Eurekos Signs Customer Excellence Pledge, Commits to Providing Exceptional Customer Service

From: Eurekos Systems ApS - 10 Jun 2021

Eurekos is one of a few, select LMS vendors that have signed the Customer Excellence Pledge, showing their commitment to providing exemplary customer service, with checkpoints to validate their ongoing, elite-level support.

Learning system vendors, including Eurekos, that sign the Customer Excellence Pledge, developed by Craig Weiss, are committing to:

  • Providing exceptional customer support and service.

  • Maintaining high ethical standards in sales, service, and business.

  • Responding to customer’s needs in a timely fashion – this includes response times of 90 minutes or less during the vendor’s business hours.

  • Providing each customer with a dedicated customer support member or team to serve as the customer’s point of contact.

The Craig Weiss Group will continuously monitor – via multiple checkpoints – to ensure organizations that signed the pledge are actually doing what they promised to do. Each organization must:

  • Provide quarterly data that includes their response times, follow-up, and number of support calls.

  • Present their benchmarks for customer support to show positive results and progression.

  • Present the top five issues that have arisen, and the average time it took to resolve those issues.

  • Present the average number of calls in to customer support compared to the number of clients they serve.

  • Provide five customers per year as references, who will explain the level of support they receive from the vendor.

If a vendor has the Customer Excellence Pledge badge on their website, as Eurekos does, it demonstrates that they provide superior customer service, with data validation to prove these claims.

The Craig Weiss Group started the Customer Excellence Pledge to help elevate LMS vendors’ customer support and service. Craig Weiss understands that lack of support is why customers leave vendors – and extraordinary support is a huge reason that they stay.

“Everyone knows that support in the learning system space as a whole is below average. Sure, there are vendors who do an exceptional job, but the fact still remains that the number one reason people leave one learning system vendor for another is support/service,” Craig Weiss explained. “This isn’t new. It has been the same issue for nearly two decades and yet, time after time, it seems as though vendors and even consumers fail to recognize the importance of it until it is too late.”

When looking for an LMS vendor, consumers typically focus heavily on security, functionality, and learning use cases, and rarely ask in-depth questions about the level of support they’ll receive with a particular vendor. Now, the Customer Excellence Pledge – and accompanying badge – will help prospective customers determine which LMS vendors are committing to a high level of customer service and support – so they can avoid the ones that aren’t.

Eurekos proudly signed the Customer Excellence Pledge, demonstrating that they’re prioritizing extraordinary customer support. Since its inception, Eurekos has provided an elite level of customer service and support – every day, with every customer – and that’s an integral part of their company culture.

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