On this page we have a number of sample or demonstration e-learning courses and content from our suppliers. These are designed as examples of the courses and services each vendor has to offer.

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Lingel Learning Off the Shelf Courses

Lingel Learning Off the Shelf Courses  (opens in new browser) Description: Our Off the shelf course catalog covers a range of topics and work on any Learning Management System (LMS) that complies to SCORM standards. We can also offer Custom Branding and Ongoing Content Updat

Creating a Code of Conduct

Creating a Code of Conduct (opens in new browser) Description: Creating a code of conduct allows your business to have clearly defined expectations for ethics and behavior. This course covers the reasons for businesses to have a clearly written code of conduct.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement (opens in new browser) Description: Employee engagement remains one of the most significant aspects of running a successful business. This online training course teaches managers how to identify disengaged employees.

Problem Solving for Leaders

Problem Solving for Leaders (opens in new browser) Description: As a team leader, the ability to guide your team towards conflict resolution remains an important skill to maintain. This course teaches leaders how to properly address conflicts in the workplace.

Adapt Responsive Course

Adapt Responsive Course (opens in new browser) Description: The Adapt Authoring Tool builds courses that look great on any device at any size.

Free full Lean Six Sigma White Belt (overview)

Free full Lean Six Sigma White Belt (overview) (opens in new browser) Description: Sign up for our free training course and gain instant access to one of our qualifications. Learn a new skill and review our style and quality of eLearning.

What we do

What we do (opens in new browser) Description: Powerful training and learning management software designed to make your life easier. Functionality includes: - Course & resource management - Finance and invoicing - CRM - Online booking

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias (opens in new browser) Description: Our latest course - given to all our existing customers for free (as part of their subscription) - launched in November 2016

Advanced CPE Platform

Advanced CPE Platform (opens in new browser) Description: CPE LMS platform is a full-blown, complete system that manages all aspects of the e-Learning process. The LMS enables registrants to easily enroll in courses, access a variety of materials, and more.

Anti-Harassment Online Training Courses

Anti-Harassment Online Training Courses (opens in new browser) Description: In most cases sexual harassment is not something people can identify and prevent by tracing single events of inappropriate behavior among your employees. This elearning course library helps you identi

Banks and Credit Unions e-Learning Courses

Banks and Credit Unions e-Learning Courses (opens in new browser) Description: This banking e-learning library contains series of courses that are intended to teach the most common procedures, regulations, laws, and safety measures required within banks and credit unions

Paradiso Solutions Course Catalog

Paradiso Solutions Course Catalog (opens in new browser) Description: Paradiso’s content catalog offers a variety of excellent quality online training courses to companies across the globe. The catalog contains over 5000+ virtual courses for various business sectors. Ov

Skillcast e-Learning Free Trial

Skillcast e-Learning Free Trial (opens in new browser) Description: Please take a free trial and see how we can help with the flow of good ethics and integrity through your organisation.

Bite Sized Learning

Bite Sized Learning (opens in new browser) Description: A selection of our "bite-sized" training clips and course trailers

How do you train on Conduct Risk?

How do you train on Conduct Risk? (opens in new browser) Description: Trevor Norwood, Eukleia’s Conduct Risk specialist, looks at how training might act as a risk mitigant and as a tool to influence behaviours in response to the Conduct Risk agenda.

Trial our e-learning modules free for 7 days

Trial our e-learning modules free for 7 days (opens in new browser) Description: We currently have over 500 off the shelf e-learning courses and modules in our course catalogue. We provide high quality e-learning content that is relevant to a number of sectors. Get your 7 day free

Are You Ready For Six Sigma

Are You Ready For Six Sigma (opens in new browser) Description: Our serious game delivers lasting learning by immersing the learner in a problem scenario, in which they must use six sigma training and techniques to reduce wastage.

Business Enterprise Game

Business Enterprise Game (opens in new browser) Description: The Definitive Simulation Supporting Young People into Business An exciting, engaging business sim/ role-play game designed specifically for in-class use. Supporting Enterprise Ed and GCSE business.