About Us

The elearning list was created in 2008 with the aim to create a place where learning and development professionals or anyone responsible for buying or researching elearning solutions, can find and connect with the widest possible range of elearning service providers and companies.

It is a valuable resource that helps anyone investing in elearning as part of their training provision to make better informed decisions, and find the right supplier partners.

If you have a specific requirement or project, you can post your requirements here, and a selection of our registered suppliers will come to you with offers of their solutions that meet your needs. There is no cost and no commitment to buy. What we are about is introducing you to elearning experts, the rest is up to you.

For elearning suppliers we offer the opportunity to find qualified leads from new customers who have come here looking for solutions. As a member you will be able to offer your services to any potential customer who has posted their requirements on the site. You also have the opportunity to showcase your expertise by contributing to our white papers respoitory, or linking to sample course material on your own site.

If you want to get listed on the site, please fill in the New Supplier Form.

If your company is already listed but you have lost your record of your login credentials, please contact us.

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