hands.

Whatever your learning objectives, you just need someone to support you...that's where Trainer Bubble come in.


Anna Lawrence Voice Over Artist

I am an experienced and established Female Voiceover Artist based just outside London. I have a trustworthy, warm and friendly tone which brings a reassurance to your clients/students connecting them with your brand or message.

With over a decade of happy clients, including Amazon, GSK, Santander, Shell, Lloyds, Visa and Hargreaves Lansdown you can be sure that your E-Learning programme is in safe hands. 

I also specialise in Medical Narration and I am known for bringing clarity to complex subjects and terminology. With me, Clarity is guaranteed. 

I have a professional broadcast-quality home studio and I'm excited to get started with your project. Contact me today



Telesto is a technology and design firm that specializes in Enterprise Learning and Communication Solutions.

We provide solutions focused on performance improvement, employee engagement and measurable return on your investment. Our solutions are designed to specifically target your unique goals and objectives.

What sets Telesto apart is our products' usability. Our robust engine appeals to executives and our clean, engaging and intuitive interface appeals to all our end users. The combination of our innovative approach, superior quality and passion for excellence will make Telesto your ideal partner.


Dani States VO

I offer voice over services to organizations of all sizes. Some of my eLearning clients include Lamaze International, Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates, Real Estate Council of Ontario, Intel and many others


Smart eLearning Limited

We are the innovative eLearning company

We design learning solutions for various industries to address the needs of organisations and their learners all over the globe.

We have partnered with the largest brands and businesses to deliver a product that is on brand, within budget, and drives measurable results. We have delivered eLearning, mLearning and blended learning solutions across sectors that map to over 20 different verticals. But no matter the size of the task, our goal is always the same –  to continue our passion of providing a totally immersive learning experience using a blend of proven methodologies and UI/UX principles. We believe learning is the key to innovation, and therefore crucial to the continuing success of any organisation.

What does Smart eLearning do?

Smart eLearning understands that the modern learner wants accessible learning that is inspiring, relevant and fun. Learners need to have the freedom to experience and experiment, problem solve and practice applying their new skills. Our learning is always learner centric, which enables them to learn what they need, when they need to.

Smart eLearning also understand that employers need their team members to be promoters of company procedures, compliant with the law, actively improve their performance levels and contribute to business goals.

Tremendous benefits result from elearning—chief among them improving employee performance and productivity, aligning expertise with business objectives, and providing consistent and scalable training to a dispersed workforce.




Your job is to create the best content for your clients elearning needs. My job is to bring that content to life and maximize it's meaning. My job is enlightning your audience! (and yes, I know it's spelled wrong; it's a branding thing :) Full audio production studio with additional editors available for rush requirements. All voiceover files delivered to your specifications and requirements within the agreed-upon deadline.. 


Reverb Productions

Established in 2013, Reverb Studios has state of the art professional recording studio and video editing lab located centrally at Pune.  We have vast experience working with Learning development companies.

While you benefit from leveraging our experience and zest for quality, we are extremely flexible when it comes to modes of engagement.  Our current experience is in the following areas.  We are open to acquiring new skills as necessary. 

  • Edited eLearning voiceover.We work with a vast network of voice artists in multiple languages.  There is no need to worry about the amount of studio time, coordination with artist’ availability etc.  We charge you per hour of edited voiceover output.  
  • Multimedia Production:  Creating 2D animated videos and graphics - all scaled to suit your requirement and budget.  Again, we have made budgeting easy by charging a flat fee per video irrespective of its length, number of illustrations, characters etc.   
  • Live Action Role Play Videos: We specialise in story telling and live-action production cycle.  We have created several company profile, product demo and corporate walk-through videos that demonstrate our strength in video productions..

I look forward to being a strategic partner for content development.


Alison Young Professional Voice Over

With fifteen years experience, Alison Young possesses an engaging voice for corporate training and medical eLearning. Having recorded hundreds of training modules she has a natural fluency with complex terminology and concepts, providing an authentic tone, clear articulation and a credibility that enhances learners’ understanding and retention of material. Working from a professional home studio, Alison Young delivers high quality narration or your eLearning module both professionally and efficiently.


Mike Harrison Voice-over Services

Expert credible, fluent voice over specializing in instruction. Many Fortune 500 clients over 25 years: Allergan, AT&T, Carestream Health, Epicor Software, Honeywell, IBM, Merrill Lynch, Siemens Healthcare, Synovus Financial, Xerox and many more.

Beginning in the suburbs of New York City, I've worked extensively in corporate multimedia production. My voice can be described as: neutral (non-accented) North American, comfortable in the age range of 30 to 80 years, baritone, deep, resonant, smooth, warm, rich, clear.

As your eLearning narrator, it’s my job to correctly interpret the text of your lesson and present it credibly and fluently and in a manner that is appropriate to both the subject matter and the learners so they feel confident that what they are hearing is accurate. Only when they have that trust will they be more apt to retain what they learn.



Have you heard the buzz? 

Everyone's doing it? 

Why not do it with the best in the industry? 

What are we talking about? Course Conversions, of course! Convert your existing PowerPoint presentations, Course curriculums, and even textbooks into a Fun, Interactive, Engaging, online course. Train learners on new corporate policies and procedures, Labor and Sexual Harassment Laws, Cultural Diversity, Workplace Ethics, Conflict Resolution or perhaps on a new phone system or software application. 

GCLS also provides expert design in User Guides, Facilitator and Participant guides for the classroom solution, Handouts and Workbooks for the Blended Learning Solution, and Job Aides. And starting up again in October are MS Office Online Training courses. Convenient and Affordable!

Did you know that technology-based e-learning can cut your training time and costs by forty percent and INCREASE learner retention? Since 1996, GC Learning Services, aka GCLS, has been providing Custom B2B Instructional Design and E-Learning Development services to top organizations across the US and overseas. 

eLearning modules may include audio, video, characters, gamification, high res royalty free graphics, custom graphics, animations, and more!

Not only that, but thanks to GCLS's unique flat-cost pricing, you maintain control over your training budget while enjoying the benefits of a One-Stop Shopping Solution for all of your training needs: from Storyboarding to Captivate, Articulate, or Lectora Development! That's right - One Price for the entire project - from beginning to end.

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Braahmam Net Solutions Pvt. Ltd

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, with their development centers in India, Braahmam has a long track record in successful delivery of turnkey and full life cycle projects for major multinational corporations and medium-sized companies with international markets. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Braahmam is entirely focused on providing quality-intensive products to a wide range of companies worldwide in the fields of digital learning and multimedia, translation and localization, engineering and testing. The strengths that make Braahmam unique are:

- Unbeatable Value for Money

- Flexible Delivery Solutions

- Effective Multilingual Communication

Digital Learning and Multimedia

We are the Global One Stop Shop for all your learning and content needs. Our instructional designers develop uniquely tailored courses that enable learners to retain knowledge in a simple and comprehensive manner. We provide conventional and rapid e-Learning development services that comply with SCORM or AICC standards. We make your eLearning offerings effective with voice-over recorded by our dynamic group of voice talents and post-produced by experienced editors. To reach the global audience, we localize a wide range of learning content which includes courses developed using rapid authoring tools, such as Articulate and Captivate. We also offer video subtitling and editing services using contemporary tools.

Our ePublishing services provides full range of high-end publishing services for various genres including Children, Fiction, and Non-Fiction, STM (Scientific, Technical, Medical) categories, and Journals & Magazines. Our eBook Publishing services include:

- Conversion and Digitization

- Enhanced/Interactive eBooks and Audiobooks

- Multilingual DTP

Multimedia Engineering Services

At Braahmam, we have a dedicated team of engineers with expertise in Help Manual Engineering and compilation in various languages and formats using the most well-known tools. We also handle high volume content conversion projects into different file formats for various platforms and devices. If you have your own products, then we can internationalize your software, web products, multimedia output and educational software for global markets. In addition, we can perform cross-platform QA and testing on your products and applications.

Translation and Localization

Trust Braahmam to transform your technical and creative business documents, training materials, eLearning courseware and any other form of content into in more than 100 languages. You can ask for Asian, European, Indian, South American and many other languages. The verticals in which we command expertise are Software / IT, Education and Training, Mobile /Telecom, Consumer Products, Automotive and Life Sciences. Our native-language professional linguists provide accurate translation and advice that will help you confidently launch your products and services in your chosen international markets. If you are looking for advice on new market entry strategies or international product design, you need not look further. We also provide Desktop Publishing in all major international languages, including bidirectional scripts.


- GALA (Globalization and Localization Association)

- ATA (American Translator's Association)

Achievements and Awards

- Service Recognition Award from SAP AG, Germany for SAP ERP Localization

- Delivered Several Papers at Localization World Forums

- Presented Paper at Frankfurt Book Fair on Global Device Readiness

- GALA Ambassador – GALA Forum Istanbul, Turkey 2014

- Program Committee Member – Localization World, Bangkok, Thailand 2014 


Knowledge Horizon


Knowledge Horizon is an e-learning and training company with more 12 years of experienced. We have developed more than 2000 hrs of online course material for various clients across globe.

Off-the shelf Products

  • Online Courses
  • Training Videos

Customized Courseware Development:

  • LMS

Blue Carrot Video Production

About Blue Carrot E-learning Video Production

Blue Carrot - is a top-rated studio specializing in full-cycle video production for e-learning and marketing, and educational content creation.

We’ve produced thousands of video minutes with multiple production teams. Our experience comes from serving e-learning businesses whose clients include the world’s most famous universities and corporations. In fact, you can decrease potential risks in your educational video productions even after having a virtual coffee with us.

We provide video production services (animation, live-action editing): concept development, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, sound design, voice-over casting & recording.

Why do eLearning companies prefer to work with us?

  • Additional production capacity on-demand - dozens and thousands of video minutes in weeks and months.
  • Video quality is on target. We are able to match visual styles and maintain consistency through an entire course or series of courses. E-learning graphics are generally simple, yet our art direction makes them appealing.
  • When there are uncertainties and delays from their clients, we go the extra mile to meet the deadline.
  • Thorough Quality Assurance processes decrease unnecessary and time-consuming revisions.

What about the details?

  • Language: we create instructional videos in different languages, from Chinese to Arabic. We work with native speakers and translators.
  • Data Management: our robust, structured revisions and file management are fundamental for big, multi-hour projects.
  • We work with more than 200 clients around the globe, from world-famous NGOs to Fortune 500 companies. We’ve successfully overcome the challenges of working in multiple time zones and facilitating English communication.

What we do?

We share our experience on video course production management, scheduling, resources, and we produce videos. We will:

  • analyze your educational goals and match them with a video design
  • evaluate your risks and bottlenecks, enabling you to establish correct expectations with the client
  • help you build a realistic timeline for video production

Water Bear Learning

We create modern, engaging, learner-centered training that meets your business goals. Our content expertise spans eLearning, video, facilitated and in-person instructor-led courses, and performance support materials.

Our mission is to create meaningful, learner-centered training experiences. Training that actually makes people excited that they attended. Training that makes a difference.

In our experience, corporate training often misses the mark. It doesn’t create behavior change, increase performance or meet real business goals. In our increasingly online world, moving information to a digital format isn’t enough. 

With a focus on system and process implementations, we partner with clients to develop creative, engaging and purposeful training. We combine our unique skill-sets in instructional design, marketing, and visual design to create a holistic training experience for learners.

With a fully-remote team, we provide consulting services to clients all around the world. 



Traliant is committed to delivering broadcast-quality compliance training in a format that resembles something you’d find on Hulu or Netflix. Experience the top benefits that come with an engaging, integrated learning system that’s built around the needs of your organization.

Top Reasons Why Traliant:

Interactive Videos
Among the most important features of our training courses are our interactive videos. These videos encourage user participation, ensuring every mind is actively engaged in the current lesson.

Motion Graphics & Show-Based Course Format
With high-quality, movie-like motion graphics that are presented in a show-based course format, your organization can prevent learner fatigue among your trainees, from baby boomers to millennials.

Non-Linear Course Navigation
Our non-linear course navigation feature allows learners to choose their own path and learn from wrong answers. Wrong answers transform into teachable moments that ensure every individual fully understands the topic.

Bite-Sized + Snackable Content Modules
With traditional training courses, you have to interrupt vital work to ensure that your employees are compliant. With Traliant, each of our lessons is a bite-sized episode that’s easily integrated into busy schedules.

We’ve taken our lessons and made them even more captivating with gamification and interactive assessments. Now, your employees can earn points and and keep track of their scores, competing against their colleagues while learning valuable lessons.

Assessments & Closed-Loop Learning
Working in tandem with our non-linear courses, closed-loop learning assesses whether a learner has understood the topic. With review scenarios presented after incorrect answers, learners encounter important teachable moments.

Behavioral-Based Instructional Design
It’s crucial for your organization that people learn more than just the law; they need to understand the appropriate actions and reactions and learn how to behave. Instead of a list of  rules to follow, their own sympathy dictates the correct behavior.

eLearning Platform
Learning through a computer opens up a whole new world of possibilities for customization. Personalize both text and video to ensure each lesson is applicable and interesting to your employees.

User-Friendly Licensing
Traliant’s modern and user-friendly licensing delivers fresh content to your employees, so they can enjoy continuous learning and training with the newest topics.


Jack de Golia

If you need on-time, on-budget professional e-learning narration, look no further.  A veteran voice actor, and a native American English speaker, I have proven experience with e-learning projects for companies large and small.  I record in my own professional studio.  For projects running less than 2 hours, I can return mastered, finished audio in the format you require in under 24 hours.

In addition to having a "neutral" American accent, I perform English-speaking characters with Russian, Indian, Spanish, British, German, Irish, and many other accents--hence my moniker, "The Voice of Character."  This is more than a slogan: it reflects both the array of accents and voices I can do along with my skill in acting that gives my performances convincing and believable depth.

I also narrate audiobooks, and voice video games, commercials, and explainer videos for clients worldwide from my studio located in Las Vegas, in the U.S. Pacific Time Zone (GMT -7 March to November; GMT -8 November to March)

Visit my website to hear samples of my work.   Contact me for more information.


Mike Boris Audio

I’m a narrator; I read words out loud, catch them and send them to people.  I’d love for you to be one of the people I send words to. Here is where I would insert something quirky or self-deprecating in the hopes of catching your Instead, let’s get down to those brass tacks everyone talks about.

A lot of people do “voice-over” work. One-off commercials, over-the-top sales pitches…that sort of thing. Honestly, there are many good folks out there who do character voices much better than me. When it comes to elearning, however, you’re looking for a narrator that engages your client without distracting them from your message.  That’s me.  

People think that doing a commercial is the best part of voice work. Sure, it pays, but I’m looking for a partnership with a solid elearning producer.  I’ve been doing narrations for nearly 20 years. I’ve got a recording booth and editing station in my home. I can turn around a job as quickly as you need (not like 15 minutes or anything, let’s be reasonable).

I have a 'minutes-based' price or we can work out the details for an entire project. Either way, you know what costs to expect. No surprises.


Learn Interactive

Learn Interactive draws on two decades of experience designing and delivering digital learning projects for some of the world’s most admired organisations (McKinsey & Company, Johnson & Johnson, University of Texas and many others).

We offer an end-to-end service focussed on delivering sustainable and measurable improvements in business performance.

A full service e-Learning agency with a range of specialist B2B products to help organisations develop their talent.

We specialise in creating cost effective eLearning / mobile solutions that mirror the design, functionality and effectiveness of vastly more expensive custom developed solutions. 

Specialist services include:

- Online and mobile learning design (custom solutions and rapid development)
- Content development (multilingual)
- Media production (video and animation)
- Needs analysis consultancy
- Platform / technical consultancy

Additionally, Learn Interactive has co-developed a suite of B2B blended learning products with specialists specifically for larger, global organisations covering the following topics:

- Identifying and Nurturing Potential - in conjunction with a leading firm to develop online / blended learning for managers at all levels, helping them to identify and develop potential in themselves and the teams they lead.

- Analytics for Talent Management - with a US-based analytics expert to develop a learning platform for HR Business Managers on the use of data to identify and address issues in the field of people management.

- Ethnographic Research - to understand how people live their lives and what shapes their help inform functions such as strategy, product development, marketing and long-range planning.


Marksman Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Marksman Technologies  initiated keeping in mind the burgeoning need for virtual communication and the shortfalls present in currently available media. We develop products providing end-to-end solutions to help clients improve their competitiveness, efficiency and productivity, all at a very low cost. Marksman’s prime focus on solutions and services includes outsourcing, system integration and application development, software and consulting, and quality assurance and training.

Marksman Technologies established August-2001 as a Proprietary and converted in to corporate at January-2008, Marksman Technologies is one of the fastest growing IT Solutions company with a proven track record within a small time since its inception. We are thankful to major players like CDAC, Jaypee Group, etc trusting us and reaching new horizons together.

Ours is an Open source technology enabled product focusing on e-Learning & Distance Education. We provide: Real Time Virtual Connectivity; Audio, Video, Text Transfer and Feedback at the same time for Enhanced Experience and Cost effective way to Increase Productivity.


Wooly Bugger Productions

Choose from over 100 experienced eLearning voices at Wooly Bugger Productions.   We closely monitor for quality assurance, offer fast turnaround and even free auditions for your project.   Many references available; let's get talking!  


Barb Bond Actor and Voice Talent

Southern California-based voice talent meeting clients' voice and audio needs from my studio with Source-Connect Pro. All projects backed up to maintain consistency across any needed updates and changes. Whether you need a conversational walkthrough or a voice of authority, Barb can provide a sound tailored to your project.


Marshall ACM Ltd.

Marshall ACM Ltd. are a London based e-learning consultancy. Clients include The Bank of England, The Financial Services Authority, Volkswagen Group, University of Oxford, Leeds City Council, University College London and more.

Founded in 2002, their most popular course is Diversity in the Workplace, which has trained over 300,000 people in the UK in equality and diversity training. They have now launched Bespoke E-Learning and Learning Management System divisions.


The IT Voice

A versatile voice over artist who specializes in IT-related content.

My name's Brent, and I'd love to help your project be a success! I can add a clear, midwestern male voice to your video, podcast, telephone system, smart device, or anywhere else voices are heard! As a 25-year IT professional, I'm comfortable explaining technical concepts and procedures in layman's terms, making me an ideal choice for "how-to" and other e-learning creations.

Ever since I had my first video game system, I've been a typical computer geek. I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and have been working in the IT field in various capacities for over 25 years at companies such as Monsanto, Anheuser-Busch, and Boeing. I build my own computers, write my own database scripts, and set up my own websites - including this one!

My passion in life has always been about helping people, and IT has always been about helping people do things faster, easier, and more accurately.

I've always been able to communicate very technical concepts and processes to laymen in a clear, concise, and engaging way to help them understand whatever problem they may be facing at the time. I can do the same for your project so that your listeners come away with the knowledge you want to provide.

My work isn't limited to technical subjects. I'm available for commercial work and explainer videos, as well as the narration of any subject.

As a customer and client, I commit to you that you will be satisfied with the final product and that I will be easy to work with.

I record from my home studio in southern Illinois using an Audio-Technica AT875R shotgun microphone, a Focusrite Scarlet Solo interface, and Adobe Audition to post-process the recording to broadcast-quality. I'm available for direction via telephone, Skype, or Zoom. I will deliver the final product in .wav or .mp3 format per your specification.


John N Gully

For 25 years, I have provided VO for eLearning platforms in various industries to include Health Care, Tech, Life Sciences, Military and Corporate training environments. I operate from my own studio, however I have traveled in the Southern California region to other studios if you have a particular preference.



All localization is created equal.

Until it isn't. 

GoPhrazy is the world's fastest growing localization service partner, providing professional voice over services in 150+ languages. We help e-learning companies deliver the authentic experience with their content in another language by engaging the local audience in their native tongue and within their cultural context.

We are artists, engineers and storytellers that overthrow barriers to communication to bring together people from different cultures and enable them to get to know, understand and respect each other. We employ cultural sensitivity and language expertise to help you capture the hearts and minds of your local audience and engage viewers in a culturally sensitive way across any platform, medium and device.


GoPhrazy delivers media localization services to content license- holders from the Entertainment (TV programs, VOD & OTT platforms), Advertising (communication agencies), E-learning (education institutions & learning program developers) and Video game (developers & distributors) industries.  


TV series | Feature films | Cartoons | Animations | Commercials | Documentaries | Podcasts | GPS navigations | Mobile apps | Audio tours | Video tutorials | Promos | Trailers | Corporate & explainer videos | PR & marketing media | Audiobooks | PowerPoint presentations | Instructional & training videos | Video games | E-learning media| Video tours & tutorials | IVR & messages on-hold| Songs 

GoPhrazy helps you build a strong, emotional relation with your target audience of another culture. We consider the cultural differences of your local viewers and consult you on your approach to establish mutual understanding and ensure the authentic feel with your content. Our cultural competence contributes to the superior viewer experience with your media in another language by delivering the original message in a different cultural context. This is the competitive advantage we provide to distinct you from rivals and make you stand out and in an increasingly crowded industry. 


The Learning Rooms

The Learning Rooms is dedicated to delivering high quality e-learning courses in management, leadership and human resources as well as health and safety.


Lockhart Creative

Reliable, fast and precise, Kevin is the guy next door with the manicured lawn and the tuned-up car who is up to any task you can throw at him — a family man who takes care of business and gets the job done right.

Kevin has spent more than two decades sharpening his skills in front of a microphone and perfecting his editing skills so he can deliver a top product from his broadcast-quality, WoVo-approved, personal studio every time. Versatile enough to shift gears as needed, precise enough to stop on a dime, he is the guy you can rely on to put the pedal to the metal when you need high-quality projects delivered on time and on target.

Warm yet authoritative, Kevin can move seamlessly from a hard-sell retail car ad to reading a bedtime story to his daughter. He’s available to record via Source Connect, ipDTL, Skype, and a phone patch so clients can listen in and direct. Or he can professionally record a project and produce finished audio within virtually any time frame specified.

If you want someone who’s easy to work with, takes direction well, delivers a high-quality product quickly and offers added value as a copywriter, audio engineer and producer, Kevin’s your guy. That’s sound precision, Kevin Lockhart style.


Bhive Learning

Bespoke Course Design

If you have a particular training need that you want to deliver online we can work closely with your subject matter experts and trainers to develop an e-learning/blended learning solution.

We will work together to establish learning objectives and develop an outline storyboard for each module, as well as advise you on what other media could be used. When you are happy with the look and feel we will prepare your course incorporating text, audio and visuals as required.

You will receive drafts to ensure everything is in order along the way and will be able to give approval and sign off before final production.


Learning Management Systems

If you currently do not have your own Learning Management System (LMS) and require one we can assist you in determining which LMS will suite your needs and also help in the configuration and set up of your system. Below are a few of the options available.

Moodle is free open source software used mainly in the academic field. All it needs is setting up and some customisation if required. Moodle is rich in collaborative online activities such as quizzes, forums, lessons, wikis, glossaries and more.

We also partner with LMS providers to customise and deliver to you a user-friendly hosted service that allows you to track how employees, customers and prospects interact with your e-learning courses and assessments.

You will never need an expensive corporate LMS, and you will never worry about frustrating and unnecessary complexity.

Course Content

Don’t have the content for a course you want to run? Don’t worry about reinventing the wheel. We can provide you with generic courses and content to meet your training needs. 


Code and Pixels Interactive Technologies

~Code and Pixels Interactive Technologies Private Limited (C&P) is an
E-Learning service provider based in Hyderabad (India). We provide end-to-end E-Learning solutions, specialized in innovative use of technology.

We aim towards creating exciting and innovative E-Learning products. Our ability to handle unstructured situations with ease gives life to ideas and concepts that have seldom been implemented lately. We confidently manage large and complex projects without slipping on delivery deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of quality and efficiency.                              
We are a client centric and process driven organization. We emphasize on understanding and analyzing the real needs of the client's business and provide cost-effective solutions. We understand that client’s satisfaction is prime to our existing relationships. They recommend C&P to others for the value addition we provide in the form of ideas and insights.

Experience and professionalism, the two essential aspects for making successful content development solutions, are C & P’s forte

~Content Engineering Services
Our E-Learning team has expertise in developing multimedia-rich engaging E-learning content for Internet/Intranet (web-based) and offline (CD / DVD-based) environments.

Electronic learning or E-learning is an umbrella term for learning enhanced by the use of electronic gadgets. To make this happen efficiently, there are many technologies in use, such as Computer Based Training, Web Based Training, Simulation Based Training and Mobile Learning.

Realising the potential of multimedia in corporate communications, education and training, entertainment, etc., Code and Pixels, a new age multimedia company offers best multimedia solutions that helps to enhance effectiveness of communication.

We offer the following Content Engineering Services:

E- Content Development
Computer Based Training
Simulation Based Training
Mobile Learning
Video Based Learning/ Documentaries
Instructor Led Training
Technical Documentation
Assessment Solutions
 Custom LMS and CMS Development
We provide matchless end-to-end interactive E-Learning solutions 



Clearly Blue

We know you have a story to tell. How you craft it makes all the difference. And, that’s where we come in. Clearly Blue’s motley crew of storytellers weave tales – surprising, witty and memorable tales that endear your brand to your customers. Marketing campaigns, branding initiatives and thought leadership events – your stories gilded with our golden touch. Indulge in our immersive narratives and see why we are so good at what we do.

Trust our expert learning and instructional designers to build engaging, immersive courses that achieve superior learning outcomes

Custom Solutions

Skilling programs, webinars, hybrid, podcasts, blended learning, workshops

Knowledge Base

Convert tacit to explicit knowledge; move textbooks to digital domain with querying

Curated Content

Research and news articles, knowledge bytes, community and social campaigns


Dooley Media Works

Dooley Media Works specializes in explainer video production and voiceover recording.

  • Male and female voice talent
  • English and international languages

Since 2004, we've supplied voiceover for elearning courses, explainer videos, national commercial campaigns, medical video narration, in-flight entertainment, and IVR/on-hold phone messaging for clients including Budweiser, Red Bull, Mercedes, Toyota, Dyson, GE, Philips, Dell, LG, Toblerone, Honey Nut Cheerios, McDonald's, Kobo, Sobey's, Airmiles, Visa, Dove, KAYAK, and Delta Hotels.

We offer bulk discounts for repeat clients.

Working on a course? Send us part of the script and get a free sample recording so you can hear exactly how it will sound.



2and2 specialises in the development of high quality, deeply engaging and interactive eLearning for the corporate, government, not-for-profit and education sectors.

At 2and2 we believe that eLearning should be engaging and relevant to the learner's real world experiences. In order to achieve this, our eLearning team blends the knowledge of educators and communications specialists with the specialised skills of multimedia developers. We apply a constructivist pedagogy, designing materials that allow learners to analyse, interrogate, interpret and shape the content they discover. We then combine this with excellence in interactive design and development to deliver immersive eLearning materials that encourage a deeper understanding and retention of the information conveyed


Reva Digital

Reva Digital is an NYS M/WBE certified eLearning services company with a flexible team of learning architects, including doctors of education, creative artists, video producers and software engineers, working to modernize workplace learning through custom eLearning and mLearning design, application development, and advisory services. We specialize in narrative and game-based eLearning courses designed to delight and engage millennial learners and high-performing employees of all ages.


Sumpraxis BPO Services Pvt Ltd

Sumpraxis is a leading eLearning, HTML5 / Mobile application development company providing cutting edge IT solutions across the web and content domains, consistently engaged in empowering SMEs with technological innovation. Over the last few years, Sumpraxis Innovative Learning Solutions / iMedia have entered into product development in the HTML5 / Mobile and web application domains.

We have been serving Innovative Learning Solutions needs of US and European based clients with diversified requirements like HTML5 / Flash development, eLearning Solutions, Mobile Application Development, Design & Illustration Services, Promotional Video Services, ePublishing Services, etc…



CHRP-INDIA is a global interactive learning media, technology services and solutions company, which focuses on online, mobile, video, virtual reality, augmented reality, game based learning and software solutions. Established in the year 2008, with offices in India, France and Bahrain.

We believe in transforming information and knowledge into compact and convenient value based learning products and technology solutions for our clients.

We are on a mission for enabling digital learning content and technology. Our effective instructional design, creative visual design, innovative technology and best practices help us to cater to varied industry and business challenges for today and tomorrow. At CHRP-INDIA we design and develop innovative and sustainable learning technology and software solutions.

Our Mission: Activate digital learning technology for our clients.

Our Vision: Creating innovative, engaging, sustainable, and value-based learning and technology solutions for our clients to increase productivity and operating profit.


Blanca Locutora

I’m freelance voice over and my mother tongue is Spanish (European/Castilian). No regional accent. I live in Spain.

I work for Spanish, European, Asian and American companies. I am dedicated to commercial recordings, e-Learning, IVR, video, audio guides, APP,  etc., in my own recording studio.

Experience: over 20 years

Quality recordings.

I recorded e-Learning for major companies like: Carrefour, Telefónica, BMW, Nycomed, IKEA, Sofitel, Janssen, Mútua Madrileña, Axa, Abbott, Barclays, NH Hoteles, ONO, Orizonia, ADIF, Amway, Remax, Mapfre, Clarins, Salesforce, Runtastic, Phillips, Bvlgari, SABMiller, etc.


Your Pro Voice

With over 30 years sales and marketing experience in various technology-related fields, including networking, video security, collabortative softare and more,  my voice possesses a unique ease and trustworthiness  to cover what otherwise might seem like boring and/or complex topics.  You can easily find me on the internet and LinkedIn.  Please visit and have a listen.


Digifom GmbH

Digifom GmbH develops interactive e-learning formats for companies. We help our customers to train their employees more effectively and efficiently. Digifom changes the training by combining e-learning with onboarding. We attach great importance to sustainability and visible results.



A digital design agency from Glasgow, with over ten years as pioneers of creating completly bespoke e-learning solutions.  We have worked with clients in both the public and private sectors and pride ourselves on our tailor-made approach.  We are members of the e-learning alliance and certified Microsoft partners.


Pathways Training and eLearning Inc.

Pathways Training and eLearning Inc. is a training and eLearning company located in Toronto, Ontario. Since 2006, we've had the pleasure of crafting innovative learning solutions for our clients across North America, including .

Our services include:

  • Customised eLearning and mLearning
  • Instructional design and facilitation
  • Whiteboard animations
  • Bespoke Learning Management Systems (LMS)
  • Training and 360° videos
  • Infographics and job aids
  • Gamification and simulations
  • Virtual reality
  • Change management

Our learning solutions are customised to suit the needs of your organisation and its learners, ensuring success in achieving learning outcomes.


Hubble Studios

Hubble Studios is your partner for high-quality digital learning solutions. Whether for business or academia, we provide the expertise needed to transform the way you educate.

At Hubble Studios we are constantly pushing the boundaries of education and technology to build digital solutions that are easy, efficient, scalable and measurable. We are experts in the field of online learning and passionate about enabling organisations through skills development.

Our services include programme design, content development and distribution, learning technologies, and accreditation support. From conceptualisation through to creation, delivery and learner support, we act as a full-service partner to enable you to take your education programme or skills training online.


Spanish voice over services

Mauricio Perez is a professional Latin American Spanish voice over talent, who started his voice career back in 1992 as a performer of urban music in Colombia. He also recorded many promos and commercials, and was the main voice for shows at top radio stations between 1998 and 2002 in the city of Cali.

He is graduated from the Institute of Audio Research in New York City, and The New Jersey City University with a Bachelor of Media Arts. Today, Mauricio is a non-union talent  dedicated to his Spanish voice career recording for telephone systems, promos, TV/radio Ads, online commercials, audio books, institutional narrations, and much more, with clients all over the world.



Dream for a moment that you have the expertise and tools to positively impact the lives of others. You can affect mindsets and behavior. You can help a business grow, change, prosper, and thrive. The passionate pursuit of this expertise and development of these tools has been at the heart of the success SweetRush has experienced collaborating with clients who share the same dream.

SweetRush’s focus on team culture and mastery of performance improvement is reflected in a near-zero turnover of teammates, loyal clients, a 20-year track record of success, and a remarkable portfolio. Our work with clients has earned us gold awards from our peers and high ranking on the top training industry lists.

Every solution we deliver is infused with creativity. Instructional creativity allows us to discover effective and unique solutions to our clients’ challenges. Artistic creativity spurs us to create visually exciting, engaging user experiences. Technical creativity allows us to embrace new capabilities and platforms as they emerge, such as gamification and mobile delivery. We apply the creative lens to all things, from project management to how we treat our teammates, clients, and the planet.

We are over 200 people strong and have been in business since 2001. Our deliverables span from analysis and curriculum mapping to the creation of blended training products, including live and virtual classroom and the full gamut of custom-developed eLearning modalities.

Dream with us, and together let’s make a positive impact!



Voffla is an entertainment dubbing and production company that can make its expertise available for localizing e-learning.

Get in touch if you need French, US English or Latin Spanish:

Translation, adaptation, casting and recording, untimed, timed, vo UN style or lip-synch; with or without mix.


Learning Tribes

Learning Tribes is a worldwide training organisation specialised in L&D strategies, training curriculum design, digital learning and training delivery. Learning Tribes helps and supports organisations to develop employees skills, improve and maintain their high level of customer experience. We have offices in the UK, the US, France, Brazil and China.

Learning Tribes has the capability to support its clients on every steps of a learning project:

• Project framing and need analysis
• Building a bespoke learning solution that fits 100% the needs and KPIs to reach
• Defining and building a unique learning experience: storytelling, story boarding, gamification of the training path, work on the graphic line
• Instructional design and assessment: production of all the elements of the learning path (scripts, story-board, quizz...) based on analysed needs and goals with our pedagogical expertise
• Multimedia production: design of all the graphic and technical productions constituting the learning path (videos, motion design, VR/AR, graphic resources,, job aids...)
• Building and integration: our teams work on a day-to-day basis in various technical environments  to integrate content
•Communication plan about the new training programme launch: communication plan beforehand (teaser, newsletters...) to  create interest and stimulate learners

Our clients include the Retail industry (John Lewis, Hand Anders, Nocibe, Luxottica, L'Oréal, Starbucks, Swatch...), Banking (Opel/Vauxhall financial services, Airplus Lufthansia, American Express, Equifax...), Energy & Utilities (Scottish and Southern Electricity, Total, ENI, Veolia...), Pharmaceuticals (Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck...), Automotive (Audi, Michelin, Tenneco, Renault,...), Transportation, Tourism, E-Commerce, IT, Services, ...


British Voiceovers

As a British Accented Narration specialist Ian's voice is used extensively for E-learning, Augmented Reality Learning, TEFL and Online Education. He is recognised by his clients for his outstanding customer service

He was nominated for the best performance on an E-Learning demo at the 2020 SOVAS awards (Society of Voice Arts) and has also been nominated three years consecutively (2019-2021) as Best Male Voice of the Year at the One Voice Awards and won in 2020.

His client list reads like a listing of the fortune 500, featuring companies such as Coca Cola, Samsung, Intel, UPS, Mastercard, Volvo, Nestle and Visa along with E-Learning projects for The United Nations and The European Commission.


Ascension Learning Solutions

Ascension Learning Solutions is ready to help your organization move your training to the next dimension based on your company's needs. Ascension Learning Solutions was founded in 2012 to develop subject matter from our customers into a complete set of training materials including PowerPoint presentations, lesson plans, instructor and participant manuals and any other materials needed to conduct the learning activity. If you prefer, we can create a custom E-Learning module from your instructor lead training materials. Our vision is to provide quality training materials at an affordable price.  In addition to our E-Learning capabilities, we also provide professional voice over services to a variety of industries and clients.


Studio Zafari

Studio Zafari is a Creative Ed Agency based in Cape Town. We specialising in high-quality educational content for a global audience. We combine our years of experience in learning design, animation and video production to create engaging, learning-based content.

Get a Quote.


That Voiceover Girl

Voiceover narration for eLearning courses.  I have 25 years broadcast experience and transitioned to voiceover work in 2008.   I am based in Columbus, OH and have a broadcast quality studio in my home.  I specialize in solving voiceover emergencies and can typically offer 24 hour turn (often times less)  for projects needing 30 minutes or less of completed audio.  Smooth, friendly, conversational delivery with no strong regional accent.  I have voiced courses for nursing training, employee benefits, IT security, high-school level math/science, automotive industry training (sales & service), teacher training and more.  I'm happy to provide a custom demo upon request.


DelphianLogic Technologies Private Limited

DelphianLogic is a provider of custom/bespoke performance solutions through a unique blend of learning design, technology and visual communication. We partner with some of the largest global organizations to design and implement solutions, or components of a solution, that help improve individual, team and organizational performance.

Our Offerings

Our offerings range from design and development of learning content in the form of eLearning, Classroom Training or Mobile Learning to technology solutions such as design and development of automated workflows, social collaboration platforms, assessment engines, eTools etc. using SharePoint and other Microsoft platforms. We also support our client’s with their communication, branding and change management initiatives through audio visual communication aids such as animated videos, 3D/holographic projections, virtual and augmented reality tools, posters, desktop elements etc. We often consult our clients on arriving at an appropriate blend of various available learning design, technology and visual communication options for an effective performance output.

USPs/Key Differentiators

•With a blend of creativity, design aptitude and technology skills, our solutions are unique and fresh.
•With skills ranging from high-end consultancy to design and development and to implementation, we provide a seamless and holistic client experience
•Our large team of experienced professionals and processes enable us to scale-up quickly to cater to demands of cost and timeline without compromising on quality
•Our flexible engagement model provides for an onsite, off-shore or an hybrid approach to achieve a best value of money soluton for our customers.


World Voices

Since 2002, World Voices has been providing voiceover services in Spanish, specifically to reach the Hispanic audiences and work force for brands and companies worldwide. From Mechanics, to Ethics or Cooking, amongs other subjects, our neutral Spanish allows us to help explain concepts and instructions that can be used and understood by Spanish speaking people in any country and any industry. Over 20 professional voices to choose from.


mBridge Solutions

At mBridge Solutions, we build learning solutions to meet organizational goals and the needs of learners, which results in real improvements in knowledge, skills, competencies and outcomes. Our offerings include learning strategy  and design, content development (video, motion graphics, simulations, gamification and interactive), Learning Management System (LMS) hosting, outcome analytics and reporting and organizational change management.

We design courses to meet specific outcomes -- from micro eLearning, ideal for knowledge development, to highly complex classroom, virtual learning and eLearning courses. Our eLearning and mobile learning solutions enable users to learn on any device, at any location and at any time.


Senova Training

Senova Training designs and develops custom/bespoke eLearning programs. We support large training initiatives such as IT rollouts, business improvement initiatives, and other large-scale undertakings.


Emlyn McFarland Voiceovers

Engaging, Warm and Relatable Voiceover for your next project. Edited .mp3 and/or .wav files delivered with a turnaround time that fits your deadline.


XB Software

XB Software is a full-cycle developer of custom Enterprise and eLearning solutions with extensive UX/UI. We provide web and mobile app development, software testing and staff augmentation services. We are ISO27001 and ISO9001 certified.

Our expertise is proven by over 150 successfully completed projects throughout the globe and a lot of satisfied clients in USA, Canada, UK and EU countries. We also develop own successful web products and therefore can share this valuable experience with our clients.

We have developed high-quality products for our clients in various industries:

  • Education
  • Business Services
  • Financial Services
  • Logistics
  • Information Technology

The key solutions we focus on:

  • ERP solutions
  • BI solutions and analytics platforms
  • Data visualization software
  • Online scheduling and booking systems
  • Video/audio chat apps
  • GPS fleet management systems
  • Educational web apps

Cherlyn Michaels Voiceovers

African American Voice Talent | Audio Production | eLearning Developer | Video Editing

Cherlyn Michaels Voiceovers specializes in the full-service production and delivery of e-Learning and Medical Narration. With experience as an Instructional Designer/Developer and Technical Writer, Cherlyn incorporates her e-Learning development knowledge and skills to partner with Developers and Producers to meet their project needs.  Her voice ranges young adult to middle aged and is suitable for narrations for academia, corporate, medical, managment, workforce, and more. From instructional or professional to conversational and friendly, Cherlyn selects the best tone and delivery for the training material to enhance learner engagement.

Cherlyn's Voice offers:

  • Seven years of on-going training and experience as a Professional Voiceover Talent
  • Broadcast quality audio recordings from a professional studio
  • Full-service audio production, editing, file convers, transfers, lifetime archival
  • Delivery of high-quality audio files free of distractions
  • Quick turnaround times to meet project needs
  • Custom audio script reads
  • Technical writing, editing, and proofreading services available; published author

Contact Cherlyn's Voice to discuss your project and receive a quote. I would love to be a resource and partner with you for your voiceover production.


Raziela Voice

Providing high quality voice recordings for corporate or industrial online learning and product tutorials.  Warm and friendly telephone voice mail and on hold greetings. Professional sounding audio tracks for use in commercials, infomercials,  narrations, and podcasts.

Gretchen Raziela's voice is described as sweet, pleasant, warm and friendly. Her signature sound is fresh, engaging, and relatable. Whatever the content, she comes across as believable, trustworthy, and sincere. Gretchen always strives to be clear, concise, and effective when conveying complex content. Invariably Gretchen is able to communicate difficult issues in a manner that listeners will understand, respond to, and retain.  Regardless of how difficult the topic may be to discuss, Gretchen @ Raziela Voice makes sure it is "Simply... Spoken."


VIDIZMO is an interactive Web based technology to produce, broadcast, evaluate, and monetize live and on-demand trainings, courses, and presentations. VIDIZMO offers complete solution for distance learning, corporate communication, organizational development, and on-site classroom capture or lecture recording. With its Web based authoring tool, organizations can quickly set-up training schedules or classroom calendar, synchronize videos, sound, images, interactive flash animations, slides, branching quizzes, survey forms, and hyperlinks, distribute them to their global audience (private/public), and track users with minute monitoring via detailed analytics.

The unprecedented VIDIZMO player supports live transmission of classroom lecture to students or viewers anywhere, anytime with just a Web browser. The presenter or instructor can record lectures or meetings while simultaneously broadcasting them to the target audience. Further, they can monitor viewing and performance of individual users, VIDIZMO analytics provide detailed tracking from classroom enrollment to level of completion, quiz scores, and number of attempts, etc.

Beside these interactive authoring and playback features, VIDIZMO offers centralized management of resources, presentations, content, and users. With unprecedented support for various media formats including WMV, FLASH, AVI, HD, etc., VIDIZMO provide Web based portal to manage and optimize usage of content. The built-in granular search based on keywords, content description and Meta data and usage provide on-the-fly content search not only for the content but also within the text in documents, slides, and excel sheets.

To take rich media communication ahead and provide our customers with a profitable solution, VIDIZMO also encompasses rich media monetization facility. The online Marketplace allows quick advertising of online trainings, presentations, live Webcasts, and Webinars, etc. The presenter or organization can publish instant previews of their tailored content and Marketplace audience can quickly acquire required trainings, presentations, or Webcasts with just few clicks and payments conducted through secure PayPal network.
VIDIZMO is available in three industry-leading models:

1. VIDIZMO Channel – Create on-cloud infrastructure for your training, learning and communication needs

  • All on cloud, across browser and platform
  • No need to install any hardware or software, no maintenance
  • Business resilient, pay as you use or as your demand grows
  • High scalability on demand
  • Reliable and secure with built-in DRM
  • Complete Web based authoring, publishing, distribution, reports, certification, and monetization, etc.

2. VIDIZMO Appliance – A turnkey solution for all for organization-wide quick deployments

  • Custom configured device
  • Deployed within your premises
  • Capture, and distribution complementing your existing infrastructure
  • Just one key plug and play
  • Scalable
  • Built on branded hardware

3. VIDIZMO Enterprise – Optimized for large businesses looking to establish and own their corporate video infrastructure

  • Highly secure behind your corporate firewall
  • Content distributed through your own CDN or third party provider, whatever preferred
  • One time deployment
  • One time cost, no recurring payments
  • Full featured customization based on your specific requirements
  • Optimized learning and training across internet, intranet, or extranet

In addition, friendly VIDIZMO sales team provide on-site or business recommendations, and organizations can also avail HYBRID MODELS, mixing n’ matching the best aspects of all three models to deploy an ideal solution customized and tailored exactly for your need – Can you afford to miss this opportunity?

VIDIZMO is also known for its out-of-the-box integration with various industry-leading applications such as:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft Live Meeting
  • Learning Management Systems – Blackboard and Moodle, etc.
  • Live@Edu
  • Microsoft Windows and Mac PCs

Some unique features of VIDIZMO include:

  • Offline Playing and on CD as well as online distribution
  • SCORM Compatible
  • 508 c Compliance – closed captioning, tab navigation, and screen reader
  • Search within videos
  • Minute Tracking of users
  • Integration with your active user database providing single sign-on and secure role based administration
  • Simultaneous playback of various content files on a single page

Ashford E-Learning
  • Bespoke tailored training,
  • Learning Design,
  • E-Learning
  • LMS
  • Mobile Learning & LMS

Over 25 years of producing training for our customers such as IKEA, Pets at Home, Sodexo, Wickes, Asda, Harvey Nichols, Serco, Co-op, Vue, Travelodge and many others.

Let us help you achieve your training goals.


MPS Interactive Systems Limited

MPS Interactive, a recognized global leader in Learning & Development. MPS Interactive is one of the top ranked e learning companies, with over 30 years of expertise in catering to over 100 Fortune 500 companies worldwide in 25+ industries.

We help our clients address their most critical learning and development needs through futuristic, highly scalable, and interactive learning solutions. We have designed multiple solutions for diversified industries such as, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Banking and Finance, IT, Telecom, Education, and more. Cigna, PepsiCo, KPMG, Shell, Microsoft, Subway, World Bank amongst others are few of our clients that have benefitted from our innovative custom digital learning solutions which include microlearning, serious games and simulations, AR/VR experiences, Mobile first and AI and Learning Platforms.


SkillSet Ltd

SkillSet is a specialist provider of learning software and customised training solutions, documentation and business process services to a range of organisations across the public and private sectors.

Founded in 1991, we believe in partnering with our clients to understand their training needs and business objectives.  We deliver customised, effective, high-quality learning solutions – as evidenced by our excellent customer feedback and long-term relationships.  We are always happy for new customers to talk to our existing clients about the quality, honesty and transparency of services we provide.


Lecia Macryn Voice Services

Professional Voice Talent and Voice/Audio Recording Services for all types of narrations and voice-overs: eLearning, Web-based Training, Bespoke Courses, Employee Training Modules, Customer Service Training, Financial Services Narrations, Human Resources/On-Boarding Training, Diversity and Equality training narrations, Health/Life Sciences, Environmental, Health and Safety, Government presentations, Retail, Real Estate, Educational Courses, Medical Narrations, Pharmaceutical, and much more.

Excellent, high quality voice talent and recording services for all of your multimedia projects.



LearnBrite was founded to combine the best and latest technologies with proven eLearning techniques to develop eLearning and assessment tools with increased levels of fun and ’millennial’ engagement.

LearnBrite deliver tools to create the most advanced eLearning scenarios. They are the first to meet the need for a browser-based 3D eLearning system, compatible with popular LMS’s and available without the need for software installation or IT security issues.

In VR and on any upto date device or browser our avatars in virtual environments can guide, tutor, teach, interact and deliver stories, lessons or games.  Our unique HTML5 Avatars for eLearning that solve the problem of creating the level of fun and engagement that millennials need to stay ‘tuned-in’.  They can appear and speak in any language and use pre-recorded audio our very own ResponsiveVoice  or text to speech.  Learning outcomes can be monitored and guide future actions, if you know what you need.   

Delivery of the most advanced eLearning systems requires the range of complex skills which LearnBrite have.  The management team are highly qualified, experienced and passionate about 3D and advanced eLearning. The company is owned by ExitReality and built from over 20 years of VR and 3D business experience; delivering millions of gamification experiences through our virtual worlds, Twinity and vSide and creating over 100 enterprise features for Moodle and LMS Analytics. ExitReality has successfully completed and is engaged in many healthcare related projects.

LearnBrite have delivered enhanced cross platform eLearning technologies which were previously only available to the richest sectors on very powerful desktop computers.  They are able to delivers turnkey solutions lifting the burden of possible years of trial and error.

LearnBrite are able to deliver a range of technology, some of it unique, for learning methods, courses, games, training and assessment across devices.  The sum is greater than the parts, because when joined with expert attention the resultant technology is a ‘game changer’.

Find out for yourself, contact us


JoJo Jensen -- Voice Talent

Conversational voice talent with more than 15 years experience.  Specialize in eLearning with a penchant for technical and medical terminology subject matter.  My studio has Source Connect and phone patch if you would like to direct the recording sessions.


Novitus E-learning Solutions

Custom-made e-learning developer with international experience offers to produce full e-learning courses and technical solutions.

Brief profile:

Founded in 2007
Operating in Latvia
Leading e-learning developer in Latvia
Key expertise areas/Keywords: custom e-learning development, e-learning strategy consulting, flash, animations, training videos, screencasts, e-lectures, podcasting, Moodle

Novitus E-learning Solutions is a company specializing in e-learning development. Since its creation it has gained signifficant experience in helping enterprises to develop custom-made e-learning products, consulting on implementing e-learning products, and realizing large variety of e-learning projects.

Our structured approach to e-learning development is based on worldwide best practices and our experience. We combine pedagogical expertise with current technological developments in order to create corses that are effective, satisfy the needs of our clients, and are compatible with clients' LMS systems. We provide the full range e-learning development process, starting from needs analysis and consulting, followed by storyboard and script writing, technical development, and finishing with testing, quality assurance, and implementation.

Custom E-learning Development
Our core competence is development of customized e-learning solutions that are made for particular enterprise and for a particular purpose. In our products we combine various interactive content elements to create effective learning experience for trainees. These include video, sound, animations, screencasts, e-lectures, tests, interactive exercises, games and other elements that add to learning interactivity.

Training videos
One of our products that we develop both separately as well as included in our complex e-learning solutions are training videos. Videos are used to ilustrate practical skills like job security or practical job tasks. Recently Novitus have developed series of training videos for RIMI food chains and currenty are working on training videos for airBaltic airlines.

Podcasts/ Live – streaming videos
In cases there is a need to deliver seminars or public events to people that are not able to attend then live we are able to podcast video or sound of the event over Internet. During past year we have podcasted several events organized by American Embassy, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and other organizations.

E-lectures is a simple in-house developed product of Novitus, a combination of video and learning materials (for example, PowerPoint slides) that are linked together and results in easily navigatable lecture. Some examples of e-lectures can be seen in our webpage.

One of our specialities are interactive flash animations ir games that separately or included in e-learning programs allow for trainees to develop deeper understanding of particular subjects. In our portfolio there are more than 200 different educational animations.

We offer full package of implementing e-learning platform Moodle, including setting up the LMS, customizing it, training the users/administrators, maintenance, hosting, support, and, of cause, content development. Romans Jasins, our team member, has been managing Moodle system in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga for the past eight years. All our products are Moodle (and other LMS) compatible, we use SCORM communication between e-learning products and platforms.

For our clients, we do not simply develop their current learning programs to electronic format. We do carefully research the company specifics and suggest the appropriate tools and methods of e-learning to increase efficiency of their learning process. We consult companies on e-learning strategy development as well as train them in using various e-learning tools both from course creator and user side.

We propose you to outsource Novitus for e-learning project development. In this way your company will gain a reliable partner and signifficant cost savings due to lower cost stucture in Latvia.

Our team consists of e-learning architects, sales managers, LMS specialists, programmers, animators, graphic designers, and project managers that are well-educated and have appropriate expereniece in e-learning field. Detailed resumes are available upon request.

Non-e-learning projects
We are also willing to work on projects in our competence areas: flash animations, graphic/web design, 3D animations, video and sound production.

If you are interested in cooperation and in case of any questions, please contact us and we will happy to give to detailed information about our company, products, costs, and terms.

We look forward to working with you!


Empetus Tech

Introducing a leading eLearning organization in India - Empetus Tech

Empetus Tech is a global provider of customized eLearning solutions. We support all types of businesses and eLearning companies with our eLearning skillsets and technologies. We also work as a vendor for eLearning companies, institutions, universities, business schools and so on. Empetus Tech is open for any new thoughts, ideas, suggestions in your mind for being a global part of our team! 

Our aim is to partner and enhance your businesses by providing easy to use learning solutions. We strive to understand your business needs and then provide you cost effective solutions which would best suit your needs. With our deep insight, knowledge and experience of learning needs of a variety of industries we can help customize your learning needs so that you can help your customers grow. Howsoever complex your needs might be, with the kind of experience and innovation that we possess, we can scale up to meet your needs.

Our Specialized domains are Education management, K12, Software simulations, Engineering, Automotive, Construction, Real Estate, FMCG, Aviation, Business management, Banking & Finance, Medical & Healthcare, Insurance and so on. We are into Articulate, Captivate, Flash, HTML 5, Android, iOS, 2D and 3D elearning development. We assure the quality in the eLearning trainings to our clients with utmost priority.

To conclude, we develop, Interactive Computer-based Trainings (CBT), Web-Based Trainings (WBT), Instructed-Led Trainings (ILT), Assessment Portals, Games, 2D & 3D Company walkthroughs, Intro Movies and so on. 



Xcelus develops innovative and unique online video platforms allowing companies to integrate the power and persuasion of video into their online training strategies. Xcelus' online video platform tools allow companies to manage, deliver and measure video content to meet the needs of today’s business requirements.

Our team of experts is comprised of specialists in the marketing, video, Flash, 3D animation, programming, scriptwriting and instructional design.

Capture Your Imagination with Xcelus. Become innovators not imitators. We won't let you settle for Media-ocrity.



For over 14 years, Aerowebworks has provided full service internet consulting for clients throughout the US and Europe.  Founded by engineers in 2000, we work with small and large businesses, nonprofit organizations and start-up companies nationwide, as well as several international companies.

Aerowebworks incorporates all facets of a successful web presence into one convenient and cost-effective web support service.  The unique combination of extensive business, financial, and marketing knowledge, professional support and training, and powerful internet tools give our customers complete control of their online business.

Our services include:

  • Web and course development
  • Consulting / business strategies
  • Joomla! / JoomlaLMS development
  • E-learning course creation
  • SEO training
  • Multimedia production
  • Marketing
  • Project Management

Growth Engineering Ltd

Growth Engineering provides the technology platform, content and consultancy to help our customers deliver their vision on people development, both to internal staff and channel partners.
Our products and services enable our customers to link business strategy directly with the development of their front line staff, providing clear and measurable reporting of development against KPI’s and company goals.
Our Academy infrastructure allows our clients to quickly and cost effectively set up a bespoke online corporate academy with content that allows them to assess their staff, deliver elearning, book training, test and certify knowledge and Survey and report results
What do we do?
We create Learning Academies
Your own online development academy enables you to build a strong development culture and gives you a powerful infrastructure to support all of your development and training. You can manage a complete blended learning programme delivering development precisely where and when it is needed.
We build eLearning
The demand for eLearning as a medium for training intervention is growing strongly. We work with clients to develop their own material and create it in an eLearning style and format that suits the company brand values and of course budget
We license Online Sales and Customer Service Training
We have a library of over 150 customer service and sales training downloadable / eLearning seminars, which allow our clients to quickly and easily create development streams to deliver improvements in solution selling and value based customer care. They cover all of the core sales skills and are suitable for every level of experience including those looking for an introduction to the basics of sales.


Constellar Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

Constellar Consulting, as our name indicates, is all about stellar content and consulting. We are a one-stop destination for all the training and development related needs. We offer our consultative mindset and provide optimized solutions. 

We strive to help our customers succeed in every endeavor with innovative approaches and solutions that are cost effective too. We are a team of professionals with over 15 years of experience in training and development industry. 


Mike McGonegal Voice-Overs

Whether you realize it or not, all content that you publish – is a story. Some stories are meant to enlighten, others are meant to teach, and others are meant to simply sell a product or service. While both music and visuals can be used to tell a story, the human voice has been the bedrock of storytelling for thousands of years. Today, more than ever, having a voice that can tell your story effectively is of the utmost importance.

With a vocal delivery ranging from the camaradarie of great friend to the voice of authority on any topic (and all the variations in between), Mike has helped the following teach their employees and clients:  Fidelity, Bank of America, Elsevier, Eli Lilly, Roche, McKesson, SAF-Holland and numerous others.  

Specialities include:

-Medical Narration

-Scientific Narration

-Technical Narration

-Financial Narration


Standard services include:

-Broadcast quality recording from custom home studio

-Skype, ipDTL, or Source Connect for live monitoring or remote recording 

-Delivery of fully edited and mastered audio in any format desired

-Casting of other voice talent if multiple voices are needed for a project

-Quick turn-around

-Excellent customer service

-Free custom demo to know wether or not if there's a match!


Active Mind Solutions Ltd

Active Mind Solutions can offer a wide variety of services:-

Hosted Learning Management System.

Custom built elearning

Web design

Custom built web applications



Motivex, Inc.

Voiceover narration specializing in eLearning and Corporate Narration. Professional, engaging, articulate female voice, quick turn-around time on narration projects; reliable.


ICS Learning Group

ICS Learning Group is a full-service provider for your eLearning and online training needs. With our Inquisiq LMS and pre-packaged OTS software, including bundle options, you can be up-and-running with your own personalized, web-based training environment within days.

With our authoring software and custom content development services, any additional courseware you need can be delivered to your specification. Our expertise with the SCORM standard provides you with the consultancy needed to ensure compatibility of your custom courseware with almost any training environment.

From traditional ILT, to web-based training, to the emerging mobile environement, ICS Learning Group provides you with the tools, expertise, and satisfaction needed in today's fast-paced requirements to keep your workforce or clientel current on the latest trends, requirements, and skills. Contact us today!


Steven Gonzales Voiceovers

As an e-Learning developer, many of your days must be taxing! In a more relaxed world, you probably would want to get perfect scripts from the client which are easily storyboarded, give the copy to an experienced voice talent, receive wonderfully edited and clean audio back… and do this in a timely manner that has your clients coming back. However, with the proliferation of home studios, many voice talent just don’t have experience specifically voicing e-Learning modules. Then there’s “Pay-to-Play” sites which clients can use to bypass an e-Learning firm and go directly to the voice talent. What’s more, the final audio sometimes sounds read-y – the talent is not speaking your client’s lingo. This can make for a “breathe in calm, breath out anxiety” day!

My name is Steven Gonzales and I want to be a resource for you.

With an extensive background in such diverse areas as information technology, music, and math, I specialize in e-Learning and documentary projects.  Having many years’ vocal and audio engineering experience, I turn out pristine, edited files in a timely fashion. One thing I love about being a voice talent is helping in the creative process since each project has its own life. What’s more, I view meetings with new people as opportunities for new relationships. Clients have said working with me is fun, easy, and a pleasure.

My website contains the demos and contact info.  I'd love to sit and continue this conversation over a virtual coffee!


Swift eLearning Services Private Limited

Elearning Solutions | Top eLearning Development Company

Swift is an emerging e-learning services company providing technology-enabled eLearning solutions to the organizations across the globe. We design effective learning solutions tailored to address your specific business needs that translate to improved job performance or change behaviors. To achieve this, as eLearning providers, we follow learner-centered approach - keeping learners at the heart of our business. With well-crafted stories, relevant scenarios, gamification and other instructional strategies, we create an immersive learning experience.

Our diverse talent pool of instructional designers, eLearning experts, developers, visual designers and programmers understand what goes into eLearning. We are committed to provide the learning solutions that makes a difference be it Custom Courseware Development, corporate e learning solutions, rapid elearning or Learning Management System (LMS).  As e learning solutions providers, we can be the perfect partner for elearning outsourcing.

Solutions We Provide:
- Custom eLearning Solutions
- Rapid eLearning
- Translation and Localization
- Mobile Learning / mLearning
- Game-based Learning
- Blended Learning Solutions
- Learning Management System (LMS)
- Software Development

Our Expertise in Rapid Authoring tools:
- Adobe Captivate 
- Articulate Studio
- Articulate Storyline
- Camtasia
- Lectora
- Adobe Flash
- Composica

Custom eLearning, Instructional Design, Visual Design, eLearning Outsourcing, Flash to HTML5 migration, Responsive eLearning, Translations & Localizations, mLearning, LMS, Moodle, SCORM, AICC, Articulate Storyline, Flash, Photoshop, Captivate, Lectora, Camtasia, iSpring


Eugenia Halsey Voiceovers

Eugenia Halsey is an experienced e-learning narrator and former CNN correspondent whose voice has trained thousands of employees for Marriott, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Novartis, and many other organizations worldwide. She has a a warm, confident delivery and a classic, polished sound.  

From her recording studio in Washington, D.C., Eugenia provides quick turnaround for fully edited, broadcast quality audio files that can be delivered anywhere, anytime. To listen to her demos, please visit her website. Live directed sessions available via Source Connect or Skype phone patch. 

Whether your script calls for light conversation or complex medical terminology, Eugenia gets it right — with a journalist’s attention to detail and deadlines.

Looking for the professional sound your project deserves? Eugenia provides free custom auditions and would love to hear from you. 


Simtek Learning

SimTek is the world's easiest to use Learning Management System

For training professionals who need a trusted vendor with deep domain expertise, SimTek by AWS Cloud provides a cloud-based learning management solution (LMS) that unifies virtual classroom, mobile, social and eCommerce capabilities in a single, secure, and scalable platform that can meet any organization's training needs.

With SimTek LMS, you can engage learners anytime through native apps for Android and iOS, extend your ecosystem by using pre-packaged connectors and REST APIs, and protect your data through enterprise-grade security.

SimTek LMS is used for employee training, customer training, compliance training, and partner training.


Abhilash Consultancy Services

ACS  is a leading online eLearning company that provides enterprise solutions to businesses across the world, through its online learning management solutions that make use of the latest technology and trends to provide successful training to corporate. We also specialize in creating custom courses for Educational Institutions.

The company’s products and services include a learning management system (LMS), mobile learning solutions and online education for students and working professionals, custom content development to cater to the unique needs and requirements of businesses, and more than 400 ready-made courses, that can meet a business’s needs.


Digital Curve

Digital Curve is a eLearning and Simulation company, providing a wide range of solutions from e-learning to complex simulation based software and IT Solutions. Our bespoke solutions are engineered to precisely meet customer’s unique IT and training requirements in various verticals.

Our services are aimed at bringing best practices in pedagogy together with the latest technology to engage learners, improve learning outcomes and achieve excellence in training.

Our team comprises of highly skilled and dedicated IT professionals who bring their decades of experience and expertise in simulation and learning to design engaging and innovative solutions to help our customers differentiate their solutions.

Our solutions cut through an organization's training needs involving design of process and product simulations, development of digital content, implementation of appropriate e-learning platform etc.

At Digital Curve, we strive to provide hassle-free solutions by placing our product and service through stringent quality and testing process.


Monique Danielle Voice Over Artist

Have you been struggling to find that unique voice that stands out from the crowd but also has the confidence and warmth to tell your story well? Don't worry, I'm here to help!

I am that one-of-a-kind mix of left and right brained! Artists are always excited to hear that I have an established business background (and I know how to do taxes?!) and busy business folks are always thrilled to hear I am an artist! Allow me to get you a great return on your investment by genuinely connecting with your story as an artist and using my business training to deliver your results QUICKLY and EASILY like a pro!

You're busy and you've got deadlines so let my quick take some stress out of your day. I have industry competitive rates and I will ALWAYS be honestup-front and responsive throughout the entire process. I'm dedicated to delivering you a top-notch sound from my Audio Technica AT2035 cardioid condenser microphone in my carefully treated WhisperRoom home studio. I'm in this for the long haul so know that you are not just a number to me; I'm building long-lasting business relationships that enhance your relationships with your audience.

Whether in front of the the mic, onstage or behind a desk, I am a STORYTELLER. Let's bring your story to life!

I tell stories with an engaging, approachable voice with a penchant for quirkiness! I present that great best friend or girl-next-door that's perfect for connecting with millennial audiences, employees and learners. As a Chartered Professional Accountant, I’m a master of technical narration in addition to being a versatile character actor.

I have nearly 15 years of stage experience so I know how to tell your story and tell it well! I also have 10+ years of accounting experience so I've got the authority and confidence for a professional read and I know how to lift your words off the page and engage your audience. I'm known for my friendliness and responsiveness so send me an e-mail ~ I can't wait to hear from you!


I am an award-winning full-time professional voice actor with a world-class professional studio. E-Learning narration is one of my specialities, with hundreds of happy clients to offer as references. I also specialize in extensive long-form narration, maintaining a team of editors on staff in order to achieve next day turnaround on orders as large as 50,000 words/5 hours of finished content.


Sam Devereaux Voice Actor

My name is Sam Devereaux and since 2004 I’ve been creating compelling narrations and characters for audio projects. These include e-learning, video games, audiobooks and explainer videos. I enjoy nothing more than helping you to realise your project in the most authentic and creative way possible.

My experience as a trained actor and  teacher (A-level Theatre Studies at Arts Educational Schools, London) allows me to deliver authentic e-learning reads. I can turnaround scripts quickly and efficiently across a wide range of subject matters. My pro-studio set up enable me to provide clients with broadcast quality audio fully mastered.

Advantages of working with a professional voice over on your e-learning project include:

  • You will benefit from my years of experience. This enables me to deliver authoritative reads
  • You will benefit from edited and mastered audio delivered quickly in a variety of formats
  • You will enjoy broadcast quality audio at a fraction of the cost of hiring a pro studio 

British Elearning Voiceover

If you are looking for a British voice actor that specialises in corporate eLearning, you’ve come to the right place! If you’re in the tech industry, I've taught new technology to retail staff for Microsoft and Symantec, recorded VR training programs for medical employees, and also recorded eLearning for BMW call centre agents in the automotive industry. Engaging content is only as good as the person delivering it. That’s why I won’t just read your lesson to the students; I’ll teach it to them. Your script will be recorded in an engaging, natural, and conversational manner. Delivered in a way that ensures the highest knowledge retention and that complements the hard work you and your learning designers have done. All recordings are completed in a professional home studio with the capability to direct me live via IPDTL or Source Connect. Let’s discuss how I can help your business and employees grow to become even more valuable to your team.


Jason Weiner Voice Over

So what can I bring to your project?

I’m all about elevating your message and delivering it on time, trouble free. I’m a flexible, no drama professional focused on collaborating with you to talior my performance to meet your objectives.  Once you tell me what you want, I will make it happen. If you don’t know what you want, I can help you figure it out.

Great work is clear, authentic and compelling. It cuts through the noise and invites the listener into a supportive conversation where they feel "spoken with" rather than "spoken to".

Over the years I have a developed a wide range of moods and energy I use to get the most out of my reads. Whether something needs high comedic energy, a serious deadpan, heartfelt pathos or something else entirely I love to explore options and find a fresh perspective on all of my projects. 


Cindy Kay VO

Hello, I'm Cindy. I'm a narrator and literacy educator with my own studio in SLC where I can devote time to your client’s project and deliver it cleanly, promptly, and professionally for a more seamless experience. I save all previous client files so any future changes can occur quickly and with minor cost. I love personalizing my work, depending on the goals of each client. I welcome new projects and working together toward larger goals. About my voice, clients say, "vocal style, speed, clarity and expression were perfect", and "[she] slays the narration, with the correct tone and inflections for the age and character. Perfect!". I love happy feedback, but the satisfaction I get when helping others reach their goals is the real reason I love doing this. To get a feel for my work please feel free to check out my website.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my work as a narrator. Feel free to reach out to discuss your business and audio needs.


I will provide professional voice over services for the e learning projects. I will provide fast turnaround of quality audio products.

William Sarris

Making your vision come to life is my job.

I’ve been a professional voiceover actor for over 15 years.

I’ve been in radio and TV commercials, and narrated  e-learning courses, audio books, online videos, non-broadcast training videos and more. I've done work for many companies including GE, Pfizer, Marvin Windows and Doors, amFAR, Subway, Pepsi, Unilever, HeinekenUSA, Tetley Tea, TaskyKake, the Wall St. Journal, U.S. Figure Skating, MedTronic, Deloitte, Thomson-Reuters, Royal Canin, The Colorado DOT and more.

 I’m based in the the Tri-state area (I live in Connecticut, near to New York City).

​I can work with you on a budget that fits your project, so call or email me and we can talk.

Let's work together!


EI Design Pvt Ltd

EI Design is a learning experience design company that partners with customers in their Digital Transformation journey. They have two decades of experience in designing Learning and Performance Support solutions that drive performance gain and maximize training ROI.

They deliver high-impact learning solutions that:

  • Offer a high engagement quotient.
  • Drive employee performance.
  • Create a high ROI for the learner, business, and organization.

The “triad of value” is achieved through a wide spectrum of meaningful, relevant, thought-stimulating, and action-oriented learning interactivities that:

  • Capture the learner’s attention, build learning habits, and maximize the depth and length of learning retention.
  • Help learners practice and apply the learning faster.
  • Trigger change in thinking and behavior and improve the application of learning on the job.

What Sets EI Design Apart

For EI Design’s customers, they are more than just a vendor. They consider EI Design as their long-term strategic partner and have been engaging with them for two decades. 

Organizations see value in EI Design and their adherence to processes, their high-touch approach, the flexibility it offers them, the trust it inspires in them, their innovation focus, and more. 

  • Mature online framework for Engagement and Collaboration across time zones – sound practices aligned for distributed development.
  • Agile, flexible, and committed team – poised for success and aligned to their customer's vision.
  • Comprehensive portfolio of offerings – Content Design and Implementation Services, L&D Advisory, and Consulting Services.
  • Their unique Predictive Learnability framework, Training Effectiveness and Impact Evaluation framework, and Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based approach enables them to improve training efficiency and retention, drive continuous learning, and performance gain.

They are certified as a Smartchoice® Preferred Provider by Brandon Hall Group.

L&D Advisory and Consulting Services

EI Design has extended their portfolio with L&D Advisory and Consulting Services. From strategy to development to delivery to measurement, they work with their customers to ensure training investments drive performance gain and maximize training ROI.

EI Design has received recognition from leading analysts and industry publications on their frameworks and methodologies to measure training effectiveness and impact.

  • They have won 30+ coveted Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards in the last 3 years.
  • They have also been featured as a Top Content Provider in 38 global ranking lists in 18 different categories.

Comprehensive Portfolio of Offerings

From content development, LearnTech, to L&D Advisory and Consulting, they are the single-source partner of choice for training. They cover the entire spectrum of corporate training needs with the experience of servicing customers from more than 26 industry verticals.

Training Delivery

  • Mobile Learning.
  • Microlearning.
  • Virtual Training.
  • Mobile Apps.
  • Personalized Learning.
  • Localization.
  • eLearning Accessibility Considerations.

Immersive Learning

  • Gamification.
  • Scenario Based Learning.
  • Video Based Learning.
  • Story Based Learning.
  • Branching Simulations.
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Metaverse.
  • Next Gen Strategies.

Continuous Learning

  • Performance Support Tools.
  • Informal Learning.
  • Social Learning.
  • Self-Directed Learning.
  • Content Curation.

Learning Technology

  • LXP Expertise.
  • LMS Expertise.
  • Learning Portals.
  • VR Framework.
  • Interactive Video Framework.
  • Rapid eLearning.
  • Flash to HTML5 Migration.
  • Authoring Tools Expertise.

Training Strategies

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training.
  • Sustainability Training.
  • Compliance Training.
  • Induction and Onboarding.
  • Leadership Training.
  • Sales Training.
  • Application Simulations Training.
  • Product Training.
  • Soft Skills Training.
  • Competency Training
  • Professional Skills Training.

L&D Advisory Services

  • Optimal Virtual Training Transformation.
  • Redesigning existing content into Next Gen formats – to drive results.
  • Redesigning content for LXPs.

L&D Consulting Services – Training Impact and ROI

  • Ascertaining Training Impact through their unique framework.
    • Training Needs Analysis (TNA) and Learner Needs Analysis (LNA).
    • L&D metrics and business metrics identification.
    • Measurement of impact on learners and the business.
  • ROI determination.


Fenturi is a digital learning agency with a difference. Teaming a passion for problem solving with a love for the latest technology, we deliver bespoke e-learning solutions that get results: video, animation, games and learner engagement are just a few of the ways that we bring learning to life.

We love collaborating with our diverse client base to create digital learning experiences that really work.


Better Online Training

BOT is an on-demand, use when you need, custom eLearning and Instructional Design company. We help with the planning, design, and deployment of online training, presentations, and educational content.

We work with businesses, schools, and individuals on a variety of e-LEarning projects.

We offer the following services eaither as a suite or standalone:

1) Digital Conversion of paper-based training and documentation and transforming it into an easily accessible and digestible electronic format.

2) Custom Instructional Design: our work utilizes top-tier technology and adheres to the best practices of learning and motivation design. Our Custom Instructional Design services include all of the following:

  • ILT & VILT

3) Management and Planning Services: Regardless of whether you are a business, a school, or an individual, there are so many places to find content that you may feel overwhelmed. BOT helps you figure out what to create inhouse, what to incorporate from outside sources, and how best to make it all work.

4) Learning Portals:  Learning Portals are scalable learning management systems that can be used by schools, businesses, and even individuals needing a place to deploy education content.

Every Learning Portal is highly customizable and offers everything you would need to educate, train, assess, and track learner performance



SZENARIS is an expert in modern learning in digital learning worlds. For more than 20 years, we have been realizing high-end products for sophisticated learning contents with e-learning, extended reality (XR) and simulation. We take into account the needs and systems of our customers, from consulting and conceptual design to implementation in the company. Thanks to our close cooperation with renowned research institutes and partners, we are leaders in the worldwide development and deployment of new technologies.


Learning Nexus

Based in London and Gloucester, Learning Nexus is a customer-focused organisation who use emerging eLearning technology and design to help learners reach their potential. We pride ourselves on our design expertise and innovation to create award-winning learning solutions that truly engage your employees. 

With a passion for dynamic learning, Learning Nexus is best placed to offer you a wide range of quality, cost-effective eLearning tools and services with measurable results, ensuring that we have everything you’ll need to satisfy your eLearning requirements. These include award-winning bespoke, 200+ off the shelf courses, Annimations, Video, audio, VR along with our Totara Learn LMS, LMSx and authoring tools.

Learning Nexus own courses are recognised and accreditated by orgainations such as IOSH, RoSPA and SCIE to name a few - our content is always on a continue improvement prgramme ensuring that we are delivering up to date, relevent content follwoing best practice guidlines and is relevent to the market trends.

We produce LMS and eLearning for clients from scratch, or we can work with your teams to support them in creating their own courses - it maybe that you just want us to review or 'pimp' up a course you have - our own courses can be edited by our custmores to allow you to add policies or change the tone of the content to fit with your organisation . . .tell us what you need!



Sara Starling Voiceover

An award-winning voiceover with over twenty years experience, trusted by the BBC, Volvo, Deloitte,  BMW, Mercedes, Disneyland, the NHS, Schulmberger, Shell, the European Commission, the Swedish Government & many other major organisations & brands. Rest assured, your e-learning project will be in safe hands with me.

Working from my broadcast quality studio, I voice scripts from the fiendishly complex, to the beautifully simple, ensuring your learners stay engaged. As a former BBC Newsreader & Announcer, clarity is guaranteed.

Drop me a line or give me a call & let's get to work!


Connor Quinn Voices LLC

Connor is a multi-award winning voice-over artist who has been telling other people's stories most of his career.​

For over 25 years, Connor's voice has been the iconic voice some of the world's most trusted brands have turned to.​

Connor lends his award winning voice for radio and TV commercials, narration,  e-learning, training and medical narration.​

Remote sessions are smooth and easy for you to direct Connor via Source Connect, ipDTL (also w/ ISDN bridge), Skype and phone patch from his professional broadcast-quality studio.  Easy to work with and easy to get a hold of!


Computer Aided eLearning

Since 1981, Computer Aided eLearning (CAE) has been developing innovative software and changing the face of  online education.

Voluxion virtual classroom - includes application sharing, VOIP, webcam, easy recording, scheduling, extended functionality for permissions and customization and  poll/test creation modules

Verxact LMS -  is a robust LMS eLearning platform designed to manage online training courses for corporations and learning institutions, leading to more effective management, improved consistency, and higher cost savings for training. Verxact is highly scalable, supports multiple domains and  can host any SCORM or AICC compliant courses.  Includes CAE Create to convert materials to SCORM, CAE Test to create elaborate tests easily and cae Commerce for course sales with direct payment by credit card or bank transfer.

Language courses and software courses - interactive courses with software simulation, feedback, and glossaries.  All courses have VOIP capabilities and are easily modifiable (lessons can be added, removed, or edited by drag-n-drop).



eQOURSE is a downright rational, factual, and a comprehensive online education platform, to cater the towering levels of genuineness. Our strong content of enlightening education provides diverse ways to expand your knowledge, progress in your career, and escalate your life. Eqourse provides an extraordinary learning experience, with services such as Curriculum Planning, Study Material Development, Academic Digital Solutions, Teachers Training for K-12, Entrance Examinations, and Preparation Material for IIT JEE (Main and Advanced), NEET, AIIMS. Currently handling the Content Development of Embibe, Unacademy, Acadecraft (leading EdTech companies in India) and Aurus Tech. Pvt. Ltd. (a leading EdTech in Africa).


Ben McAuley Voice Actor

I’m an award winning voice actor specialising in Corporate narration and eLearning. I help organisations connect with their audience and have provided voiceovers for a wide variety of industry sectors including retail, airline, automotive, financial, health, education and hospitality. 

My expansive list of repeat international clients include Amazon, Nike, Barclays, Emirates Airlines & Coca-Cola

In 2019, my skills were recognised by being nominated for a SOVAS Voice Arts Award in the 'Outstanding Elearning - Best Voiceover' category, which I subsequently won at The Warner brothers Studios in Hollywood. 

I have my own broadcast quality recording studio and offer fast turn-around times and very competitive prices. 


Flipick Private Limited

Flipick is a tech company that’s passionate about changing the way people learn. We want to reduce the gap between growing applications of technology and increasing opportunities of learning. And we are doing this by adding interactivity to course content across the education and corporate sectors and helping in bringing decades of offline expertise into the digital realm.

Flipick LMS is a Best SaaS based Learning Management System (LMS) Software for Higher Education and Corporate training in the USA, UK, and India. With Flipick LMS, you have the power to customize learning experiences the way you want to. Sharply focused set of tools. Well thought out features. Solid infrastructure. The Flipick LMS is a dependable performer, always ready for deployment.


Sentinel 9 Pty Ltd

Sentinel|9 is a corporate learning and educational content provider offering a new way to meet the demands of the next generation of learners. Using our dynamic and responsive learning methodology and eLearning technologies showcasing: 

  • University-level content that can be studied independently, at users' own preferred pace and level, without the confines of university enrolment;

  • Continued professional development (CPD) and corporate training, using single short modules or full subjects;

  • Micro-credential short courses with badge qualifications; and

  • Our process-procedure methodology for producing educational content allows accelerated creation in various disciplines, ensuring consistent, high-quality deliverables.


An Experienced E-Learning Narrator with over a decade of experience,  I have narrated for Hundreds of projects for companies including, HMRC, Lancashire Constabulary and Manchester City Council.

Working from a custom built professional home studio I can guarentee a quick project turnaround, contact me today to recieve your custom quote for your project.


Learning Cloud

Learniing Cloud is a market leader in course design, software design and courseware.  With over 1200 tittles to choose from, we are sure to have the courses you need.  


Future Fit e-learning

Future Fit e-learning offer the simplest and most economical Articulate e-learning at a variety of interactivity levels. 


MediaRubic E-Learning Solutions

We are MediaRubic, an e-learning solutions company based in Turkey.

For the past couple of years, we have been producing tailored Interactive Learning Videos and courses for biggest companies in Turkey. We handle most stages of production: filming, animating, editing, voiceover recording, all the way to interactive video software implementation. All of our products are compatible with SCORM and can be suited for any other LMS package standard.

Whether it is a bespoke corporate course, or an off the shelf learning product, feel free to contact us for a demo or a video call.


In Both Ears

Does your creative team have a voiceover expert? Now it can. At In Both Ears, we believe voices are the difference between students taking notes and ears truly listening. We’re here to be your guides to find the perfect voice with unrivaled eLearning voices, including a Pro Spanish Division -- and service like no other. We only represent world-class, professionally trained voiceover artists, so when you hire an In Both Ears talent, you hire more than a voice - you hire a member of your creative team.


Nice Media

Nice Media make video for learning.  With 10 years in the field we are experts.

We work with learning providers.  We develop ideas.  We consult.  We write scripts.  We plan and execute shoots.  Everything from multi-character drama to talking heads.  We film in the UK and abroad, we edit and we animate.  We  communicate learning points.  We deliver video content ready for your platform.


Eric Lee Productions, Inc.

Eric Lee Productions provides you with insightful eLearning narration in the style, timeframe and budget you need.  Small, medium and Fortune 500 companies rely on our voice talent to effectively communicate and reach their learning objectives.


Jonathan Sleep Voiceover

I provide high-quality, dynamic, believable voiceover that just might be perfect for your next Commercial, eLearning, Interactive, Animation or Narration project. Something else in mind that requires voiceover? Let's talk about it! 

If you're looking for thoughtful voiceover that hits the mark, let's discuss how I can help bring your next project to life.



The eCreators were established in 2007. We are a dedicated team with a passion for online education and all forms of learning technology. When you work with us, we become an extended part of your team to produce measurable learning outcomes structured around achieving your organisational goals.

We’re experts in Instructional Design, Learning Management Systems (LMS) and rapid content development using software such as Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, HTML-5 and Lectora. Our strengths come through innovation and creativity. We employ the best staff to give you the best results and our e-learning development and LMS development are highly regarded across Australia and into our emerging overseas markets. We have a 95% retention rate for customers re-subscribing to our services year upon year.

eCreators are a Certified Moodle Partner. Some companies sell Moodle services but to not have access to the services and support that a Moodle Partner has – with a Moodle Partner, you’re in good hands and have the comfort of knowing you are dealing with experts.

Over the years we have provided the platforms and the content that have shaped the way organisations learn.  The customers who have come with us on this journey are as much a part of our evolution as we are of theirs.

Our tag line, Love the Way You Learn is all about that, making memorable, enjoyable and effective learning outcomes. We welcome you as a partner organisation to try the eCreators difference. 

eCreators are located in Australia, Singapore and the USA.


Sampson Media

 Rafe Sampson is an experienced, full-time voice artist who has narrated thousands of hours of training narration over the past two decades.  An inaugural inductee into the Broadcast Hall of Fame at Illinois State University, he has degrees in Mass Communications and Marketing and also appeared in numerous college and community theatre productions .  

Prior to founding Sampson Media in 2001, Rafe honed his skills in voice acting and audio production at several Chicagoland radio stations before moving on to teach voice, broadcast and production at a broadcast school.  He left the world of education to head the Audio Department (and narrate hundreds of IT courses) at Thomson NETg, a leader in E-learning development.  This experience provided unique insight into the e-learning course development process.  

A Voice Artist for over 25 years, Rafe delivers big market talent that small market clients can afford. Clients around the globe find him very flexible and easy to work with.  He can make your project sound conversational, warm, enthusiastic, believable, confident, animated, real, authoritative, cool, or edgy.



Ideaon is an eLearning, IT Services and IT Staffing company. It has certifications as a DBE, NMSDC and HUBzone company, and can provide custom content development and off-the-shelf training modules. We can support your needs for online staff training, LMS integration, IT staffing, compliance certification and workplace ergonomic training. We can also help with blended and mobile learning.

Our course designs comprise media-rich content, custom graphic designs, and photographic and video content. We also offer 2D and 3D animation. Our translation and localization services include European, Asian, Middle-Eastern and African languages, including character-based scripts.

Most of our clients have an internal team for this work, but often have a resource strain caused by the gap between the requirements of the organization and the bandwidth of that team. We can help you seamlessly fill that gap. 



Learntech is a Learning Design Company based in Delhi NCR, India, offers End to End services in leaning domain, from, E Learning development, Assessment Design, Interactive Learning, Gaming and Simulations, Learning Management system to developing complete learning interventions and Leadership Programs. Experience the magic of learning with us!


Dave Pettitt Voiceovers

With hundreds of hours of elearning and narration experience, Dave has the skills to make your elearning project a top notch production.  


WellSaid Labs

Text-to-speech that sounds human

Every creative in eLearning deserves a voice. Choose from our library of AI voices to create TTS content in real-time, with human pitch, emphasis, and intonation. Whether it be an audiobook, explainer video, or lecture — tell your story with WellSaid Labs.

An iterative, scalable voice solution

Adding voice to your content can be expensive and slows down creative workflows. WellSaid allows you to implement instant script changes, experiment with different actors, and generate production-ready voice for any project in seconds.


Learning Everest

Learning Everest is a one-stop solution to all your learning needs. We are a committed and seasoned team of learning professionals who have worked for some of the finest companies in the world. We offer a complete range of learning solutions required to become a World Class Organization.

Some of the services we offer include:

  • Elearning course creation - Learning Everest specializes in the creation of eLearning courses using various rapid authoring tools
  • Elearning course localization - Want to share your learning content with your global audience, we provide translation services that will localize your content thereby improving the course effectiveness.
  • Video-based course development - Do you require to produce video courses to host it on your LMS or Udemy, Teachable or other platforms. We help you create these courses.
  • Mobile learning courses - Want your content to be designed for mobile devices, Learning Everest creates courses that are best suited for any mobile device, be it a tablet, iPad or a smartphone.
  • Development and Management of Learning management system - We specialize in the deployment and management of the Learning Management System (LMS). We also take a monthly maintenance contract to ensure that your LMS is up and running all the time.
  • Content development - If your SMEs are busy with the business activity, we can help you create the content, so that you can focus on your business.
  • Instructor-led training - Provide us with the raw content developed by your SME, and we will curate the content and make Presentations, Facilitators Guides and Participants Guides. A complete kit that you can use easily.
  • Learning consulting for your success - Building a learning environment in your organization ground up, we are there for you and handhold and guide you on every step.
  • Instructional design - We have a team of instructional designers that can convert your raw and dry topics to eye-catching, attractive and engaging content.

Motive Learning

Our mission at Motive Learning is to provide innovative and adaptive training tools, along with the best customer service, in our industry.  In doing so, we will advance the knowledge and skills of our clients, help them achieve and retain required qualifications and improve efficiencies, all while exceeding their expectations.

Focused on solutions and tools to manage training of technically skilled employees
Customized solutions to fit company needs
Agile teams that pivot swiftly to accommodate new company processes
It is, and always will be, about the Customer!
Motive Learning provides a variety of services in addition to our MotiveLMS hosting platform that include:

  • Instructional Design
  • Technical Writing
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Video Editing/Compression
  • Voiceover Talent
  • Courseware Development
  • LMS Administration / Learner Management
  • Learning Strategy Development

David Holmes Voice

With a crispdeepkind voice with a softwarm Scottish lilt; you'll find I bring an articulatesensitive quality to your project.

I provide a quickfriendly and courteous service catering to all types of voice over from my own studio [with it's very low noise-floor]; and located only an hour from London for studio sessions.

I welcome creative involvement and live directed sessions via all online platforms.

I have a particular passion for work involving caring for the planet and each other, including climate change and mental wellbeing.


Synchronous Partners LLC

Synchronous Partners LLC helps clients develop their teams and culture by developing custom learning solutions. We believe that training, whether e-learning, video based, or instructor led should be entertaining, memorable, and most of all impactful. We want learners to retain the maximum amount of information through a thoroughly enjoyable training experience.


LionForce Technologies Private Limited

Lionforce’, a Chennai, India-based Company, is a premier eLearning and Creative Service provider that is focused on providing timely, cost-effective and creative solutions to its customers. Our vision has been to harness the unparalleled power of digital technology to make any business more relevant to changing times. We put in our best efforts to develop exciting & state-of-the-art products & solutions. You can consider us as a one-stop solution for all your learning and creative needs. You get to interact with highly qualified professionals who believe that every need is unique and aim to provide customized solutions that are tailored to suit various business needs.

What makes us completely appealing is our ability to deliver on-time every time, our strong inclination towards innovation, immense value for our customers, providing immediate attention to our customer, readiness to adapt to the latest technology, synergistic approach and above all our ‘Never Say Die’ attitude that keeps us working on the challenging ‘impossibilities’ and transforming them to ‘You see, it’s Possible’.

Service Offerings:

Custom eLearning development:

• Custom eLearning and mLearning development
• Rapid authoring using Captivate and Articulate Storyline
• Blended eLearning
• Localization


Murf Voiceover Studio

Murf AI, is an artificial intelligence focussed software company specialized in creating AI-based voice solutions. We have a product called Murf Voice Studio, that lets you convert your E-learning script into 100% human-sounding voice-overs in minutes. No recording needed. DIY voice-overs made in minutes. Saves you a lot of costs, coordination, and time for getting E-learning text changed to speech.  

We offer 100+ voices in the Studio and support 15 languages including 5 English Accents (American, British, Canadian, Australian & Indian) | Arabic | Chinese | Danish | Dutch | French | German | Hindi | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish | Tamil language voices.

Murf Studio also is a great tool to add voice over to videos with perfect timing. You can insert pauses and even change the speed of narration of each voice. 


Matt Elzweig Voice Over

Broadcast quality home studio. Includes Source Connect Standard. Visit website for eLearning and other demos. 



Lumious is a learning solutions company that designs, develops, and delivers powerful learning experiences to help organizations achieve their critical business goals. Our start as a training delivery company 25 years ago gave us a unique understanding of nuances and learning patterns that improve the learner’s comprehension and subject matter application in their daily life. By incorporating constantly emerging methodologies and innovative technologies into custom Learning programs, we help our clients drive business success through talent development.

Our team of learning designers and developers, subject matter experts, and instructors will help you empower learners to develop and flourish through learning solutions and tools that educate and engage. We specialize in everything from leadership, sales, and technical development to curriculum design and role analysis. With deep expertise in all areas of learning solutions and a pulse on the latest industry trends, we will help you create compelling content and share it in a way that is interesting and meaningful to your audience.

We are agile and collaborative—and we will partner with you to devise learning solutions that align the unique needs of your individual learners with your organizational goals.

Whether you need to meet an immediate, short-term training need, supplement your existing Learning and Development activities or create a long-term program that supports ongoing professional development, we’ve got you covered.


Voice and Script International

We are experts in dubbing, voice-over, subtitling and translation, offering best-in-class services, at a reasonable cost. Our extensive e-learning experiences covers, software tutorials, smartphone applications, public section eduction, distance learning, health and safety, corporate training and much more. Your content will always be treated with the strictest confidence and delivered on budget and on time.

VSI's language services are accredited - we were awarded the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certificate for the rigorous technical and creative standards that we uphold to our customers.


Established in 1989.

VSI is a privately owned, family-run company, founded in London in 1989 by Norman Dawood. From humble beginnings with a staff of three working from a small office, the VSI Group today employs more than 250 people across over 20 facilities in the world's most vibrant media hubs. Our global organisation boasts cultural and linguistic diversity, with our innovative and passionate employees hailing from more than 50 countries.


Tintisha Technologies (UK) Ltd

We are an award winning company with 12 years experience in creating elearning resources, building Moodle sites to host them, managing those sites and providing technical and end-user support. We also create our own brand of learning software for use in schools and colleges.

The largest Moodle site we manage has 100,000 registed users and more than 500 active users each day.

Examples of our work include:

  • creating elearning resources for learders and managers in the FE and skills sector, including apps
  • analytics service for mobile apps
  • interactive resources to support learning mandarin for use in Primary and Secondary schools
  • promotional video production for software services.


Maestra is an automatic cloud based software that allows content creators to automatically transcribe, caption, and voiceover their video and audio files to over 100 languages, enabling them to reach and educate people all over the world.

To use Maestra, simply upload your transcripts by clicking the "+ New Transcription" button, then wait as your files are automatically translated to text in just minutes. Click "+ New Caption" to create captions of your videos in English. Then add automatically translated captions in foreign languages, to educate viewers all over the world.

With Maestra you can release your educational content in more ways than you ever thought possible!

Benefits include the ability to automatically transcribe your audio to text, email transcripts to colleagues through the platform, and creating public links to be able to share your files online with anyone.


Performance Associates International

Performance Associates International, Inc. can develop e-learning content and software for any industry. Our team of engineers, technical writers, developers, graphic artists, 3d animators, and editors can develop educational material for anyone; elementary aged children through college educated adults. Our interactive e-learning keeps students focused and engaged. Our experienced in-house multimedia team develops state-of-the-art graphics, virtual and mixed reality training, stunning 3D animations, and technically engineered simulations of real-world scenarios. Our robust LMS offers testing and tracking systems which allow you to create customized reports, and our modules be used on desktop computers as well as mobile apps.

Although we can work in any industry, Performance Associates International is the world leader in online and on-site training for the mining industry. We provide organizations with a single source for assessments, skills training, continuing education, safety training and compliance mandates, and more. Our first-class content guides your staff to gain the critical knowledge they need to work safely and efficiently today.

Our proven, leading-edge industrial training programs improve performance in existing operations and ensure success during the start-up of new operations. Our training programs have saved companies millions in personnel accident prevention, production loss, and equipment damage. We partner with our customers and consult collaboratively to provide the analysis and content development to meet your needs.



Hard n Soft Technologies P Ltd

Hard and Soft Technologies is a unique mix between Interactive Communication and e-Learning. We have implemented it in many Fortune companies including Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, Caterpillar, Parryware, LnT Valves and others. Our team delivers an unparalleled combination of strategy, creativity and technology to produce solutions that deliver results for our client partners.

Founded in 1997, HnS is a privately held company, headquartered in Chennai, India, widely recognized as one of the premier new media agencies of its kind.


Virtual College Ltd

Virtual College has a number of e-academies aimed at providing cost effective solutions for organisations with the same training needs. These offer a mixture of face to face workshops, consultancy and projects

  • Safeguarding e-Academy - Children and Adult Social Care workforce e-learning - multi- agency
  • Schools e-Academy - software, courses and tools for schools
  • Healthcare e-Academy - online courses for Healthcare workers
  • Lean Healthcare Academy - eliminating waste from the Health Sector
  • Yorkshire Productivity - Lean manufacturing
  • Trades e-Academy - online courses for trades NICEIC, Plumbing, Welding, Engineering etc.
  • Housing e-Academy - online courses for the Housing sector
  • Food Drink and Hospitality e-Academy

LAS (LearningAge Solutions)

LAS (LearningAge Solutions Ltd) is a leading provider of elearning consultancy, development and training services in the UK and internationally. Established in 2005, LAS works with a range of medium to large private and public sector organisations. Clients include University of Cambridge, Visa CEMEA, BP, Shell, Mars, Tarkett and Sellafield Ltd.

Our mission is to help organisations realise the benefits of incorporating learning technologies into their Learning and Development and Human Resources strategies and programmes, using the most cost effective and appropriate methods for their training needs.

Our business has four key activities: consultancy, design and development of elearning and blended learning solutions, elearning training and our elearning software product, goalgetter - an innovative goal-based learning system.

We are able to take on projects of any size and have a network of trusted associates, including Project Managers: Instructional Designers: Flash, Articulate, Captivate and Adobe Presenter Developers: Web Developers : SCORM Programmers: Quality Assurance Specialists: Graphic Designers: Illustrators : Filmmakers: Voice Actors and more, all under the guidance of Managing Director, Rob Hubbard. Rob is an elearning architect with a wealth of creative and technical skills, specialising in strategy development, instructional design and blended learning design.


Female Voice of eLearning VO

I'm Rebecca Haugh, a voice talent and eLearning voice recording specialist since 2001. I have a home studio with a Neumann microphone to create the vocal tone, context and pace for your projects. Email me a couple sentences of your script so I can demonstrate to you and your client.

My rates are fair, my quality is excellent and my turnaround time is fast. My voice has been used in projects for these notable names Lexia, Harvard Business School, Curriculum Associates, University of Wisconsin, Cognizant, Bayer, GE, Agilent and more.  

My experience as a coporate trainer, life-long learner and current actor helps me deliver audio customized to your goals and audience. Please review my website and reachout directly from there. I look forward to hearing from you!


Audible Creations-Christi Bowen VO

Audible Creations provides voice over services for eLearning, corporate narrations, web videos, commercials, phone systems and more.  Christi Bowen is an award-winning, full-time professional voice actor with over 25 years experience in voiceover and video production.  Her clients rely on her warm and bright sound to make their projects shine.  Professional and articulate yet engaging and approachable are some of the descriptions given to Christi's voice and interpretation of eLearning narrations.  

Christi is a sought after speaker and eLearning coach.  She was the Team Lead for eLearning/Narration at VO Atlanta 2018, the largest VO conference in the world, and on the eLearning team for VO Atlanta 2017.  She's been a guest on numerous podcasts and workshops, including VO Intensity and Meet The Pros, on the subject of eLearning for voice over.  

Clients include: Walmart, Chevron, The Ritz Carlton, Marriott International, IKEA, Deloitte, AAA Auto Club, L'Oreal Professional, Miller Coors, Biogen, Volvo, Bayer, Philips, General Mills, Frito Lay, Merck and many more.  

Her professional studio will provide your projects with top notch sound.  If you prefer to connect for a session she offers Source Connect, phone patch or Skype.  Christi excels at great communication, fast turnaround and she's a lot of fun to work with.  

Contact her to make your next project - and you - shine!


Rex Anderson, Voice Actor

An award-winning voice over actor with a pro studio and same-day turnaround. Rex Anderson's dynamic, empathetic voice is the perfect choice for your e-learning, corporate, commercial, or narrative project. 

Rex's voice has been described as: warm, natural, conversational, authoritative, professorial, approachable, believable, and upbeat. He works fast, and is very easy to direct. If you wish for him to self-direct, he is very capable in that regard as well. Get your e-Learning project voiced by a professional. Contact Rex today.


Bankers Academy

With 28+ years of experience, Banker’s Academy is the leading global provider of training solutions to the financial community. We specialize in BSA/AML, Compliance Officer, HR Professional, Teller and Branch Manager Training. We’re proud to have partnered with over 2,500 clients worldwide in various financial services industries, with a focus on banks, credit unions, and money service businesses. Let us help you reach your target audience with an innovative, results-driven educational experience.


Allegro Media Design

As an eLearning courses production company, we are dedicated to producing top-of-the-line courses and content for every step of your employee’s learning process. All of our services are completed in-house, and our compact and passionate, creative team can bring even the driest subjects to life.
We use state-of-the-art technology, unmatched voiceover quality, and limitless creative abilities to convey important information to your company. Our team is based out of the artistic Idea Foundry building in Columbus, Ohio. Throughout our years of experience, we have created countless captivating eLearning courses that bring information to life to help inspire your employees, your business, and ultimately, your brand. We work directly with companies to ensure they receive hands-on experience in addition to a course that will have a genuine impact.
Our services:
Instructional design: Instructional design will help your learning materials be effective and systematic. Our professionals know the best practices to make your courses engaging. A successful instructional design model will simplify the development process of your course and enhance the progress of the course listeners. All models are based on psychological and pedagogical principles.
LMS Integration: Our Learning Management System is designed to be flexible, easy to use, and both resource and feature-rich. Whether you’re learning on your own or taking part in a class, our LMS integration ensures you always have access to the right content, resources, and tools.
Content Creation: Our content comes from a variety of sources, with the project team expertly handpicking, sorting, and synthesizing every element of the learning experience. Every course is perfectly finetuned and curated specifically for your needs.
Audio Creation: Increase user engagement and interaction with viewers with our audio options. We build on years of research into knowledge retention techniques and help you learn key principles with the assistance of audio and voice-overs.
Video Creation: Training videos are extremely powerful tools, giving students an opportunity to learn with their eyes and see theoretical concepts brought to life. Enhanced with graphics and resources, the videos we produce can help students visualize key concepts and access important learning resources at the touch of a button.
Gamification: With a gamified learning experience, you can inject friendly competition into your workforce and develop a culture of constant learning.


EdTek Services

Limited budget?  Smaller organization? 

Our focus is on customers like you.

Our LMS packages include:

  • fair and flexible pricing
  • 340+ eLearning Soft Skills courses
  • Instructional Design / Course Development staff to help design and build your first course
  • an LMS Administrator to help run your program
  • Technical Support Help Desk for your course participants
  • unlimited and free staff training
  • access to 250 million+ digital files in our photo, graphic, audio clip, and video clip archives.
  • all system upgrades

We do custom course development with Medallion, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum-level options to fit the budget you have.

Still not sure?

Try our Unlimited and Free LMS Trial. It includes all our Support Services - as if you are already a customer - and working with our team to build 1-2 modules of your course content. There is no cost and no Credit Card Number is required.

The LMS is SCORM, IMS, HIPAA, Title 21 CFR Part 11, and AICC compliant and fully supports all mobile devices.

There are too many features to list.  Better to contact us, get your Unlimited Free LMS Trial and see if this is a good fit. 


G-Cube Webwide Software Pvt. Ltd

G-Cube – a MRCC group of company is a leading Learning Technology company recognized by Gartner and Training Industry in their list of Top 20 learning platforms. Headquartered in the USA, G-Cube, is one of the fastest growing organizations with global delivery and support footprint.

Combining the power of Hyper-Personalization with automation, G-Cube Learn Tech provides comprehensive, business-aligned learning technology solutions under one roof. It has the right mix of experience and expertise to provide industry-specific solutions with dedicated customer success initiatives.


Nicole Perez | Voiceover Narration Services

Professional Voiceover Artist for eLearning, Explainer, Whiteboard, Corporate Training, Medical, Commercial, and more!


Novitas Ltd

Novitas design bespoke e-learning content for our customers across all industries.  Working with our clients we develop innovative new ways to deliver learning to their workforce end extended audiences.  Our e-learning design encompasses all best practice learning techniques such as gamification and we continuously seek to improve the interactivity of our learning modules as we seek to maximise knowledge retention of the learner.  How we interact with our customers depends on the current learning culture and strategy of our customers.  Some customers engage Novitas learning specialists to help them introduce and build a new learning culture in their organisations which moves away from classroom and moves towards a more blended, flexible and consistent delivery of learning incorporating e-learning and virtual learning techniques.  While helping organisations make this cultural change we typically up-skill internal designers to create effective content which helps our customers maximise their learning budgets.  Other customers who may already have an internal team of learning content developers, engage Novitas to work on high profile projects, where new innovative solutions are needed, or in some cases where they may be at full capacity internally and need support to meet their internal demands.


TCP Learning

TCP Learning is powered by TechComm Partners, Inc. and by passion for delivering outstanding learning solutions. We start by asking you two important questions:  What performance do you expect the learning to improve? How does that performance align to your business or organization’s needs?

Then we design a learning experience that meets these needs.  Our learning solutions are creative and innovative using an array of the optimal types of instructional technology and media. This includes:

  • Technology and Analysis Consulting Services
  • Course or curriculum design and development using tools like Articulate, Captivate and Lectora
  • Learning Games, Simulations, Animations, Assessments
  • Instructional Video
  • Virtual Classroom production services

Newgen Enterprise

Newgen Enterprise is the corporate learning division of Newgen DigitalWorks, a Carlyle Group portfolio company. We help organizations create effective learning resources and deliver them to employees at the moment of need, in the flow of their work.

We consult with companies around the globe to address their business training goals, providing expertise in training strategy and development, LMS implementation and integrationmobile training apps, localization, and technical documentation.

Our solutions have been recognized by Brandon Hall, LearnX, ISG, and Global Learn Teach.


Clare Reeves Voiceovers

Clear communication of complex messages in a warm tone that people want to listen to.. Clare is a skilled and experienced Voiceover Artist working from her own broadcast quality studio. Her Elearning clients include Facebook, Deloitte, BMW, UN, UNICEF and many more. In a previous life, Clare has designed and implemented elearning (winning 2 awards), so she has an in depth knowledge of elearning as a tool. Happy to talk through your needs.


Adam Verner, Inc.

I am a full time voice over talent specializing in eLearning courses and characters!  I've voiced courses for comanies large and small, such as Starbucks, Lowes, HomeDepot, Simmons Beatuy Rest and many others.  I have my own proffesional studio and can record to your exact specifications.  Just drop me a line and we can chat!


Jud Niven Voice Overs

Jud Niven is a verteran Voice Talent with a professional Home Studio.  He specializes in delivering High Quality, finished e-learning audio.  Quick turnaround time and very resasonable rates.


Emmersive Infotech

We are a global design and development company specializing in digital content and technology solutions with an innovative approach.

Our holistic solutions range from custom content creation, content management products like learning management system (LMS) and Galilia and game based learning. We deliver customized knowledge management solutions across various sectors that include education, health-care, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, real estate, and e-commerce.

Our team of subject-matter experts and certified professionals contribute professionalism and creativity to consistently ensure customer satisfaction and repeat business.


RealSense Solutions Ltd

RealSense work with organisations at risk of failing to meet compliance obligations, those with gaps in staff training, under performing teams and those seeking improved efficiency and commercial growth. REALSENSE has over 120+ ready-to-go courses covering topics associated with Business and Soft Skills, Corporate Governance, Employment and Human Resources, Environment, Financial Services, Health and Safety, Wellbeing and Social Care. 

RealSense works with customers, subject matter experts, approval and distribution partners to help deliver tailored solutions that combine good instructional design, innovative adaptive learning technology and good quality multimedia to help achieve learning objectives quickly and effectively.

We use proven training and assessment methods that stimulate learners and help the transfer and retention of skills, knowlege and understanding. We deliver solutions to people from 'all walks of life'; learning for children, young adults and workforces of all shapes, sizes and backgrounds - from small startups and medium enterprises to some of the UK's largest and most well known organisations and brands.


Charles King Creations - Charles King VO

Charles King Creations provides voice over services for eLearning, corporate narrations, internet videos, commercials, phone systems, AI, and more. Charles King is a full-time professional voice actor with over 20 years experience as an entrepreneur, voiceover talent, and author.  His clients have come to rely on him for the nobly engaging voice to make their projects sound as good as they look.  Professional, articulate, engaging, approachable, relatable are a few of the adjectives used to describe Charles’ voice and interpretation of eLearning narrations.  

Charles is professionally trained and highly experienced around eLearning for voice over.  His professional studio provides your projects with broadcast quality sound.  If you prefer to connect for a session, he offers Source Connect, Source Connect Now, or Skype.  Charles is a great communicator. He provides fast turnaround and you’ll love his professional and “make it great” work ethic.  

Clients include: Bailey and Associates, Bob Kiburg and Associates, RGB films, Capebe coffee, RTI Global, CIRCOR International, Ethosh Designs, and more. 

Contact him to make your next eLearning project – nobly engaging!



saVRee gives you access to over 300 fully interactive 3D models that can be accessed directly through a web browser, or, in virtual reality (VR). Interactive 3D models are ideal for personal learning, or, teaching/instructing to an audience. Because most people learn ‘on the go’, saVRee is completely mobile and can be accessed by smartphone, laptop or tablet.

Each 3D model is accompanied by additional learning materials such as written content, training videos, podcasts and animations (2D and 3D). The 3D models can be exploded into their parts and cross sections can be viewed to reveal the interior.

Want to use saVRee for teaching/instructing? Educators can produce and sell courses, or distribute them to private groups (for schools, work departments etc.). Why create 2D images, videos, and 3D models from scratch when we have done that for you? Whatever you are wanting to show your audience, saVRee has all the visuals you need!

Want to learn with saVRee? No problem. We have dozens of courses and hundreds of lessons. saVRee uses a learning management system (LMS) so you can monitor your progress as you learn, and our gamification feature (badges, awards etc.) ensures you stay motivated!

So whatever your need, saVRee can help!


SilkWeb Consulting and Development

SilkWeb is one of the top 10 e-learning companies in the US. SilkWeb’s instructional design services and consulting include custom e-learning course development, LMS course development and programming, and online corporate training solutions. SilkWeb’s free online corporate training library contains over 150 high need courses including compliance, safety, and manager training. SilkWeb’s e-learning developers represent some of the top experts in the e-learning industry, providing cutting edge custom e-learning solutions and consulting including microlearning, video learning, adaptive learning, and social learning.

SilkWeb’s e-learning services include HTML5 development simulations, mobile learning applications, LMS course development services for any LMS including Canvas, Blackboard, Moodle, D2L, Google Classroom, custom LMS development and migrations, platform management, and quality assurance testing. Instructional design services include syllabus, lesson plan, and instructor guide writing, quiz, worksheets, and rubric development, and course mapping. SilkWeb employs top recognized LMS experts in Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard, D2L, and Google Classroom. SilkWeb can handle all LMS needs including course builds, migrations, administration, and content integration. Our instructional design approach is personalized to your needs. Our team is 100 percent US-based eliminating communication, quality, and time zone issues, while our instructional design services are competitive with off-shore solutions. 


Pam Rossi VoiceOvers

I am a voice over artist veteran with over 30 years experience. My specialties are explainer videos, e-learning and tutorials.  


Ignitor Labs

It’s our mission to create the tools you need to recruit, train, and retain your workforce! Ignitor Labs is the industry leader in developing custom E-Learning content for technical training, with special expertise in the HVACR and food service equipment industries. We create stunning, engaging, interactive training either from scratch, or by rapidly re-building your current training materials. Our experts understand your technical content, and can translate it into meaningful training rich in 3D graphics, sophisticated animation, and gamified interactions.

Not sure where to start? We can help!  Our team has expertise in evaluating training needs, adapting instructor-led courses into blended learning opportunities, and guiding you in the world of eLearning options that is right for your content. We have options to suit a variety of budgets, audiences, and time-frames. 

Along with offering custom content creation, we host a variety of digital courses and field guides that train technicians on how to operate, maintain, and service commercial food service equipment. 


Mentorix International

At Mentorix we develop competencies with E-learning as our tool

As a company, we work to develop competencies in Danish and international companies!

We have 2 business channels

The first channel:
Is educating both the public and companies in project management tools. For example, do you want certification in PRINCE2? Or are you looking for a role as a certified project manager? Mentorix dresses professionally through our certified project management course and a handful of other courses focused on change management and product development in generally.

The Second channels:
Building tailormade e-learning courses for organisations, we use our 10 year+ experience in e-learning, to help make the best courses in around any subject. We are not specialist on all subjects, but if you have the knowledge, we know how to get it across to your audience.  We offer a turnkey solution you only have to supply the experts and the knowledge.

Please reach out to us if we you want to know how we can help you.


JA Voiceworks

eLearning is my "bread and butter" and I love working with developers in an effort to create memorable programs. You can count on me to be a fully invested team member, bringing you very high quality audio in a timely and cost effective manner.


Engaged Talent Solutions

Engaged Talent Solutions is renowned for solving client organization issues ranging from Human Resources, talent aquisition, training, organization design, eLearning development and our ability to react in real time to the complex needs of our clients. We operate on a wealth of leading industry experience and expertise allowing us the practical and strategic knowledge to deliver the best solutions for our clients which includes Goldman Sachs, The Idea Center, Miami Dade College, Society of Military Engineers.

We assemble our team of experts – tailored to your specific needs and able to support you every step of the way. We drive growth, develop processes, leverage technology, and create messaging that fosters your company’s brand. Our client base has provided us the opportunity to serve a diverse group of sectors.


Bev Standing - Voice Over

Voice Over services provided from my professional studio.  Ten years experience in VO and many years of learning in other industries so my background knowledge is vast.  Let's talk about working together to keep your listeners engaged.




Julie Williams has voiced thousands of eLearning jobs for top worldwide companies such as Google, Kraft, and Adobe. While she has the gift of being able to "tell your story" in an intruguing way (not just "announce" the words)  she is also great at complex medical and technical eLearning projects.

In fact, not only has Julie been chosen to teach eLearning at the top voice-over conferences in the world, she is also the "go to" girl to whom other VO coaches send their students to study eLearning!

Julie Williams is a very busy voice-over talent, but also casts eLearning jobs seeking male talents and multi-lingual talents.


Steve Mc Media

E - Learning Voice Over Services, Audio Production, Copywriting Services.


Sarder Learning

Sarder Learning is a Collaborative Knowledge Platform bringing together some of the world’s best business practices from Fortune 1000 Corporate leaders, Ivy League Professors & Best Selling Business Authors.

Dissemination of information happens through eLearning programs that are designed to deliver robust learning solutions to organizations worldwide. Additionally, a combination of services that meet diverse training needs ranging from Strategic L&D consultation including TNA & Competency mapping and Mentor workshops.

Sarder Learning also recognizes the need for enterprise custom learning and thus the products can easily be adapted to various business needs and desired outcomes through byte sized videos that are based on “just in time” concept, with cross platform compatibility and relevancy. Sarder Learning is an organization’s strategic growth partner with a robust balance of content & technology.


Katie DeGabriel Voice Overs

Katie DeGabriel Voice Overs is a full service voice over and production company located right outside New York City.  Katie has extensive experience narrating e-Learning and training modules, corporate narrations, explainer videos and commercials.  Katie's vocal range goes from a young, hip millenial to a smooth, conversational professional - it includes all the stops in between as well.

Some of Katie's recent e-Learning clients include:  The University of Washington @ Seattle - Department of Psychiatry, The Minnesota Department of Human Services, Fairview Health Systems, Project Management Institute (PMI) and many more.

Capablilties include:

-Broadcast quality recording from her professional home studio

-Source Connect or Skype Phone Patch for live sessions

-Full recording, editing, mastering, file conversions, uploading and archiving

-Quick turn-around and excellent customer service

I am happy to record a free custom demo to determine if my voice is right for your end user!


Tridat Technologies India Pvt Ltd

Tridat’s complete range of e-learning, e-publishing, Mainframe Application and software services address the needs of both, technology and content conversion requirements to help organizations reduce production costs for business improvement. It’s B2B and B2C services for various verticals allow flexible and easy implementation. Tridat thus takes charge of the needs of the entire enterprise.


Pablo Media Ltd

At, we craft impactful learning solutions to meet our clients’ diverse organisational needs.


We offer:

  • Extensive cross-sector experience

  • Flexible approaches to adapt to your needs

  • A creative and tech-savvy team

  • Multilingual learning expertise

  • Deployment to a large variety of technical infrastructures

  • Accessible solutions to cater for users with disabilities


Our products and services range from cost-effective off-the shelf courses and rapid developments to comprehensive curricula and disruptive flagship learning pieces, including:

  • E-learning

  • Digital learning games

  • Performance support tools

  • Videos and animations (Interactive or view-only)

  • Portals and microsites

  • Online assessments

  • Newsletters

  • Presentations

  • Online magazines

  • Awareness campaigns

  • Migration of content from traditional classroom training to online delivery

  • Creation of competency frameworks

  • And much more...


Ellicom inc.

Ellicom creates innovative and effective learning solutions that leverage brainpower. Training strategy consulting, customized e-learning development, blended learning, e-learning implementation—no matter what you need, Ellicom will find the best strategy for your organization. Also offering online training courses in its online boutique and software solutions to create, implement and manage training activites, the company is a full solution partner.


Aptara, Inc.

Aptara provides transformational learning and performance (L&P) solutions to the world's largest corporations. Named one of the “Top 20 Content Development Companies” in 2011 by Training Industry, Inc., Aptara is a market leader in custom eLearning solutions that leverage new media. Our 600+ instructional designers, content writers, graphics designers, multimedia specialists and application developers have helped Fortune 500 companies and other organizations develop and deliver tens of thousands of hours of custom learning content for employees, customers, and business partners. Founded in 1988, Aptara is a U.S.-based company harnessing the rapid emergence of digital media to provide its customers a competitive learning advantage.



Shelley Stephen - Voice Talent

Shelley Stephen is a professional voice talent based in Southeast Michigan. Her previous life in the corporate, automotive world gives her a unique perspective that adds a spark of fun and professionalism to every project. Her voice is described as professional, believable, warm, sultry, husky, luxurious, authoritative and strong. Shelley’s background in Information Technology and Instructional Design, including working with Finance, Insurance, Human Resources, Suppliers and Dealers, Medical and Manufacturing groups, help make your corporate-speak scripts come to life. While corporation/industrial narration and elearning is a definite strength, she also has a great voice for documentaries and commercials. Shelley has a fun personality, a great work ethic and takes direction well. 


Randye Kaye VO

Randye Kaye has over 20 years of experience as a voice talent, with a long list of major clients including Priceline, Vivayic, UConn Health, Hilton, Radius Medical Animation, NBC, and Big Lots.

She provides a warm, rich, smooth, intelligent and expressive voice for your website, e-learning tutorial, IVR, on-hold message, promo/imaging, industrial narration, audiobook (children, adults), science/medical/technical instruction, video game, travel/real estate/museum tour, or event.

Randye has been heard on major radio stations as Morning Drive sidekick, PM Drive Personality, news director, and NPR classical music host, but now focuses on Voiceover work full-time. She is also a Voiceover coach with Edge Studio in New York, Connecticut and the virtual world.

Personal studio in Connecticut provides clean sound and great turnaround time (often within 24 hours). 

    Delivery: file in format of your choice via FTP, Dropbox, Hightail, mail
    Equipment: Neumann TLM 103; Mackie Mixer; Edirol Interface; Adobe Audition; phone patch 
    ipDTL in studio. SourceConnect/ISDN available with 24 hours notice.

Rather work live and in person? I love that! I live within traveling distance of New York City, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, and will travel to any studio anywhere to record if arrangements are agreed upon in advance.


OCB Media


Creating award winning e-learning since 1996, OCB Media work with academics, clinicians and industry professionals to meet their medical e-learning needs.


Our mission is to:

  • help academics, clinicians and industry professionals develop high quality medical e-learning materials
  • ensure that all developments are supported by an underlying evidence base
  • evaluate e-learning outputs and, where possible, to assess effectiveness and impact on practice

Each e-learning project is developed by dedicated personnel, highly skilled in their individual areas, and all units are quality assured and assessed throughout all stages of project development.

Over the years, OCB Media has worked with many respected healthcare organisations, including the Department of Health, the Royal Colleges, NHS Training for Innovation and numerous NHS Trusts, to develop a wide range of training materials.

Projects with academia include work with the Open University, University of Leicester, University of Warwick, Tokyo Medical University, University of Birmingham, Aston University, and University College London.

The clients that OCB Media work with in the pharmaceutical industry are equally impressive, with a portfolio that includes GlaxoSmithKline, Astra Zeneca, Baxter Healthcare, Linde Gas Therapeutics, and Shire Pharmaceuticals.

Through a blend of cutting-edge technology, evidence-based practice, a competency based approach to design and exacting production standards, OCB Media’s resources are recognised internationally for their contribution to the improvement of healthcare education.


Michelle Falzon Voiceover

Full service audio and voiceover for eLearning, industrials and explainer videos. Quickly and seamlessly edited audio returned quickly by your deadline. Voiceovers for medical/healthcare industry, business, engineering, legal, skills training and pretty much anything else you can put into an eLearning course!

Depending on the size of your project, most projects can be delivered within 24 to 72 hours.


Redhead Voiceover

I am a voiceover artist with experience in voicing Elearning for a range of companies from small to large corporations.  

With many years working in large corporations, combined with my voiceover talent, I understand how to bring a company's message to life.   I really enjoy working with companies that need to inform and educate employees.  I have worked for Vodafone, IHG Hotels and Nuffield Health.  



Emmy Award winning and Voice Arts Award nominated Cam Cornelius voices a variety of e-learning and training content. As a former MCSE, broadcast engineer, & news and investigative producer, Cam is familiar with a wide variety of terminology.


MC Voice

Mike has found his niche in corporate training and medical eLearning narration. He has recorded hundreds of training modules, dozens of audiobooks, telephony projects and over 3,000 commercials for broadcast and internet radio globally.

With more than 30 years of medical and scientific experience, Mike is the voice over expert with projects that involve complex terminology and concepts – instilling a genuine tone, credibility, and clarity.

Mike’s clients rave about his vocal consistency and his seamless delivery of high-quality narration year after year.


Stephanie Cannon Voiceovers

I'm a very experienced US voice actor, based in London.  I record from my high quality home studio and have been working across all areas of the voice over industry for over 15 years - including E-Learning and Corporate Narration.  I have a passion for making education and storytelling accessible and engaging. 

Coming from a theatre background, I have great acting and comic instinct for scripts needing a bit more than narration!  While I excel at character work and am proficient with accents, my natural American voice is smooth, professional and always easy to listen to.  I am also a great choice if a client is in need of a younger, teen or child voice.  

Some of my ongoing clients include Adobe, BBC, Microsoft, Unity, Sega and Disney.  Please get in touch or a quote or if you're an E-Learning provider and would like to add me to your talent roster.  I am available most days and can offer a sample of a script to a client within 24 hours. 

Get in touch to add that special spark to your next E-Learning project! 


Honeyboot and Lemon

Honeyboot & Lemon are experts in how people learn.  We work with you to create learning content and experiences that build learner's performance, their competence and their confidence.  We offer a full service from the design stage, all the way through development, delivery and evaluation.  We have instructional designers, graphic designers, animators, videographers, game designers and solution architects available to work with you at any stage of your delivery.  We are also skilled in face to face facilitation and content delivery, and we're highly skilled storytellers.  Technically we're very experienced in Articulate Rise, Storyline as well as the full Adobe Creative Software and Blender.  




Melanie Murphy Voice Overs

Melanie Murphy Voice Overs is a full-service voice and production company with specialties in e-Learning, training modules, corporate narration, commercials, and marketing videos. 


Kriya People Solutions

KRIYA is a digital learning agency with a dedicated platform for next-gen learning. We develop learning experiences and blended solutions, which your employees can access on our beautiful and intuitive LXP platform.

KRIYA's expertise lies in the design of mLearning solutions, which is learning specifically designed for mobile and allows you to learn what you want, wherever you want. Because mobile learning is "learning on the go" there are necessarily some differences with eLearning. Our courses are designed for micro learning and developed around videos that provide information that’s crisp, fast, and engaging, making it today the most popular format of content consumption. Mobile learning videos can be in many formats – live, text based, animations and interactive.

KRIYA offers many high quality off-the-shelf courses that may be customized to help your organization save time and money. Our courses include a variety of interaction types and learning activities, which can be customized to suit an organization's industry or context.

If something completely original is required, we’ll make a bespoke course for you from scratch. If you have courses that you want to revisit, we can do that too. We can redesign the material for an mLearning environment, add lessons and a variety of mobile friendly learning activities.

We have the experience, creativity and technology to offer end-to-end solutions. Starting from curriculum design to course development and deployment on our integrated platform designed for micro learning, social learning and virtual classroom.


Voiceovers - Tony Collins Fogarty

Professional British Voiceover artist for E-Learning content.

Native British (English) accent, based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.

I work with clients internationally around the world.

Own studio.  Ready to use E-Learning voice files delivered to your Instructional designers.

Please ask for free demo sample of your text.



Swift Solution Pvt Ltd

Swift Solution Pvt Ltd (ISO9001:2008 company) is a leading elearning content development and Moddle LMS solution provider in India for Defence, Police Deprtment, Health Department, Rural development and Oil and Natural Gas sectors. We specialise in developing learning content for Section 508 and SCORM standards. We have around 2000manhours of learing content development experience and have been in this business for last 10years. Our  solution starts from content research, Instruction designing, design,development,graphics,Voiceover,video,simulation to assesment. Based out of Bangalore we are networked in Hyderabd and Chennai too.


Reale Voices, LLC

The Reale Voice for your every learning need, Brigid and Jace Reale provide voiceover services for e-learning, medical modules, corporate explainers, commercial, mobile apps, telephone/IVR systems and much more.  This award-nominated voice actor family have an outstanding international reputation for producing top quality voice over projects, as well as full post-production services.

Brigid’s signature voice is dynamic, edgy, warm- think, "class with a touch of sass". She is relatable and authentic with the ability to pivot effortlessly to polished and professional. She has has earned herself the nickname “Fast Bunny” for her quick turnaround on projects, and dedication to customer service. 

Jace is the ultimate Gen Z and third-culture kid!  Growing up around the world, Jace sees  life through seeing a unique lens,  infusing that energy into everything she does.  This fun, relatable, sassy, teen voice is an amazing actress has a diva heart that feeds her fire for all things creative!

Their clients include Disney, Google, Delta Airlines, Vitamix, USAID, The U.S. Navy, Credit Suisse, Fendi, Moncler, iRobot Roomba, Wonkybot Studios, and many more. From their fully-outfitted studio, Jace and Brigid deliver quality tracks on demand, all within your timeline and your budget. 


e-learning WMB

At e-learning WMB we place video presenters in interactive virtual e-learning worlds to produce e-learning that is low cost to produce, but actually rivals TV documentaries in quality.

We can develop e-learning directly from clients scripts else can bring in David Schneider and his team - best known for his work on TV shows such as I’m Alan Partridge and The Day Today - to add relevant humour to the e-learning to produce e-learning that will never be forgotten. In a recent independent study 98% of 102 respondents said they understood the learning content after completion!


Creativ Technologies

Creativ Technologies is an e-Learning service provider based in Gurgaon, India with its headquarter in Northern Virginia. It was established in July 2012. We develop innovative eLearning solutions tailored to a learner’s specific needs. We have expertise in various e-learning solutions, such as custom learning, mobile learning, instructor-led and visual learning, microlearning, simulations, etc.

We aim at addressing all short-term and long-term learning needs of the client and take pride in delivering rapid and cost-effective e-learning solutions. Our innovative e-learning solutions have created a positive impact on the way organizations learn and grow.

Creativ Technologies has seen tremendous growth since its inception and has emerged as an e-learning solution provider, developing eLearning solutions for some of the leading companies. With clients from across the globe, we have established ourselves as one of the most reliable eLearning solution providers.



Cinema8 is an interactive video platform that makes possible to create amazing interactive video, no coding or video creation expertise is needed. With a drag and drop logic, the interactive video creation is quite simple and make the process very intuitive.

On the last years video content has increased hugely and it made essential to create quality and different material. When it comes to video content, any successful marketing strategy reaches ways to catch people attention and increasing of audience engagement. That’s essential in an era where the video content competes not just with another brands content, but with entertainment and personal content that comes from platforms as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

On this sense interactive video is a huge advantage, doesn’t matter if you are on sales & marketing area, arts, customer support, learning or HR & marketing. With Cinema8, interactivity will be a powerful tool to engage your audience: it makes possible to present your brand to your costumers with personalized content, create artful video stories, prepare gamified help videos for your customer, get detailed insights from your learning video and, use interactive video surveys reports to hire and get information of your employees.

With a complete package of features and tools you can add to your video images, dynamic texts, URLs, HMTL content and much more. The synchronization with different platforms like YouTube and Vimeo facilitates to use online videos on your projects, but it’s also possible to upload your own videos or use the Cinema8 library that offers many different videos on tech, business, nature, science and more.

On the Cinema8 platform is not only possible to create the videos, but also to store it, saving your server or computer space. Another advantage to the enterprises is the local caching, that offers speed access to the videos by catching data on your own server, allowing multiple viewers to see the videos on the same time.

When it comes to use Cinema8 on learning management systems (LMS), it’s pretty simple due to SCORM compatibility, you just have to export your interactive video and use it. Another possibility that the platform offers it’s to show your video everywhere you want with the embed code feature, you can also trace where your audience come from by the referrer URL, that shows from which link the viewers came from.

It’s possible to publish your videos on your own corporate channel with Enterprise Tube feature, in which you can create channels and playlists, classify your videos, use the like, unlike and vote features to interact with your audience and offer users a login option. This future also facilitates the integration with all systems with Single-Sign-On and with Enterprise Systems (SAP, Oracle, AD, LDAP, Custom HR Systems).

Forget that old model where all the data you could get of the video content it was just the number of visualizations, Cinema8 offers a complete package of information on the analytics area. View heat maps of your video, get complete usage reports, have access to a complete analysis considering device-based reports, browser-based reports, detailed interactions reports, interest analysis and manage all the process easily with a complete offer of graphics and data of your content performance.

Cinema8 offers a broad form designer, where you can create really complete surveys to your audience, designing all the parts of it. You can create different types of questions, acquire and store valuable information about your viewers.

Create powerful stories with Storyflow feature, it allows you to add unlimited videos to a timeline, interactive or classic ones. The Storyflow is, basically, a tool that refers your goal and supplies you to make the plan of your fiction, it provides you to connect your interactive video projects with questions. So, it is a must while defining the steps of your interactive video.

Conditional action is another impressive feature that allows you to save actions of the viewer for later using memory options. It’s possible to use gamification, attributing points to the choices and then guiding the viewer to different ways based on the selected options.

With Cinema8 live streaming feature it’s possible to start live broadcasting easily, without any need of an application or program. You just need to share the link with your audience and enjoy uninterrupted broadcast, with access from anywhere on any device and it’s also possible to convert your recorded broadcasts and use them later on interactive videos.

If you want your content just to be watched just by your employees or by a selected audience that’s not a problem, with the restricted domain feature you can limit your video to just be shown on a specific URL. Another safety option is the password protection, that just make your videos visible to the ones that insert the correct password.

As you see Cinema8 it’s a complete interactive video platform, with advanced features and a very intuitive interface. It offers everything that’s necessary to create stunning and engaging interactive videos, doesn’t matter the purpose of use.


Catherine Gaffney Voice Actor

A rare organized/creative, I'm here to help you deliver engaging eLearning content through excellent audio and exceptional customer service. Quick turnaround, professional double-walled, acoustically-treated home studio, flexible schedule.  Able to remotely connect via phone patch, Skype, Zoom, or Source Connect. Will deliver mp3 or wav files to your specifications.

Where precision and passion are required, Catherine is your voice.  She will bring your words to life, while also making the process an absolute delight.

I'd love to collaborate with you and make the miDDle of your ADDIE process easier! 

Vocal style ranges from conversational to authoritative. MFA in acting allows for rich character creation used in gamification and/or avatar-based learning tutorials.

A voice for business, a mind for details, and a joy to work with. Let me bring your words to life with professional, dynamic voiceovers and excellent customer service.

But don't just take my word for it: "Catherine has keen eye for people, process and procedure. Her attention to detail, passion for serving her constituents and phenomenal sense of humor made her a pleasure to work with." -M.O. Director, Center for Applied Learning, Seattle Pacific University


AEL Data, eLearning

AEL Data Services LLP., is an IT and ITES company specialized in ePublishing, Digitization, eLearning and Legal Process Outsourcing services. It was started in the year 2001 by a group of IT professionals having several years of experience in IT and ITES services. Through innovative, quality and cost-effective services, it has established as an organization with over 600 IT professionals offering services to various governments, business enterprises, libraries, museums, archives, universities and law firms worldwide.

With over 10 years of experience working with hundreds of clients from different industry verticals, we have been able to deliver solutions and services that align knowledge and technology with people. Our industry expertise, efficient processes and the ability to understand the clients' needs enable us to standout as one of the preferred IT and ITES service providers.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals are dedicated to a Total Data Quality Management policy and aim to delight our worldwide customers. AEL Data has a robust data Security and protection policy in accordance with ISO 27001, which ensures that the customer data is well protected. All our three delivery centres are certified for Quality Management Systems (ISO 9001) and Information Security Management Systems (ISO 27001).

With us, you can:

* Gain access to world-class capabilities
* Reduce and control capital, labour and operating costs
* Get faster turn-around time and guaranteed on-time delivery
* Get assurance of the strict confidentiality of your data
* Ensure best practices, skills and technology
* Get multi-lingual content development expertise
* Get excellent off-shore outsourcing business model


My Learning Design and Development

Custom eLearning Design & Development

Every learning experience is unique.  That’s why we approach each project from a perspective that allows your organization to be a part of the custom design process.  From logos to color schemes, mobile to desktop, we’ll work with you to create courses that reflect the look and feel of your business or organization. 

More Christina Bergmann

With more than 10 years of experience, I work regularly with small and medium-sized companies and production companies from all around the world.
Their projects are just as unique as the companies:
- elearning projects (eg. tutorials for new telephone system or software, safety training, etc.)
- explainer videos, product videos, imagevideos, how-to videos
- IVR, caller greetings, on-hold messages
- translation of technical documentation, marketing-related texts, product descriptions, specs, etc.

They benefit by providing e-learning content in a form that enables employees and clients to learn whenever they have the time and the mindset for it.
They also save travel time and costs related to attending live seminars.
The last great advantage of #video-based e-learning is the consistency of the information conveyed, while live seminars can be more easily tailored towards individual questions, content provided may vary in depth and topics depending on the time available. Properly planned video-based eLearning can be a huge time-saver and have higher retention rates.

Explainer, product and image videos are an entertaining, engaging and easy way of conveying even highly technical information and growing their audience.
And the voice-over in a video is a great way to improve SEO thanks to the subtitles.

When they use the advantages of a telephone system and caller greetings, they can use them to relay standard information.
Every caller is greeted in a friendly, professional way, while the system frees up employee time for more individual caller requests and other tasks.

They also benefit from having excellent German texts that are tailored to their target group, so that they can make great first impression on their German audience.

What I love most about my work is the versatility of the projects brought to me. Even though it’s the same tasks, every project is unique.
Would you like to know more? Feel free to ask for a quote.


Digits Ltd

Learning. Delivered.

We create inspired digital and mobile learning content to work with your audience and environment in mind, using readily available digital technology, combined with our years of learning content development expertise.

A powerful digital L&D partner, glo™ learn is more than just a place to host your learning. Our award-winning, SaaS based Learning Content Management System helps you deliver your full learning cycle, from skills analysis and blended learning delivery to knowledge retention and dashboard reporting of ROI.

When off-the-shelf eLearning packages just don’t deliver results, we can also help you create bespoke eLearning content across a range of subjects, that work in your world. For learning on-the-go, we offer mobile learning solutions to blend digital and real world supported by our mobile learning platform moglo™.

Engage and support your learners with our award winning Visual Learning Journeys and deliver your gamified learning when and where it’s needed. Be empowered with intelligent reporting for better business performance

With a range of digital and mobile solutions to support 100 to 1,000,000 users, we can provide a solution whatever your business size or learning requirement.


Cosmic Europe Limited

Global Learning Development

Employees, customers, partners and vendors are some of your most important assets, and ensuring they have the training that they need is the utmost priority .  Our State-of-the-art Global Learning Development solutions are here to both enlighten and empower your audiences to use, sell and support your company’s products and services.

you’re looking for a learning needs assessment, curriculum development, or production services, Cosmic Global can help you effectively reach learners in all markets .

Cosmic Global is considered to be one of the few companies  that can offer training design, development and localization services all under one roof. This gives us a highly efficient focus on the global learning audience that translates into streamlined costs and delivery of learning content worldwide.

Our Services include:

  • Custom Learning
  • Rapid Learning
  • Mobile Learning
  • Migration of Legacy content to HTML5
  • Translation and Localisation
  • Voice over
  • Outsourced e learning development



The Edcomm Group

The Edcomm Group is a leading and trusted provider of corporate training solutions. Edcomm offers high-quality off-the-shelf courses fora variety of industries, including banking and financial, human resources, and customer service training. Edcomm maintains a staff of expert instructional designers in-house and is able to design, develop, and implement custom training courses to any company's exact specifications. We are able to create sytem simulations for any company's vital workflows and internal systems to ensure that employees remain competent and familar with all processes. Edcomm also acts as a consulting firm for organizations in areas such as training and development and performance management. 

Edcomm can host and deliver content through its state-of-the art LMS, allowing organizations secure, 24/7 access to their vital training materials. 


Liz de Nesnera - Bilingual English and French Voiceover

Growing up in a multilingual family, I have spent a lot of time explaining to others that "No, I don't get confused speaking several languages!" In fact, it has been a boon to my voiceover career.

Because I'm native and neutral in both English and French my voiceover clients get the best of both worlds! (& I love hockey, so my Canadian clients love me even more!)

As a fulltime voiceover talent, in the voiceover industry for over 2 decades, I bring my experience from behind the production glass up to the mic.  As a doctor's daughter and former caregiver to both my parents during their last 15 years, medical and technical terminology does not scare me!

I'm most proud of the fact that clients keep coming back to me because of my accuracy, quick turnaround, and attention to module context.

I'm ready to record eLearning modules in both English and French for the following industries:

  • Medical
  • Technical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health & Wellness
  • Retail
  • Product/Equipment demos
  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Sales training
  • .....and as they say "and many more!"

I record from my professional ISDN/Source Connect/ipDTL equipped studio nestled in the beautiful Catskill Mountains of New York State (close enough to run into “the City” for work should the need arise! How’s that for the best of both worlds!)

Feel free to get in touch with any questions or to request a sample.


Valuepoint Knowledgeworks Pvt. Ltd.

Valuepoint Knowledgeworks is a professional services provider in the localization, multimedi(audio & video), elearning content development, technical writing & digital marketing space. 

We have been delivering quality for more than a decade, with our 

  • 15+ years rich experience in the industry
  • domain expert native resource
  • strong project and quality management processes; &

We have an exclusive team of experts, inhouse for elearning content development & localization, Animation development, voiceover, audio video sync, to handle the most critical requirements from the industry.



ContentFlow Technologies

ContentFlow Technologies is a focused on creating high-quality, highly interactive educational content for a range of learners from primary school students to corporate employees.

Our emphasis is on creating 'engagement' for learners to facilitate learning.

We have worked across verticals including pharma, retail, insurance, financial services, software and more.

Our team is highly experienced and consists of IDs, graphic designers, visualizers, subject experts and programmers and is over 100 strong.



SafetySkills is an e-learning provider primarily in the HR compliance, environmental, health and safety market.  It offers a comprehensive e-learning solution for business users to select and assign interactive compliance training to their employees on a pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription basis. The SafetySkills team has developed and deployed over 450 EHS online training titles for organizations in sixteen countries and in seven languages.




GOLS Pvt Ltd

Founded in 2001, the pioneer and innovator of eLearning in India, GurukulOnline Learning Solutions™ (GOLS) is today, a leader in this realm. We develop specialized solutions (Custom Content Development, Customized Learning Management System [LMS], eLearning Consulting) for corporate houses in numerous spheres - synchronous and asynchronous learning, high-end strategy consulting, deployed blended learning, customized content development, cutting-edge web collaboration and more. GOLS has also been awarded 2 National and 1 State Award and has expertise in working with the BFSI, Pharma and Healthcare, Retail, Automobile, Manufacturing, FMCG sectors among others.

Our services include- LMS Moodle, Customize Moodle Plug-ins, Articulate Storyline, HTML 5, Custom Content Development, SCORM, PowerPoint conversion, Flash to HTML SCORM conversion, etc.


Eric Hurst

An experienced youthful voice talent operating out of his own professional studio in fluent and unaccented American English. Eric delivers quick turnaround and exceptional quality at fair rates. Additionally, if you need to customize a project for various clients, he is able to match his original delivery, saving you time and money. A recovering programmer and digital business owner, Eric is especially well versed in corporate training and software programming eLearning narration.


arrow human development srl

We are an innovative team of experienced professionals, making a strong commitment towards human development. 

We do believe that the human being is the most important resource for any organization. Developing it is the most relevant premise of a life-long, sustainable organization.


Kelly Klemolin

The girl-next-door or your favorite teacher.  Kelly's available to voice your eLearning, tutorials, informational and explainer videos.

ISDN or ipDTL equipped.


HUTH Global, LLC

Dana Hurley adds a voice to your eLearning that resonates with a wide variety of audiences. You've spent countless hours developing your eLearning and have goals you want to achieve with your learners. Dana will help you achieve your goals and your learners will thank you. She has a wide variety of approaches she can take to provide the right tone for the right audience. You provide the background and direction and Dana will take you through to the end with a fully finished, edited and processed file produced in a professional studio. Her years of experience will put you at ease.


Open Creative Communications

Open Creative Communications is a leading digital communications agency with specialist expertise in e-learning.

We work with electronic publishers, broadcasters, charities, NGOs and businesses to help them navigate through the digital media landscape and realise the commercial potential of their projects.


Elearning Delta

Elearning Delta is a full-service elearning solutions company, specializing in innovative course development and custom learning management systems. The Elearning Delta team can produce your elearning project from the ground up, providing full production services all the way through your ecommerce solution. Whether you are a thought leader with a single course, or a Fortune 500 company with hundreds of franchisees, Elearning Delta has you covered.

Elearning Delta is the result of a partnership between Pearl eLearning CEO Christine Lehmann and new media guru Deltina Hay. Christine is an elearning, publishing, and business development expert with over two decades of experience. Deltina is a database and web development veteran who understands the importance of utilizing cloud and mobile technologies. Deltina's books and online video courses have helped over 60,000 people find success online.

Products we offer:

  • Online course development
  • Custom learning management systems
  • Interactive or traditional ebooks
  • Ecommerce solutions
  • Customized and innovative elearning solutions

The Elearning Delta team utilizes the latest instructional design software to create innovative, mobile-first elearning solutions. Our solutions are designed to accommodate the individual needs of our clients while making the learning experience both fun and productive for learners.

Our team has experience with countless Learning Management Systems (LMS); and we have partnered with the very best of them to ensure our clients get a solution that meets their long-term goals. We work exclusively with LMSs that offer the best features, the most flexibility, and a commitment to keeping up with current elearning technologies.

But we also understand that elearning projects are about more than just software and platforms. Our talented team of experts and vast network of talent have years of experience in publishing, instructional design, project management, web development, design, writing/editing, and audio/video production. This enables the Elearning Delta team to help with every aspect of your project.

The Elearning Delta team and associates can:

  • Manage your project through workflows and communication
  • Make sure your course content is polished and professional
  • Obtain and procure rights to content and images
  • Prepare illustrative, cartoon, stylistic, technical, and scientific art
  • Provide video crews to shoot company locations and cover events
  • Prepare closed captioning to industry standards
  • Offer professional voice over and acting talent
  • Provide translations with appropriate dialects
  • Prepare motion graphics, 3D rendering, and illustrative animation

This is the Elearning Delta advantage - and why we call ourselves a “full-service” elearning solutions company.


Voice Over Vinclaire

You need a voice over that will engage your listeners, kind, professional, warm and trustworthy. Businesses globally are turning to content producers to spread the word, and a voice of reassurance goes a long way in the online world.

I am a full time voice over artist, working as an asset to my clients from my professional grade home studio, with UK and international clients to bring online content to life. Amazon, River Island, and Heathrow Airport are just some of my happy clients to date. I have a naturally warm voice with crystal clear diction, and a lifetime of training behind me. I pride myself on strong working relationships with my clients, 24 hour turnarounds and a creative approach to each production.

Please get in touch today discuss your requirements. 


Why Work With Me?

Speedy Turnaround - 24 hour and same day delivery is an option, subject to availability. You can even book me for a priority recording, where I get your audio to you in just 4 hours!

Cost Effective Services - My studio costs are included with my quotes. No more booking studios, and you can patch in to direct me live, from anywhere in the world.

Satisfied Clients - Many of my clients work with me on numerous productions, impressed with my stress-free service, speedy delivery, and creative approach to any script.

Broadcast Quality Audio - On any production, within your desired time-frame. Recording in my professional grade studio, you'll get the finest quality audio, every time.


  • Skillsoft is a Global Leader in eLearning. We train more professionals than any other company in the world and are trusted by the world’s leading enterprise organizations.
  • We support 6,700 customers and over half of the Fortune 500. Our compliance training protects over 1,000 organizations.
  • Our original content includes 7,000 courses, 65,000 videos, and 46,000 books and counting.

NomSayn Enterprises

Voice over services for eLearning, corporate presentations, videos, explainer (white-board) videos, PowerPoint presentations, documentaries, technical & medical courses.

Includes quick turnaround, reasonable pricing, and constant client communication.  I want to be a trusted partner in your workflow.



JWHvoice is a voice over service provider of high-quality reading, speech, and post-production voice narration to contribute to instructional design and eLearning content.  I am professionally trained in delivering narration and engaging scenarios to engage the emotions of the learner.  I understand I need to keep the learner engaged from start to finish so they can complete the modules successfully and retain the knowledge for future application.

Having been involved in multiple stages of education development (Developing content for others to deliver, delivering content to groups large and small and also being a voice over artist behind the microphone),  I am skilled at finding the intersection of the content objectives and delivering a message that lands with the learners in a way that engages them to “sit beside me” in the course.


Peninsula eLearning

We create custom eLearning solutions for -

  • Workplace learning
  • Customer training
  • Subject matter experts
  • Continuing Professional Development


VoiceArchive is a global media company specialising in voice-over production in over 120 languages. With 15 years in the industry, we produce award-winning native-only voice-overs for e-Learning, Marketing, Advertising, TV & Radio.

At VoiceArchive, we specialise in the production of voice-overs for e-Learning for all industries. This is why our global clients trust us:

  1. We are fast: 24h- 72h delivery
  2. Over 120 languages narrated by a handpicked native voice over talent pool (providing FREE full demos for each new client)
  3. Global pandemic-proof, uninterrupted voice-over production via a global industry-leading team
  4. The industry’s most competitive voice-over rates: we will price-match your existing supplier and exceed your expectations
  5. We are an extension to each client’s team: by assigning an entire project management team for each client, we manage all aspects of their production needs including assets, stakeholders & deadlines.
  6. We automatically keep our clients’ e-learning material in a secure content library at no extra charge, enabling them to save costs by never needing to re-record existing material when it comes to content updates.
  7. We help our new clients achieve 30% costs savings on average thanks to a focused team that is continuously learning & improving to optimise their business.

We take the risk out of e-Learning content production by fully coordinating our clients’ projects, allowing them to focus on their ongoing business with total peace of mind.



Digital transformation simplifies the learning curve in any software application. The Intellek (formerly TutorPro) solutions are designed to help businesses embark upon that journey, innovating technology and revolutionizing training teams.

We understand not everyone feels they need training, and that can be frustrating. Rolling out new applications can cause challenges and leave employees feeling overwhelmed. On-boarding new staff can be timely and implementing a seamless process is vital.

Our solutions provide targeted training in any application, where and when employees need it. No longer will they have to leave their workflow or their desks. This results in user-friendly, pain free learning.
There’s no complex implementation and with increased user adoption, productivity will soar.
Are you ready to embrace Just-In-Time training?



I perform explainer video and other E-learning voice over services, including proofing and creating copy, editing and mastering audio files. 



elearningbytes provides a unique, creative and holistic approach to the design and delivery of digital learning, ranging from a single reusable learning component to a complete curriculum.

We pride ourselves on understanding the best ways to teach and learn; whether that’s through traditional methods or new innovative approaches to elearning. Through being creative and flexible we tailor learning to your individual needs to create personalised content. One size does not fit all – We are the Saville row of elearning.  

As a collective of creative individuals from a range of backgrounds covering instructional design, elearning, LMS development, graphic design, audio & video production, music production, IT and project management, we can provide your company with a bespoke and memorable learning approach.


Innova Learning Inc.

Innova Learning is an established corporate education provider specializing in high level online courses created to engage employees in their learning requirements. Innova uses state-of-the art creative processes to produce learning that is not boring and dull while providing necessary training on topics ranging from regulatory/compliance to safety to diversity/harassment to company imaging to virtually any topic that a firm needs for their employees.  Innova was founded in December 2010 following its purchase of Inmarkets, Inc., the U.S. arm of Inmarkets International, LTD.  Inmarkets International created its U.S. company in 2006 under the leadership of Michael Farmer.  


Hi E-learning

Hi e-learning is a new generation leading e-learning company in Istanbul,Turkey. Our cost effective and human centered solutions make your corporate training process organized, efficient and funny. Mercedes-Benz, Unilever, Ford, Goldman Sachs Group and Aesthetic International are some of our valuable references. And we would like to support your organization with these services: 

  • LMS - Learning Management System: HiLMS makes corporate training easy to manage, track and measure with useful tools in latest SCORM standards. Our LMS responsively works with desktop, laptop and mobile devices. You have a chance to support your employees with existing SCORM contents, exams, videos (mp4), Word, Power Point and PDF documents.
  • Off The Shelf Content: Our ready to go e-learning modules that consist of obligatory and soft skill contents are designed with motion graphics style. By applying micro-learning principles and interactivity on our catalogue, all courses are transformed to personalized bite-size contents.
  • Custom Solutions: Our tailor-made solution is just the right fit for your business. According to your content and needs, we can use gamification, video-learning (greenbox shoot) and motion graphics methods. 
  • Translation & Localization: Writing contents in different languages and localization of non-Turkish contents for Turkish people. Some of our projects have been translated into more than 10 languages.

We have been in elearning sector for a long time and we like working with different cultures. Sincerity, intentness and faitfullness are our values that we have always given to our precious partners. We would like to meet you, if you are interested in our solutions.


Lisa Costello Voice

I know, going green feels good. Except when it comes to choosing a voice actor. You want an amazing talent AND amazing sound quality. Search no further, I'm that hybrid.

My services include voiceovers and editing for all kinds of projects. I offer competitive rates and fast turnaround times. Quality is guaranteed as I've been an audio engineer for more than twenty years and have a ProTools/SourceConnect broadcast studio.

The range I have is diverse and authentic; salt of the earth. I can appeal to millennials, moms, techies and trailblazers, telling you like it is. Kindly check out my demos and work.


We do all things related to Voiceovers, Narration, and Announcing!   We offer both a male and female US voice talent that can record anything from simple phone messages and Messaging on Hold to eLearning Narration and everything in between!



Stratus Education Suite

With a browser, URL, and our complete customer support, you’re only a step away from rolling out any education project. Using standard internet technology or deployed in the Cloud, Stratus provides 24/7, convenient remote access with a flexible platform that can adapt to suit your change management, talent management and budgetary plans.
Stratus allows you to swiftly tailor courseware and analyse detailed reports, it also integrate seamlessly into existing Training and HR systems giving you all the tools you need to make the most of your education investment.
Completely scalable to the size, duration of requirement and needs of your organisation, Stratus E-Learning consists of three core services:

• Stratus Hosting of content - a virtual learning environment accessed with the simplicity of a URL
• Stratus Hosted Learning Management System - enables you to manage your organisation's education programme, not limited to eLearning it encompasses classroom led deliveries allowing you to monitor progress and development of individuals, departments and your business as a whole.
• Stratus Developer - ideal for in house content updates or authoring of new content as your business grows and changes.

Each Stratus tools is available individually or Stratus Hosting and LMS are available as a combined service.
Stratus is priced to suit all organisations especially those that are growing or perhaps have a short term need as part of a change management solution. As a hosted solution there are no upgrade charges with periodic feature releases.

eLearning Instructional Design and Development Services
Train have a range of consultants well versed in all the popular eLearning development tools and designing and building content to suit your own business education, talent and change needs. We shall be happy to discuss any one of these services with you.



COBIDU is an e-learning company that enriches the learning journey of organizations with digital content solutions.

In every project we work on, we offer e-learning content solutions that make learning easier for your Employees, Customers, and Stakeholders. We know that our real customers are learners. We improve our solutions with effective, fun and innovative methods every day to serve them.

COBIDU offers innovative e-learning content solutions:

  • Enrich e-learning experience with innovative content.
  • Increase business performance with effective e-learning content.
  • Make learning fun with new technologies.
  • Engage your employees with delicious e-learning recipes.
  • Improve your reach with multilingual translation. Localize the experience.
  • Remove barriers with accessible content.




  • LMS-1USER-1Y
  • LMS-10USER-1Y
  • LMS-100USER-1Y
  • LMS-500USER-1Y
  • LMS-1000USER-1Y
  • LMS-5000USER-1Y
  • LMS-10000USER-1Y



  • SCORM-100USER-1Y
  • SCORM-500USER-1Y
  • SCORM-1000USER-1Y
  • SCORM-5000USER-1Y
  • SCORM-10000USER-1Y



  • VIRTUAL-10000USER-1Y



  • CMS-1USER-1Y
  • CMS-10USER-1Y
  • CMS-50USER-1Y



  • EMP-1USER-1Y
  • EMP-10USER-1Y
  • EMP-100USER-1Y
  • EMP-500USER-1Y
  • EMP-1000USER-1Y
  • EMP-5000USER-1Y
  • EMP-10000USER-1Y




  • Custom e-Learning Content Development
  • Animation & Simulations
  • Flash to HTML5 Conversion
  • PPT to HTML5 Conversion (SCORM)
  • Localization / Translation (Language)
  • Scenario-Based Learning
  • Video-Based Learning
  • Gamification
  • Microlearning
  • Content Curation
  • Branching Simulations
  • Virtual Reality
  • E-Learning Consulting
  • Promotion of e-Learning




M. Bruce Abbott Voiceovers

The warm, friendly, conversational, guy-next-door voice heard on projects for clients such as HP, Verizon, Philips, United Airlines, AIG, Nickelodeon, Chevron, Google, Schlumberger, Sysco Corporation, ConocoPhillips, Halliburton, Citrix, Lowe's Home Improvement,  James Coney Island,  SealedAir, The University of South Carolina, BHP Billiton, Frontier Communications, The University of Houston, LasikPLUS, TRUE Organics, USG Global, Waste Management, The Houston Symphony, Centerpoint Energy, The Toledo Symphony, HESS,  Carbo, The Syracuse Symphony, Walk In The Word,  The Greater Houston Partnership ...and hundreds more.

A genuine, authentic voice for commercials, explainer videos, training videos, narration, e-learning projects, industrials, IVR / telephony /on-hold messages, web videos, educational videos, promos, station imaging, medical narration, CBT, documentaries, promos, trailers, and more...if it needs a voice, I've done it!

Listen to my demos on the website listed.


Law-Now E-learning

Law-Now e-learning can provide you with a complete e-learning solution ranging from a one off course to a comprehensive global compliance program deployed upon a custom Learning Management System. Our courses have been carefully written by subject matter experts, taking into account the most up to date legal advice and are delivered using engaging and interactive technology.

Law-Now can:
• Provide off-the-shelf courses at competitive prices
• Customise our courses to suit your organisation
• Build any new course from scratch
• Provide a branded Learning Management System (LMS) to deploy your course
• Translate your courses into any language
• Provide detailed legal and policy advice and guidance from our global network

Underpinned by the wealth of subject matter expertise from within CMS Cameron Mckenna, Law-Now E-learning specialise in complaince and regulatory based training for your organisation.


SIT elearning solutions

SIT elearning solutions is an IT company totally specialized in elearning/Digital Learning solutions implementation since Y2K.  

With more than 350+ specific/on demand courses developed, and more 100+ satisfayed customers in Africa (Tunisia, Ivory Coast Senegal and Mauritania), Europe and Midle-East, SIT will deployed its SMEs, Instructional Designers, Multimedia engineers and elearning strategist to help you making your elearning project a great success. 

SIT do cover the entire value chain of elearning, starting with platform implementation (with a preference to use Moodle), providing with custom courses production, and providing off the shelf elearning courses such as SKillsoft courses&ressources. 

Do not hesitate to call us for a detailed demonstration and discussion around your project or ideas of an elearning project.


H.J. Unger Voice Over Artist

Being both a business and healthcare professional with over 30 years experinece in lecturing, teaching, and instructing both professionals and non-professional, my  voice over services  are focused on corporate and medical/pharmaceutical markets.These services include instructional, training, and informational voice overs for the sales, finacial, and healthcare marketsplaces. 


Tony Jackson Voiceover

My eLearning experience includes onboarding, instructional, and character roles. I have narrated courses in a variety of industries including medical, social services, and non-profit. Some clients who have trusted me to narrate their courses include Philadelphia PD, AbbVie, University of Wisconsin, and Panera.

Working with Tony Jackson Voiceover, you will get professional-quality audio from my home studio. Most modules under 2000 words can be completed within 48 hours. Editing, finishing, and file splitting is all included.

In addition to voiceover, I have been a sports announcer for over a decade, traveling around the world calling national and international tournaments.

I look forward to working with you and giving your content a voice. Thank you for considering Tony Jackson Voiceover!


Jim Cooper VO

Global eLearning voice professional, with a proven track record of satisfied eLearning clients. Let me help your eLearning projects really shine!


Artha Learning Inc.

Artha Learning Inc. is an award-winning, full-service, end-to-end digital learning company that designs and develops customized eLearning solutions to engage and immerse your learners, inspire real learning and deliver meaningful results for you.  We leverage current Best Practices in Learning Science, Technology and Adult Learning to provide all aspects of world-class eLearning.  Our experienced learning experts includes instructional designers, eLearning architects and developers, multimedia designers, voice talents and more. We are experts in tailoring the language and visual complexity to engage your learners. And of course, we build courses in multiple languages. Professional Project Management and Quality Assurance practices ensure your project is complete, on time and exactly what you wanted.  Our client satisfaction and client retention records are enviable. We are proud of our award-winning work! In fact, we stand behind and warranty everything we do. A certified woman-owned company, all of Artha’s work is diverse, inclusive, multi-cultural and accessible. Our diverse team has real international experience and an in-depth understanding of cultural nuances.


Indegu Ltd

Indegu Ltd are an e-learning supplier and producer of professional online learning and instructional material.  Resources are affordable, engaging and media rich for any size of project.

We offer a complete service including consultancy, writing or conversion of existing material, content creation,  and cloud-based solutions for content management. These services reflect our extensive educational and industry experience to give you lasting results across your workforce or organisation.

Our team of digital learning professionals use their industry experience to create cutting edge resources, producing effective and engaging online content to fit your objectives. From simple and functional interactive resources, to full engaging immersive illustrated experiences, we take pride in creating well designed, professional content any organisation can be proud of.


About Us: What we do for instructional design pros

You’ve discovered a new and better way to locate and hire the voice talent you need for all your e-learning projects.

No matter how big or small the part or how many voices you need, has a unique roster of experienced, elearning voice-over professionals who can do the job efficiently, economically, and effectively. - It's Who We Are, It's What We Do

We’ve selected and invited only the best-of-the-best voice talents based on their experience, credentials, and reputations in the e-learning voice marketplace. One listen to any of our talents’ demos and you’ll hear the professional difference.

In elearning, it’s not just what you present to e-learners, it’s how you present it. Now you can book with confidence without investing hours and days auditioning hundreds of newcomers and wannabes or searching your organization for fellow employees willing to agree to “Do a quick voice for me...please." Our audio instruction pros make sure your learners listen to course material and retain it.

The Right Voice at the Right Price is the industry's first and only 'one stop shop' for e-learning voice talent. We make casting and pricing your project easy. Contact and negotiate your best deal directly with our voice talent and never pay a commission. Or take advantage of the first and only Price Per Produced Minute plan, the rate structure the industry has been asking for. Price Per Produced Minute casting calls eliminate the need to negotiate rates with each talent you cast for your productions and it simplifies budgeting multi-voice projects.

Voice Talent…and Beyond

Need production? We can produce an entire project for you—from casting, hiring, and paying the talent to recording, editing, mixing, and delivery in the file format of your choice. – Listening to the E-Learning Industry

We listen and learn from our e-learning clients. We’re ready to listen to you and actively assist in growing your e-learning business. Our equitable, standardized rates and amazing talent pool make us the source for professional voices. It’s who we are. It’s what we do.


Edufic Digital

EDUFIC Digital specializes in providing end-to-end e-learning solutions. We specialize in working with Universities/ training institutions/ educational institutions/eLearning & Video Production companies to help convert your learning modules/ training content into interactive e-learning content. Our core competency include developing

  • Explainer videos for blended learning (in 2D/3D/ video)
  • Interactive coursework for students/ participants incorporating features such as gamification, scenario based learning, assessments etc (developed in HTML5/ authoring tools such as articulate storyline 2/ adobe captive)
  • Interactive e-books
  • Instructor led training material development (ILT)
  • Gamification and simulation of learning material
  • Learning Management System implementation and maintenance (LMS)

Richard Crossman VoiceOver

Richard provides engaging VoiceOver for e-learning of all ages from a broadcast-quality home studio. With over 50 years as an actor and singer, he knows how to create a character and tell a story. Let Richard tell YOUR story!  He has more than two dozen accents, dialects, characters and languages he can call on.  He believes in excellence in delivery to engage the audience for retention of material.   Clients can connect for directed sessions if desired through Bodalgocall, CleanFeed, Source Connect, SessionLink, Zoom, Skype or other online platform.  Competitive rates and quick turnaround. 


Limestone Learning Inc.

Limestone Learning is a custom learning & training solutions company located in North Vancouver, BC. As one of the top elearning development companies in Canada in 2022, we serve public- and private-sector clients across Canada and the US. We provide end-to-end services for the development of organizational & corporate education programs, such as consulting, analysis, instructional design, project management and training support.

As experienced L&D consultants, specialists, and developers, we can help you bring your mission-critical elearning, mobile learning (mlearning), microlearning, face-to-face (F2F) learning / instructor-led training (ILT), virtual instructor-led training (VILT) / synchronous learning, self-study, blended learning or hybrid learning courses to life.

Our specialities include compliance training, HR training, safety training and security training for government, Crown corporations, healthcare, finance, transportation, utilities and other enterprise-level organizations. As such, we are experienced working with data sovereignty, data residency, data security and web accessibility considerations.

Limestone Learning is certified by Public Service and Procurement Canada (PSPC) (formerly Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)) for the Controlled Goods Program (CGP). This allows our team to provide learning and development services and support for defence contractors to the Government of Canada, including the Department of National Defence (DND).


VK Creative Learning
  1. K-12 elearning solution
  2. custom elearning solution
  3. VR/AR learning
  4. Rapid Authoring Solutions
  5. Corporate elearning
  6. content conversion and localization
  7. corporate LMS
  8. ILT
  9. Social learning
  10. Microlearning
  11. Custom App Development
  12. Gamification Design
  13. Simulations
  14. Leaderboard Design
  15. training needs Analysis

Blue Sky eLearn

Blue Sky eLearn has transformed the way organizations capture and deliver virtual events and educational content to their audiences. Our customized cutting-edge solutions connect hundreds of organizations to millions of learners worldwide. We provide robust, easy-to-manage solutions for organizations to organize, track and monetize valuable online content.

We facilitate thousands of live webinars each year, broadcasting countless hours of high quality live content across the globe, free of technical or logistical glitches. Our extensive online platform currently houses over 50,000 learning modules and has electronically issued over 1,000,000 certificates to online learners. Through innovation, flexibility and fast response to marketplace needs, we continue to develop breakthrough solutions to amplify our clients’ messages.


OC Open Consulting srl

OC OpenConsulting is a consulting company specialized in the sales support instruments creation, and in the multimedia viral marketing, in order to spread its customers know-how and expertise.
Its founders are all managers with a long international experience that, for lifestyle and ethical reasons, promote a lower cost and more efficient marketing suppport for, most of all, companies selling high added value products and services.

The milestones of the success of OC are four:

* real multimedia competence that allow maximum creativity with all the instruments that audio, video and web technologies give us nowadays
* the use of online training for a higher perception and better promotion of our customers know-how
* high engineering competence that put us in the condition to speak the same language of R&D people, and decline it in sales support instruments. This makes a big difference with a traditional communication agency
* use of open source applications, that are "zero cost" instruments that greatly solve some of the problems of nowadays enterprises.

To meet us means to start the road to create more value from your knowledge, with passion and results.



We are eLearning designers, developers and video specialists focused on providing new, fun and exciting ways to improve human performance. Whether you need a team of one or many, we combine a wealth of talent, skills and passion to come up with design and development solutions. 

We are more than eLearning developers. We are problem solvers. No matter the state of your project, whether a rough idea or a clearly laid out storyboard, we can pick up wherever you’re at. We know the full scope of eLearning design. Yes, we're a bit like a Swiss Army Knife. 

Just a few of the services we provide include:

  • Instructional Design (Needs Assessment, Design Document, Storyboard)
  • Articulate Storyline Development
  • Adobe Captivate Development
  • Graphics and Animation Creation with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Full Video Production Services (Writing, Filming, Editing)
  • Learning Management System Consultation

Examination Online

Examination Online is ideal for any organization that needs a custom & flexible learning management & training solution. It is the most user-friendly training platform in the industry. We offer unique capabilities of customizing the off-the-shelf product as per your specific requirements at an unimaginable cost. Private branding allows you to resell your content to other businesses and consumers with ease.


Ken Fosters Voice

Let your eLearning voiceover services the least of your worries.  On-schedule, in-budget, right the first time.  My name is Ken Foster and I'm an experienced professional voice talent with broadcast quality studio. And I’d love to be the voice of your training project. I’ve been voicing, recording & training for decades, with 20+ years in the corporate consulting, project management and product life-cycle arenas of multiple industry verticals (supply chain, serialization, & field service for pharma, wholesale/retail, B2B/B2C & telecom).  Voice-over has been my full-time career for over 5 years, focusing eLearning & corporate narration and voice services.  My other focuses are 100% professionalism & customer satisfaction!  My diverse background has made me fluent in:

  • Projects
  • Budgets
  • MIlestones
  • Deadlines
  • Deliverables

I'll create your high-quality edited voiceover recordings, split/labeled as required, in your required file format/specifications, delivered however you need (FTP, Cloud/Dropbox, Email, physical media, et al.).  Same day service can be requested on some jobs, depending on size/complexity. My studio has solutions for remote patch connections, and directed sessions are always available. I can meet almost any requirements, so rest assured: Ken Foster's Voice will be the least of your worries.



Disprz is a one-of-its-kind “knowledge-tech” start-up that strives to make people knowledgeable, productive and smarter at what they do, through the use of today’s technology tools like social, mobile, cloud and analytics.

It is well known that people are the biggest asset of any company. We create products that make this biggest asset relevant for the current fast-changing times and ready for daily challenges. While a lot of enterprise software are focused on efficiency and productivity of the workforce, we focus on effectiveness. Our products constantly push the frontiers of people’s skill levels, making them not just save time but also make them substantially better at what they do.

And when that happens, business impact, whether it is improved sales or customer service, is a natural upshot.


Bray Leino Learning

With 15 years’ experience in eLearning design, development and deployment, we can offer a variety of options with prices to suit all budgets.  We have a wide range of authoring software in our toolbox, which will meet your technical requirements. eLearning has proven to be very effective for a number of learning and development topics, such as product and system training, soft skills, sales training and much more.

Don’t have a learning management system (LMS) to host eLearning?  Don’t worry; we can create a customised platform based on your needs, in our interactive virtual learning environment to enable your people to work easily and effectively without the need to leave the office.

Our vLearning Platform is a virtual learning solution that uses innovative technologies to drive a change of learning culture in organisations. The platform takes the features of a Learning Management System (LMS), such as lessons, assessments, reporting and schedules, and takes them to the next level by incorporating virtual classrooms, social learning, video content and web resources. This intuitive system engages learners from the very start and creates an easy to use, administration friendly answer to online learning needs.

Our knowledge and experience has allowed us to re-engineer blended learning to complement the modern workforce. Through a thorough understanding of our client’s organisations we design and deliver blended programmes aimed to make a difference to everyone involved, not just delivering a solution, but a long-term result.


d'Vinci Interactive

d’Vinci Interactive reimagines and revolutionizes learning experiences and educational websites to achieve extraordinary outcomes. Since 1994, the company has blended insight-driven ideas and technology to connect with K-12 and adult learners. d'Vinci's clients include leading organizations such as Constellation Brands, PBS, the National Parks Service and the American Board of Pediatrics. d’Vinci expands its capabilities and capacity by partnering with its parent company JPL, a leading marketing and communications agency.


• Learning Experience Design and Development

• Custom eLearning, learning activities, simulations and games

• Educational Website Design, Development and Marketing

• Web and Mobile Application Development

• Interactive learning, data tracking, learning management, certification management

• ecoLearn® Learning Management System (LMS)


Karen DeBoer Enterprises

Professional voiceover artist with over 25 years experience serving clients around the globe, specializing in eLearning. 


Unit Digit

At Unit Digit, we recognize the importance of effective knowledge management and its efficient transfer to learners to bridge gaps and build empires. We specialize in designing and developing learning solutions for domestic and international clients. Unit digit has developed content for various verticals such as IT, Telecom, Healthcare, Skill Development, K-12, Manufacturing, Automobile, Banking and FMCG.

In a short span of time, our team of experienced instructional designers, learning consultants, media experts, language translators and technologists has developed more than 300 learning hours of content.With our expertise in developing Corporate Learning solutions, Skill Development Courses, School Content , E-Learning, LMS Migration, Translation and Localization, we have designed and developed solutions to meet the divers learning needs of our esteemed clients.

Our Services that span across various learning and technology-based solutions are relevant, impactful and can make a huge difference!


Laoret translation and localization

Laoret is uniquely poised to connect and serve clients to virtually every corner of the translation and localization world, to overcome cultural and language barriers at the local level

Our most accurate and ISO-certified translation and localization services are entirely available online. Place an order and tap into our widespread network of native linguistic professionals for over 120 languages, tech-savvy localization experts, and broad-based, fully integrated localization technology.


Voice and Audio Services

The use of audio, and particularly voice overs is integral to a rich media elearning experience. Professional voice actors can bring realism to spoken narrative content, and the use of audio as a dominant media over text, also allows for easier localisation into different languages when developing content for different international markets.